Hunting webcam boys before a trip works. However, there is an important condition: if you do not have a generous bank account, you must have a lot of free time for the hunting.

Gayguides hunting webcam boys

Many travelers take the time to do their research before embarking on a journey. Typically, this involves investigating local prices, places to visit, and fun/exciting/educational activities and experiences to have.

If you’re seeking gay adult experiences outside of the United States, I always recommend checking out (referred to as “BoyToy”, its former name, in this report). This website is a goldmine of information, offering a wealth of details about destinations like the Dominican Republic, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Brazil, and Colombia. Furthermore, although with less abundance, you can also find information about Western Europe, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, and many other regions and countries.

Whether you are exploring a new destination or not, it’s always a good practice to create a resource library. One of these resources, in my case, is a directory of gay escorts. I research websites where individuals advertise their services and save my favorite profiles.

Personally, webcams have not been under my radar until about two years ago. In 2022, I visited Colombia for the first time. As widely known, the webcam industry thrives throughout the nation, especially in Antioquia and its capital, Medellín.

Nevertheless, I encountered several drawbacks to hunting webcam boys. Firstly, I am not fond of spending money on someone I might not have the chance to meet in person. Secondly, how can you be certain that a charming young man in camera possesses the skills required to be a satisfying companion? Good looks and performing on camera don’t necessarily translate into being good in bed. Particularly when your partner is an older individual who might not be in the best physical shape.

hunting webcam boys

Fortunately, when I was planning my recent trip to Medellín, I stumbled upon a valuable discussion. In this thread, the original poster (OP) generously shared his successful encounters, not only in hiring webcam boys as escorts but also in visiting webcam houses in Colombia. This discovery not only sparked envy but also ignited inspiration within me.

Inspired by the OP’s valuable advice, I dedicated numerous hours over the course of nearly two months to hunting webcam boys. I was already a member of Chaturbate, having previously attempted this strategy without much success. My initial hesitation, stemming from my lack of interest in virtual interactions and skepticism, had deterred me from persisting. However, the captivating experiences recounted by the poster rekindled my enthusiasm.

He shared invaluable insights on various websites, including Stripchat, Bongacams, Streamchat, Cam4, and Flirt4Free. Nevertheless, considering our familiarity with Chaturbate and its thriving community of young men from Medellín, we opted to focus our efforts solely on this platform.

While we deviated from one of Neyger’s top recommendations (exploring multiple platforms), we adhered to his advice in all other aspects. In this report, I will be sharing my own journey and experiences in hunting webcam boys specifically on Chaturbate.

First and foremost, it’s essential to exercise discretion when hunting webcam boys. On all these websites, discussing or seeking paid sexual encounters is strictly prohibited, and Chaturbate is no exception.

While some webcam boys operate independently, reducing the chances of being detected, it’s crucial to remember that many others rent shifts in webcam houses for their broadcasts. In such cases, there is typically a monitor, and the likelihood of getting caught while breaking the rules significantly increases.

In my case, luck was somewhat on my side. After nearly a month of bending the rules, I was eventually banned from the platform. I received an email informing me of my account’s suspension due to a breach of the terms of service. The same email provided instructions on how to appeal the decision.

Rather than filing an appeal, I decided to inquire about the reasons behind the suspension. Their response indicated suspicions of me discussing paid encounters. I promptly expressed my apologies for any misunderstanding and pledged to exercise greater caution in the future. Fortunately, they lifted my suspension, taking into consideration that this was my first violation.

Whether a model had reported me or a monitor had caught me remains a mystery. However, I chose to move forward, adopting an even more discreet approach to avoid any further issues. This never happened again.

Creating an account on Chaturbate is a free and straightforward process. Their primary revenue model revolves around the sale of tokens, which are used to tip the models. If you hail from an economically more developed country, tipping is generally quite affordable.

Of course, it’s essential to recognize that money plays a pivotal role in hunting webcam boys. Different strategies are possible depending on the size of your bank account. It’s safe to assume that if you have abundant funds, your path may be relatively easy. You might simply need to select the model that appeals to you the most and be generously supportive.

Nonetheless, even with substantial resources, it’s crucial to understand that pursuing one of the most popular models can be a challenge. Models featured on Chaturbate’s first pages often boast thousands of viewers and earn substantial sums per hour. To capture their attention, you must be exceptionally generous with your tips. Competition among thousands or hundreds of other tippers is fierce, and you need to stand out to entice your chosen model into a private chat.

Once you’ve successfully garnered the model’s attention and moved to a private channel, you should continue demonstrating your generosity through tipping. Your new objective is to transition your interaction to a platform outside of Chaturbate, such as obtaining a WhatsApp number or an Instagram profile. Before that, you can’t freely discuss the possibility of an escorting arrangement. If you succeed, your offer must be competitive enough to entice them away from their relatively high potential hourly earnings. This surely means offering rates significantly above average market prices.

Regardless of your financial resources, always approach such endeavors with respect, transparency, and empathy, ensuring the well-being and consent of all parties involved.

It is important to underline that your private chat in Chaturbate is not private. The monitors can read it. However, it does provide some level of privacy as it removes you from the general chat room. One of my first inquiries is the real location of the broadcaster, something I would not feel comfortable asking in the main chat.

Similarly, I would not feel comfortable sharing my location or preferences. In order to have all the conversation necessary to develop rapport, the Private Chat is perfect. It does not mean any additional cost, as a Private Show would.

Do not discuss a contract in the private chat. Use it to trade contact information on a platform alien to Chaturbate.

Maldita pobreza

hunting webcam boys

Certainly, I was speculating above, as I don’t have access to a generous bank account. However, it’s worth noting that hunting webcam boys can indeed be affordable for those with limited budgets, like this blogger.

Recognizing that I would need to invest more time in my pursuit, I aimed to be focused and efficient. To start, I utilized the filters provided by Chaturbate to narrow down my options. Since I was heading to Medellín, I filtered out all regions except for South America.

With this filter in place, I consistently skipped the first two pages of models. Starting from the third page onwards, the models typically had fewer viewers, making it easier to capture their attention with just a single token. Many of these less popular young men often possess qualities akin to Instagram models, but that wasn’t a priority for me. Thankfully, I preferred the “next door boy” types, which streamlined my search considerably.

Given my disinterest in virtual interactions, I tended to become bored quickly. To keep myself engaged, I concentrated on interactive models, particularly those equipped with wireless vibrators that I could control. This feature significantly enhanced my interest.

One token was adequate to activate the vibrations, and I usually sent five tokens one at a time, allowing for a brief pause between each token to maximize the vibration duration. Naturally, once I established communication in a private chat, I increased the tips to further engage with the model.

Chaturbate’s interface permits you to follow your favorite models, which allows quickly checking their availability when you have time to continue your research.

For those working with limited funds, this technique not only helps establish a connection with appealing young men but also ensures that the models’ escort fees remain within the market average or only slightly above.

hunting webcam boys

It’s crucial to remain cautious of their charm and engaging personalities while hunting webcam boys. Many of them identify as straight, and even if they are gay, they may have no intentions of meeting in person. However, their primary goal is to keep you interested and tipping, and they may say whatever they believe will maintain your engagement.

There’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for navigating these interactions. You’ll need to rely on your human empathy skills to discern whether a potential encounter is feasible or not. It’s important to gain access to their social media profiles as early as possible to gain better insight into their interests and authenticity. Additionally, consider checking advertisements on platforms like Mileróticos and videos on sites like BiLatinMen, as you often encounter escorts and porn performers from Chaturbate there.

During my initial month, I found success by being direct and straightforward. In private chats, I would openly express my interest in hiring them for in-person encounters. To my surprise, many boys were honest about their lack of interest instead of engaging in deception to keep me interested.

However, following the suspension of my account, I adopted a more cautious approach, refraining from making direct statements until I gained access to Instagram or WhatsApp, ensuring a higher level of discretion and minimizing potential issues.

This is the breakdown of my focus during hunting webcam boys:

  • Location Verification: I inquired about their actual location. Given that many models may list a different city in their profiles, confirming their whereabouts was essential. Do not forget, my intention was to meet in person.
  • Social Media Access: As mentioned earlier, social media can be a valuable tool to assess compatibility and build rapport. I chose to avoid models who ask for tokens to trade their contact info, but you can choose a different approach.
  • Compatibility and Preferences: I shared my pictures and discussed my preferences in bed and in general as a practical way to gauge compatibility. As I do not have a lot of money, it is important to establish myself as likable. Additionally, I also need personal compatibility. At my age, just good looks do not guarantee I will enjoy the meeting.
  • Age Verification: Verifying their legal age by requesting a picture of their ID is a responsible step to take. Ensuring that you are not hiring a minor is not only ethically important but also essential from a legal perspective.

Additionally, you may want to pay attention to language access. As I am a native Spanish speaker, I did not have this concern. Very few webcam boys are proficient English speakers, but most of them are proficient users of language access support apps. If you do not speak Spanish, have your language access support tools ready to assist you in hunting webcam boys.

  • Use a filter to narrow your search to the location you are planning to visit
  • Skip the first pages
  • As long as you are in the Chaturbate platform, do not discuss transactional sex
  • Make sure the broadcaster is located in your trip destination (if not, you could fly them in!)
  • Establish rapport. Besides your preferences in bed, you have a great conversation topic. You are about to visit his city!
  • Be respectful. These young men are working. Your money does not entitle you to anything they do not want to offer.
  • Ask for a picture of their Photo ID for age verification
  • Have language access support available if you are not fluent in the local language.
  • Take advantage of the interactive tools. I had a few very fun interactions with boys wearing their Lovense.
  • If you have a nice budget, checking whether they shared an Amazon WishList on their profiles is an additional way to gain the boys’ attention and favor .
  • Often they will share their social media for free. I am hesitant to pay for them because in most of those cases it is not their real social media. Instead, they create a profile only for Chaturbate.
  • Play with the filters to shift focus between searches
  • Be curious and empathetic. Most of these young men are interesting, entertaining, talented, engaging human beings. All of them deserve respect and consideration.

While I didn’t keep a record of the time spent, it’s safe to say that I dedicated more than 30 hours over the course of these past two months hunting webcam boys. My pool of favorites eventually included around 20 individuals. Out of them, four engaged in advanced discussions regarding a potential meeting.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, my time in Medellín proved to be quite busy, and I could only manage to meet with two of these candidates. Interestingly, both of them deferred to me to determine the price. In both instances, I offered a rate that was double the prevailing average hourly market price. Judging by their reactions, it’s evident that I was rather generous in compensating my two newfound acquaintances. Notably, they not only expressed their happiness but also extended our rendezvous way beyond the initially agreed-upon one-hour duration.

These two webcam models displayed qualities such as humility, friendliness, active engagement, and the ability to create an authentic and intimate experience. As a result, I have no regrets about embarking on this experiment. However, it’s worth acknowledging that acquiring top-notch service doesn’t necessarily require such a substantial investment of time. If my financial resources were more abundant, my approach would be different. Currently, I have no intentions of repeating this experience in the future.

Of course, everyone’s circumstances vary. You might find enjoyment in virtual interactions, which sets you apart from my own preferences. A more generous budget might make the process less time-consuming for you, or perhaps you are retired and have the leisure to indulge in admiring attractive individuals on your screens.

Whatever your situation is, you should give it a try at least once. Just as we did.

Stay tuned!

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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