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Flavaworks has been one of my top porn sources for many years now. They have been leaders in the market for 20 years, and still are an outlet to watch. Welcome to a new issue of Pingas to Watch 2020.

Blatino Power

The 2020 Flavamen Calendar is available for purchasing at the Coco Store. Hot perfect pictures with hot close ups to some of the hottest men casted by Flavaworks.

For reasons I will share a few paragraphs below, Flavaworks has become my favorite studio focused on Performers of Color. They have always been at the top, and in 2018 almost won the category for the Best Pingas Awards.

Actually, the whole niche had a not very good 2019. Performers of Color have been delivering their best performances through their fans pages, while studio productions have somehow become unappealing at least to me. Clearly, 2020 will not be better for them should they not make some radical changes.

To be honest, I do not even remember when was the last time I checked the Black Rayne and DawgPoundUSA sites. However, I am still checking Flavaworks quite often.

The studio was founded in 1999 according to the info in Wikipedia. Since then, they have grown and expanded. In case you are interested, all their history is available in that wiki entry, including the several scandals they went through. But the tales of their adventures and misadventures are not the topic for our post today, but the reasons why we like them so much right now.

In few words, they are right now our favorite site in the niche for three reasons: diversity, the Brazilians, and Pupcore.

Flavaworks’ diversity

Breion diamond fucks rico polo for thug boy
Breion Diamond fucks Rico Polo. I miss these guys.

Indeed it is the diversity of their content what attracts me the most. Throughout their 2 decades of existence, Flavaworks‘ original brand has evolved. Through creating associated new sites and establishing agreements with other content creators, they offer what probably is the most comprehensive catalogue of Black and Latino gay porn. And they offer it in both, hard copies and on demand streaming and downloading.

Unfortunately the website has not been upgraded in a while. Although the massive amount of material is a strong magnet to Flavaworks, the primitive search engine does not help to enjoy it.

Fortunately, the videos are so hot that scouting through them is a pleasure. Instead of searching from the mother website, I recommend you to go to each individual associated site. Let’s go through some of the brands offered under the Flavaworks‘ umbrella.


KashDaddyDre fucks Pupcore for Cocodorm
Our new crush Pupcore riding KashDaddyDre for Cocodorm.

We are not Historians. Whether or not Flavaworks created the first in house gay porn crew, we do not know. However, Cocodorm was our unquestionable first experience on spying on line on hot room mates fucking each other.

Many of our favorite performers resided in the Cocodorm house. For instance: Pupcore, HotRod, Travis Davis, Trey Donovan, Arvion Kylers (we had the pleasure to meeting Arvion, check our review!), Onyx Omari, and DayDay. Of course, there are more. In almost 20 years of activity, the house was eventually residence for many talented performers.


porn king Midas Italo Andrade shows his ass
Italo Andrade, my Number One, shines in PapiCock’s cast.

Clearly, this one is my favorite. Out of all Flavaworks’ children, PapiCock is my boy to spoil. Currently, it is probably the best Blatino gay porn site in the market. I wonder why.

Of course, the answer is in the cast. Our Number One Italo Andrade is in the list. Also Gabriel Felipe, who is not very recognized yet. I met him at Pointe and plan to hire him in April. If I am not wrong, Papicock was the first studio to record DeAngelo Jackson bottoming. Needless to say, topped by a Brazilian performer.

Not only Brazilians shine in PapiCock’s screen. Our Uruguayan brother Will Schokolade distinguishes the cast with his sexy talent.


Breion diamond fucks danger zone for thug boy
Breion Diamond fucks Danger Zone for Thugboy. A few years ago, this scene was my favorite during several months.

Sadly, Thugboy had better times. Flavaworks keeps updating it, so we are still hopeful the golden times will be back. However, when we think of Thugboy our heart (and other organs) immediately warms up.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Thugboy is one scene. One single scene. The legendary encounter between Breion Diamond and Danger Zone. Back then Danger Zone was my Number One performer, and Thugboy the only site I was paying for.

He was not alone. Back then my wifi connexion was not the best. I used to pay the membership to download HD clips to watch later. We masturbated tirelessly at Mr. Saukei, 69, Anubis, Staxx, Timarrie Baker, Markell, Domino Star, Will2K, Skittlez, Johnyboy, Jason Tiya, Smooth, plus all those who happened to be there.

Back in those times, Breion Diamond was my Rhyheim Shabazz. I would follow him to fantasize on the bottoms he was mass fucking.

Obviously, I have an emotional attachment to Thugboy. The site was the major condiment that flavored my falling in love with young Black men.

Mix It Up Boy

Domino Star and Gustavo Ryder kissing for MixItUpBoy
Domino Star from the USA and Gustavo Ryder from Brazil, mixing it up. is Flavaworks interracial-themed branch. Although we are glad to enjoy a mix in mostly all of Flavaworks network. To some of the names we already mentioned, we can add many more appealing performers of all ethnicities.

For instance, Gustavo Ryder, Danny Fox, Speedy Jay, and Daddy Cream.

Raw Rods

Pupcore sucks KashDaddyDre for Cocodorm
This is the scene where I fell in love with Pupcore. In the laundry, playing with KashDaddyDre for Cocodorm

Do you remember the times when raw sex was not mainstream? Raw Rods them is a left over of that age.

Although barebacking sex is what most porn outlets are offering, Flavaworks stands out for its casting, once again. In Raw Rods we will see many of the names we already mentioned.

Additionally, let me highlight talented performers like Luan Vilella, Arthur Baiano, Lucas Scudellari, Vic Valentino, Jaydoe Funsize, Giovanni Cruz, Chase Carter, and many, many more.


Kemon Jodan for best gay escorts
Pstar Kemon Jordan in my bedroom, after fucking. I saw him for the first time in Rockafellaz.

I may be wrong, but I think the legendary Rockafellaz‘ website is now down. In that case, Flavaworks is the only place where to find its whole library.

I used to follow him because he would fuck cute twinks then available in the escorting market. For instance, before meeting Kemon Jordan and Arvion, I windowed shopping them in Rockafellaz. A few of the names in our Reviews and our catalogue of best escorts are coming from their screen.

The Brazilians in Flavaworks

If you have been reading us, you know of our infatuation with Brazil and its men. Being there is better than watching porn, of course. But when you are not there, the screen is a consolation.

We do not need Flavaworks. We just have to go to Hotboys, Mundomais, Meninosonline, Irmaosdotados, and others to have the Brazilian experience.

Additionally, we are not only enjoying good porn. We are also previewing the local escorts market offer. All the Brazilian porn performers I know are also garotos de programa.

Although Flavaworks is not my main window shopping, I want to give them credit. Out of the American porn studios, they are the ones bringing more jobs to my Brazilian friends. That earns them many points in my score board.


KashDaddyDre fucks Pupcore in the laundry for Cocodorm
More of the scene where me last crush started.

Most likely, you noticed that the previous lists of favorite Black American performers was a decade flash back. After my infatuation with Thugboy, Flavaworks lost a few levels in my top 5 list. This may be about to change.

I recently discovered Pupcore, one of the studio’s exclusive models. He is one of those rare cases where I fall immediately infatuated. I cannot look at his image without wanting him.

Surprisingly, he has not received much recognition yet. His Twitter account has only 5K followers. Please, we have to change that. If you are reading this, follow him.

Pupcore resides in Chicago, where Flavaworks maintains an office, besides the head quarters in Miami. If you are around, and share my hobby for hiring escorts, you should contact him. I did, but unfortunately my trips to Brazil do not give me budget to fly to Illinois.

The bottom line is that I want him. Badly. I will figure it up a way to meeting him.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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