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Finally, I met Pstar Kemon Jordan, after two previous failed attempts. Not only he delivered an outstanding escorting service, but also breaking news from the Porn Industry.

Breaking news about Pstar Kemon Jordan

pstar Kemon
Pstar Kemon Jordan’s famous tattooed right cheek. Despite the message, the boy was very generous with his time.

Let’s start our report with the breaking news. We were fortunate to meet Pstar Kemon Jordan when he is going through a change in his porn career, and shared with us these news, an exclusive for I LIKE PINGA.

When we contacted Pstar Kemon, we assumed he was still working for Flavaworks. All of his scenes we had seen were with subsidiaries of the Flavaworks brand. However, we were wrong.

I LIKE PINGA is reporting as exclusive breaking news that Pstar Kemon Jordan has terminated his relationship with Flavaworks. The star has already filmed a first scene with his new studio, Black Rayne, that soon will be available for streaming at BreedItRaw.

Kemon also shared with us the reasons for his unhappiness at his former porn studio. We will leave the details for a future interview. Actually, we did shot our first attempt to our old Project, ASSKING QUESTIONS, but we had technical problems and will have to do it again.

Stay tuned. As you are about to learn, our meeting was excellent and we are planning to hook up regularly. Next time we will try to shoot the interview again, perhaps before smoking weed, to minimize technical problems.

Contacting Pstar Kemon Jordan

pstar Kemon
Pstar Kemon Jordan after fucking

Kemon resides in Richmond, VA, although visits DC quite often. When I found his ad a couple of months ago, immediately tried to make contact. He did not respond fast enough, and my dollars ended in someone else’s pockets.

During our second attempt, the week before MAL Weekend, the communications were better, but our schedules did not match. As you know, I ended meeting Roy and Kevin instead. Fortunately, I did learn that Kemon was staying for a week, and we agreed on connecting again closer to the week end.

During the week, we followed up and agreed on when exactly meeting and related details. We were targeting Saturday at 4PM. However, with all the texting and my research in pornhub, I grew very fond of the sexy motherfucker. Finally, we agreed on moving our date earlier on.

Kemon was checking out of his hotel at 11:30 AM. We agreed on me picking him up from his hotel in downtown, and bringing him to my nest, for a couple of hours of playing and some pictures. Usually, I do not make deals for 2 hours, but he offered me a very convenient rate.

Meeting Pstar Kemon Jordan

pstar Kemon
Pstar Kemon has many tattoos that look great in his shaved smooth body.

On our meeting day, Kemon kept me updated on his progress and let me know when he was ready for me. He was very punctual. When he walked out of his hotel, I liked what I saw.

The boy looks exactly like his pictures and videos. His looks and his swag make him extremely sexy and edible. One of the things I liked the most was his general attitude.

Meeting a porn star for the first time is always risky, as it is easy to be disappointed. Not only he may not look anymore like he used to in that scene we are probably obsessed with. Besides, he may be not seriously into escorting, or lack the necessary talents. As we know, it is easier to be a good lover when you are fucking with other hot porn stars. Performing satisfactorily with an average Joe or a completely unattractive partner is a quite different challenge.

As soon as he walked into my car, I knew that at least, he was humble and making an honest and skillful attempt to connect. Certainly, he was an enjoyable company during the 20′ of our drive. I already knew he was a cool guy and not a pretentious prick. However, I still had to learn whether or not he was a talented escort.

Pstar Kemon Jordan in the couch

pstar Kemon
We shot an interview, but this blogger was so stone that tapped in the wrong place and ruined the scene. Everything was filmed at fast speed.

Once we established we were comfortable with each other, we were ready to enjoy our time together. Kemon is a pot smoker and together enjoyed our vice. Just as an advance, he proved beyond any doubt that he can perform with an average Joe like myself just as well as with the hottest porn stars.

First, we started kissing. He is an engaged and talented mouth eater. Soon I was checking his cock. Kemon has a pretty big dick, extra thick. I am not a good cock sucker, and therefore I am not sure you should follow my impressions here. That said, it was hard for me to open my mouth to avoid hurting him with my tooth, that is how thick his dick is.

Certainly, what I liked the most was not the size, but how hard he got at the first contact. I may not enjoy that much eating dick, but I do love grabbing a big one and feeling how it gets hard in my hand.

When researching his porn work, I noticed he seemed to enjoy getting his ass eaten. My lack of talent for sucking dick is the counterpart of my skills eating ass. I love it, and I think I am good at it. I was obsessed with eating Kemon and spanking the “Time is Money” tattoo in his right butt cheek. So I rushed to it.

Eating Pstar Kemon Jordan’s ass

pstar Kemon
Pstar Kemon Jordan has beautiful legs, and the flexibility of an acrobat

Of course, having sex is like ball dancing. You cannot be good if your partner is not. Kemon’s ass is one of the most edibles ones I have ever tried because he would give me the clues to know when I was doing the right moves.

I was down there tasting it and enjoying the landscape, because he has a very nice rear indeed, when I decided to make my secret move. I did not know I had a secret move until Sean Xavier told me after our last meeting.

This was one of my favorite moments of my time with Pstar Kemon, even more than our wonderful drilling later on. He was lying his back on the couch, opening the legs and hooking them on top of his head, the boy is very flexible. I could work his ass and rock hard dick, and at the same time contemplate the beauty of his abs, pecs, and sexy motherfucker cute face.

When I applied my secret move, I would get a facial expression that freaks me in the best possible way. We would connect in that magic moment when two freaks lock eyes lost in each other, and he would flash my favorite expression. I just love when my partner eyes alternate between rolling over in ecstasy and locking on my eyes with a confused expression, lost in the pleasure my mouth is triggering, and at the same time surprised beyond understanding at that overwhelming sensation. My dick is getting hard right now, when I remember again how Kemon was giving me exactly that face.

I worked his ass for a while, and made a first and short drilling before we were ready to leave the couch and move to the bed.

Pstar Kemon Jordan in the sack

pstar Kemon

Certainly, the boy can take dick long and hard. We did make a short clip that will be available next week in our JustFor.Fans account. However, it is very short and does not show at all his bottoming skills.

In case you want to have a better idea of what he can do and what we did, take a look at the video Kemon shot with Rock Rockefella. Not at the beginning, when he gives head, but the second half, when the boy is bottoming. Kemon delivered in my bed a quite similar performance. It was just shorter, I do not have Rock’s stamina. Or dick.

We did have a little accident. During the first deep digging, I went too deep too fast and hurt him (I apologize again, Kemon, if you are reading this). Kemon pulled out and my dick came out dirty. Therefore, we had to stop. I quickly cleaned my dick, and he got in the bathtub to clean himself in depth. We did not discuss this then, but I still wonder why he did not clean himself the first time. Perhaps he thought my dick would be small, or I would not get hard enough?

As soon as he finished cleaning up, we got back to the action. As I said before, Pstar Kemon performed just as in his videos. We drilled long and hard in several positions, taking short breaks in between each of them for me to regain breath.

I busted inside of him, when I wanted. Kemon never rushed me or asked me to cum, despite how long I spent diving in his hole.

Pstar Kemon Jordan’s cons

pstar Kemon

Certainly, I hope January is a sign of how 2019 is going to be for me. Not only I hooked up for free in Adam4Adam a couple of times, but also shared wonderful experiences with three other providers besides Pstar Kemon.

Once again, like in my previous meetings with professionals this month, I have no many areas of improvement to share. Hell they all were good.

In Kemon’s case, there is clearly one flaw to report. His ass should have been clean from the very beginning. Although I can imagine reasons to explain why it was not, I do not think this is acceptable.

His second con is quite subjective, and it clearly applies only to me and those who enjoy the kind os interaction in bed that I do. For my preference, Pstar Kemon is a little bit too submissive.

Do not misunderstand me, as you will see I enjoyed my meeting with him a lot. I am just pointing that it would have been even better should he had shown more initiative. He is perfect if your favorite kind of lover is one fully complacent and selflessly obedient.

Indeed, I also like that, but I prefer mixing it with moments of demanding me to please him. For instance, I know he loves giving head, and I saw the desire in his eyes when he looked at my dick, but he did not tell me he wanted to suck it.

Not only he did not ask for anything, but also every time I would offer a choice, he would respond “whatever you want”. Kemon was amazing as a total bottom, but he would have blown my mind if he could also show some power bottom skills.

Pstar Kemon Jordan’s pros

pstar Kemon
Pstar Kemon Jordan sexy motherfucker cute face.

You know a list is coming. In the light of what I have shared so far, you should already know that I liked him a lot.

  • Pstar Kemon physic is what I like the most. Of course I also love beefier guys like Roy and Kevin, but Kemon’s perfectly shaped slim body, without a gram of fat, and smooth (even if shaved) is what really appeals the most to me.
  • His butt cheeks are beautiful and Kemon has perfect command over them. He uses this control wisely to maximize your pleasure.
  • Kemon’s dick is a joy to watch and to grab. If you like sucking big thick cock, you will be in Paradise.
  • Kemon’s face is not only beautiful and sexy, but also very expressive. I would shoot a whole scene where he is eaten and fucked, with the camera in a still close up to his face.

However, there is even more. Pstar Kemon is more than just a cute face.

  • Kemon has a friendly character, and is very respectful and kind. Although his porn career is raising, he is still a new name in the industry. Hopefully he will not develop the negative attitude of some of his colleagues, but he did not actually have the chance yet.
  • Kemon is smart and has a sense of humor. He laughed at all of my jokes and the feeling is we had a lot of fun together, besides the hot fun.
  • My dick felt so good inside him. We just clicked exceptionally well.
  • Even when I pointed to what I think is a too extreme submissiveness, this was just our first meeting. There is so much we did not try. Considering how well we connected in a first time, I am thrilled to imagine what may be waiting for us in future encounters.
  • His fee. When a talented lover and hottie like Pstar Kemon is available in the market at that price, you cannot let the opportunity go.
  • Pstar Kemon is building his brand as an adult entertainer. He is focused into pleasing you and into finding how to succeed in the industry.
  • He is not a clock watcher. I paid for 2 hours, we spent together more than 3.
  • I was left feeling attractive, powerful, good in bed, fun, interesting and entertaining. What else can we ask from a companion?

A few disclaimers about my reviews

pstar Kemon
Funny. After fucking like bunnies and having his dick always hard, Kemon could not get it hard for an after fucking jerking off scene.

I have not made these disclaimers in a while, and it looks like we are getting a lot of new readers. Therefore, I think it is time to share them once again, with my apologies to my followers. You guys can skip up to the next headline.

First of all, there is no exchange never of any kinds of goods for sexual acts. We rent time, and whatever happens during that time between consenting adults is up to their will.

Secondly, and more importantly, my reviews are not a judgement on the quality nor the character of any male companion. My only intention is to report what happened as objectively as it is humanly possible, between me and the provider.

What happened between Pstar Kemon and this blogger can be completely different to what could happen when the combination is different. Certainly, it could be much better or much worse. If you are using my reviews as a reference to make your hiring decisions, read first several of them, to make sure we share preferences.

We only publish reviews when we think the professional deserves advertising, beyond how satisfied we may be. If you scout the reviews published in this blog, this blogger thinks all those professionals are serious and reliable providers who will do their best to please you. Of course, there are no guarantees.

Pstar Kemon Jordan after fucking

pstar Kemon Jordan

I was very excited because Kemon had agreed to help me with an old project: the ASSKING QUESTIONS interviews series to porn stars and gay escorts, while I am eating their ass. Therefore, we just took a few pictures and clips during and after our drilling rounds.

We did try to shoot a scene with him jerking off and busting. As a funny note, after being hard most of the time when I was eating and fucking him, Kemon could not get hard for the video. So we were ready for our interview.

I set the camera, chose an arrangement, and we did it. Pstar Kemon was super generous and funny with his answers. Certainly, I had a great time working on his ass, once again.

However, when he was getting ready to roll, I realized I made a mistake. Needless to say, I was completely high.

The whole interview was filmed in high speed. I do not even know what I did wrong. Indeed, one more funny anecdote to make our meeting unforgettable and laugh in the future remembering it.

I want more Pstar Kemon Jordan

This was just our first meeting. The connection we achieved was really exceptional, and therefore I foresee that this amazing experience will get even better. Indeed, meeting Kemon was a joy.

Besides, the timing was interesting. Some of you may be thinking that I am in Black Rayne‘s payroll. After all, we rewarded Best Bottom 2018, Best Ass 2018, and Revelations 2018 of the Best Pinga’s Awards, to models usually casted in their videos. Not only that, but Black Rayne also got the Best Studio and the Best Series Awards.

And now, we are reviewing and advertising one of their new stars. The timing of our meeting with Pstar Kemon is an unbelievable coincidence. Bottom line, I know I will grow very fond of this boy, and I am very happy he is working for my favorite porn factory.

Whether or not you believe me, I have no deals with Black Rayne. I do not even pay for any membership to any of their subsidiary websites.

Expect more about Pstar Kemon in the future. I am financially drained after hiring so intensely during January, so we will have a break until the next Escort Review, but Kemon will be indeed again adorning this blog with his sexy ass.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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