improved Kevin

An improved Kevin was a pleasant surprise during my long expected second date with Mr. Ryder. He is now an addition to the plethora of smoking hot men available in Atlanta.

Waiting for Kevin

Improved Kevin
Although I was surprised at how improved Kevin’s body was, his luminous spirit and always positive attitude remain unchanged.

Our first meeting was two years ago, but was good enough to get me hooked with this adorable man. Back then he was residing in the Kansas area, and still enlisted in the army. We did have a very good rapport and kept in touch through texting, trying to schedule a second date. Of course, I did not know I would have the surprise of an improved Kevin.

One year ago, our hot army veteran came back to DC to attend MAL Weekend 2018. We tried to meet, but made a mistake. Instead of setting a date immediately upon his arrival, we waited and let the MAL fun start. 

Sadly for me, it was impossible to drag Kevin out of the fun. All our attempts to meet failed and we missed that opportunity.

However, we stayed in touch. Mr. Ryder would update me with the progress of his retiring from the Army and transitioning to civilian life process. Washington DC was one of his possible destinations, I was certainly praying to the God I do not believe in to have him as my neighbor. Even when I still did not know an improved Kevin was waiting for me, I had already been captivated by the inner beauty and the eye candy looks of our veteran soldier.

Kevin finally got a civilian job in the Atlanta area, and moved over there. At least is closer to DC, I told myself, and continued longing for a new opportunity to be blessed by his company.

An improved Kevin

improved Kevin
Kevin Ryder’s manly looks cannot hide his sensitive and caring heart.

That occasion presented last week end, during this year edition of MAL Weekend.  As I do learn from my past mistakes, this time we set our appointment just a few hours after his arrival to DC.

Kevin’s plan was checking in at his hotel, hitting the gym, and then visiting me. Fortunately this time he did follow the plan. I know now we always have to meet before MAL Weekend traps him.

He was very prompt at keeping me posted on his progress since departing from Atlanta to being dropped from his Uber, just 30 minutes after the time we were targeting. Please, notice he was not late, as we did not set a firm time, considering he may have complications during his first hours settling down in DC.

Needless to say,  I was beyond happy with his looks and his performance in our first encounter. I did not ask him for new pictures or a videoconference, so I was not prepared to see this improved Kevin. I would have even argued that there was not much to improve.

The boy has been working out and added significant mass to his already muscular/athletic body. He is tall, so still shows very harmonic proportions, which I appreciate as am not into big muscle guys. It looks like he has somehow been focusing on his butts. Both butt cheeks were popping out from his tight pants, perfectly round and rock hard.

Besides, our improved Kevin redesigned his facial hair. He used to keep it uniformly stubble, which would give a young aspect to his face. Now he was shaved and keeping a very thin moustache framing his upper lip. Not only it underlined his sexy mouth and flashing smile, but also made him look manlier and less youngish.

Trying improved Kevin

improved Kevin
That expression in his face is only for the pictures. In real life, his smile is always flashing.

As soon as the shock to see such a mountain of smoking hot chocolate passed, we greeted with a passionate kiss. Grabbing his huge hard rock butts while kissing is an indelible memory that is triggering a boner while I am writing this report.

Although we did catch up a little, we did not spend much time chatting. Soon we were eating each other. Kevin was already a master kisser and lover, so there is no much room for improvement here, with one important exception.

During our first date, I underperformed and was not able to penetrate him. That was indeed my fault, but a contributing factor was how tight his ass was. I think back then he had not done a lot of bottoming, and he only mastered his topping skills.

Well, brother tops who have been fucking Mr. Ryder, I do not know who you are but you have done an amazing job. This improved Kevin is unquestionably an improved bottom. His ass was much more welcoming than two years ago. 

Besides two years of practice since our first time together, perhaps there was one more circumstance contributing to his stellar performance taking dick. Our improved Kevin is the first American escort I hired who used (and I noticed) an analgesic cream to reduce the pain in his ass. 

Improved Kevin in the sack

improved Kevin
If you like what you see, imagine grabbing those hard rock muscular butts

We started making out in the couch at my living room, we even did some short raw play right there, but soon we moved to bed.

His improved humongous butts were an unavoidable invitation. We had one of the best ass eating sessions I enjoyed lately. His hole was perfectly clean, all the area was perfectly and naturally smooth, the flavor was delicious, and his moaning inspiring. Damn, I am really, really getting hard while writing this.

I was still frustrated for my failing dick in our first meeting, and somehow was feeling the pressure to vindicate myself. We fucked hard, and in several positions. My effort, under pressure to performe satisfactorily this time, was making me sweat like a pig. I am really out of shape and should do some cardio besides having sex.

I think he got scared. Kevin made some very nice and playful comment about my sweating, took control for the first time, and we transitioned to a break.  I needed one, not only I was exhausted, but my erection was also fading as I needed to stop and recover my breath.

We stopped, cuddle, kissed, and chat for a while, until I was back. We fucked again, and I was able to bust inside of him, which is a rare event. Most times, I finish kissing and jerking off.

He did not want to bust, and I was fine with it. After all, he is a traveling escort and I was his first client. This slutty blogger understands when in this circumstances one of his partners wants to save energies for later. Besides, he was really enthusiastic about hooking up with the hotties attending the leather weekend.

After fucking Improved Kevin

improved Kevin
I hope he remembers bringing his uniform for our next time

We stayed in bed for a while, as I need recovering again. Kevin was very sweet and caring, and extremely generous with his time, as we schedule one hour and spent together almost three.

I had proposed him to have a photo shooting for this blog, and he seemed enthusiastic about it. However, once I started to dress his beauty with leather toys, Kevin changed his mind. 

Very regretfully he shared that was not comfortable and confident about doing it. Of course, I did not insist and dropped my plans at the first sign of disconformity. 

Instead of photo shooting, we just relaxed and kept catching up until it was time for him to call his Uber and go back to his base. Kevin was not staying at a hotel but at a friend’s home in Dupont.

Improved Kevin cons

improved Kevin
Kevin is fully versatile not only because tops and bottoms, but because he also feels comfortable in many different scenes.

You know that the cons and pros section of my reviews is a must. However, this is one of the few cases where I struggle identifying flaws. I am really extremely fond of this beautiful man.

In my opinion, Kevin’s weakness does not affect his clients or his lovers, but himself. Of course, I am not going to pretend that I know him in depth. Definitely, I am aware that my impression may be completely misguided.

Kevin is a pure soul, a kind spirit, and an open heart. He has the tendency to let the moment take over and sometimes others can abuse of him. If I were another man, I would have insisted on taking the pictures despite his obvious resistance, and Kevin would have let me go on. 

There is also something that happened to him during that weekend that I cannot share here, but that makes me concerned about his safety. I am not talking about drugs or diseases, but about his physical and spiritual well-being. Kevin is naif, and an innocent pervert freak. Delicious con.

Perhaps there is one more issue, but I am not sure whether or not is applicable in Atlanta, his home base. All the times he visited DC, he stayed at friends’ houses instead of booking his own hotel. Therefore, he can only serve outcalls. I know, it is a huge con for many of you. Again, if you are in Atlanta, ask him. I do not know whether or not he can host down there.

Improved Kevin pros

improved Kevin
That dick is his, so you can see that our improved Kevin can also top.

I am a lucky client, or just good at choosing my hires. Once again, I met a professional with very few cons but so many pros that we need to list them:

  • Kevin’s body and face are monumental for my taste. He is the definition of what I think is a Beautiful Man.
  • He is 31 years old, but looks like in his 20s. You are buying the beauty of a very young man, with the experience and the learned skills of an experienced man.
  • Mr. Ryder is 100% honest and reliable. I would give him my keys without hesitation. 
  • Not only he is focused on pleasing you, but also develops caring relationships. The way he handled my exhaustion speaks loudly about his heart.
  • Since the moment he walks in, Kevin makes you feel like you are the center of the universe. He makes you feel not only attractive, but also interesting, fascinating, fun, and entertaining. 
  • Kevin is fully versatile. I only know his bottom side, but I am confident that his making love skills are just as good when he is topping. He understands that making love is about connection, no matter what role you like playing.
  • He is a freak lover. I have already explained many times how fond I am of men able to dive and get lost into sexImproved Kevin is one of them.

Until next time, Improved Kevin.

improved Kevin

Hopefully, this hot man will be back in DC before next MAL Weekend. I will be waiting for him. Besides, Atlanta is always a tempting destination as many of the men casted in my masturbatory fantasies reside down there.

If you live over there, you should not let the opportunity pass by. Just be careful, because he may be addicted and drag you to financial troubles.

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