Our interview with Sonny celebrates and honor a very special veteran. Not only is he a war but also a love veteran.

After celebrating him as our favorite US newcomer to the gay porn industry in 2023, we had the privilege of conducting an interview with Sonny. It’s worth noting that conversing with Sonny Boy is just as enjoyable as watching his performances on the screen, minus the explicit content, of course.

Prior to meeting him, we were already aware of Sonny’s impressive eight-year tenure as an Army veteran. However, during our conversation, we discovered more. In addition to his military service, he’s also a veteran in matters of love.

Sonny has worn many hats in his romantic journey – from being a self-proclaimed “slut” to a committed partner in a faithful relationship that lasted five years. He’s been a boyfriend, a sugar baby, an escort, a porn creator, a gogo boy, a stripper, and even a flirtatious bartender. Truly, he is a love veteran.

Sonny surprised me. In this industry, many individuals approach their careers with a degree of caution. They often see it as a stepping stone to other goals. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Sonny not only embraces his porn career but also celebrates his role as an escort without reservation.

Throughout our interview with Sonny, his deep appreciation for everything that escorting has brought into his life shines through. When he speaks of his love for connecting with others and the friendships he has developed through sex work, it is evident that he speaks from the heart.

Like myself, Sonny is shy and socially challenged. I can empathize with his appreciation for a job that helps him overcome a mindset that could otherwise lead to isolation. I chose the education industry, while Sonny chose the adult entertainment industry. Evidently, he’s wiser than I am, as he’s certainly more financially successful.

I sincerely hope that you all enjoy this interview with Sonny. As an admirer, it was a genuine pleasure to have him in my living room, willing to answer my questions.

Stay tuned for more.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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