Kevin Ryder is amazing. I wish he traveled more often to the District.

Contacting Kevin Ryder

Communication with Kevin was quick and easy. He responded all of my questions without complains, thoroughly. After exchanging a few messages using the Rentmen system we switched to texting. He was friendly and fun, his sense of humor was charming.

Soon we were having a videoconference and I just fell in love with his smile and his masculine voice. We made the appointment for the following day.

Meetin Kevin Ryder

Kevin seduced me since his first step into my nest. His huge eyes seemed to be absolutely focused on me, on every single word I was saying. I know, everyone needs a little extra attention because of my strong accent, but this was something else. I felt clearly he was completely open to actually connect with me, pure voracious curiosity, pure openness to the experience.

Indeed, physically Kevin Ryder is impressive. Muscular, masculine, strong, smooth, with a irresistible smile. He has some tattoos that look great on him. If you are a tattoo hater and allow this detail to be an obstacle for you calling Kevin, that would be your loss.

He is sweet, friendly, and educated. The conversation was so engaging, that for a moment I had doubts about how to transition to the hot action. Stupid doubts. I just grazed his hand, and the next second we were just freaking, passionately kissing each other. What a kisser, Kevin knows how to use his sexy fat lips.

Sometimes I hate my pinga

The rest of the interaction was similar, he is not less of a freak than this blogger. Kevin truly enjoys sex. He has the experience of a 30 years old man, combined with the freshness and the smoothness of a college freshman. If it was not perfect it was my fault. My fucking pinga was in one of those lazy days and his ass was extremely tight. But he was ready, willing to actively please me in any way I wanted.

We talked more afterwards. He is in the military but working on a way back to civilian life. Next time he visits DC, he promised me, he will bring his army uniform and wear it for me.

What are you waiting for, Ryder?

Hasta la próxima pinga, amigos!



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