This update on Roman looks to remediate any distress I may have added to the situation with my morning post and support Cliff Jensen’s campaign to denounce Ricky Larkin.

I wish I had a friend like Cliff

Cliff Jensen for Update on Roman

Today I received a Direct Message from Cliff Jensen after I posted my report on the sad incident involving his best buddy Roman Todd. This was a private communication, so I will share what is appropriate to share in public:

  • Cliff is upset about how much credit I give Str8UpGayPorn for the breaking news. He wants everyone to know that he, Cliff, was the one who reached out to his network to catch S8UGP’s attention. Cliff is the one who has been next to his friend since this crisis started.
  • Cliff is upset about how S8UPG, my blog, and others manipulate the situation for profit. I will not speak for S8UGP but only for me. I take his accusations. I am not fully innocent. When I post anything on my blog, I do think about my Analytics, although my blog is a non for profit project. However, I was truly concerned this morning. I like Roman Todd and his porn work, and his tragedy triggered my concern for the widespread irresponsible use of drugs in the LGBTQ+ collective.
  • Cliff is furious at Ricky Larkin’s lack of human empathy and accountability. He wants to help others who, like his friend Roman, may trust he is providing them with reliable meds and drugs. He wants to denounce that Ricky is not only selling but besides he has witnesses who have seen him consuming. Cliff wants it spelled: Ricky Larkin is a liar and potentially a murderer.
  • Cliff wants to collect testimonies of other victims of Larkin. We will help him enhance the reach of his voice by calling anyone who is reading us and has been preyed on by Larkin to contact Cliff and share their experience.

In my previous post, I wrote that we cannot wait for new public policy to address the situation of drug use and abuse in our subculture. Cliff Jensen is modeling one of the things we can do. We all should denounce those who are profiting by selling laced substances to unaware consumers.

This is not about whether or not you like Todd, Jensen, and Larkin’s porn work. This is a human tragedy. Cliff is acting to help his friend, who has been the victim of Larkin. If Larking had reacted differently, we would not have had this conversation.

If he had shown concern for his colleague, and a minimum of accountability, we would not be here. Perhaps he did not know his merchandise was laced with fentanyl, but how he reacted yelled guilty.

Listen to Cliff’s and Roman’s testimony (if you are confused by the recording, Samson is Roman’s real name). If you have been a victim of Larkin, please get in touch with Cliff and share his testimony.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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