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Seeking Arrangement.

seeking arrangementYou have probably heard about Seeking Arrangement. It is a website where sugar daddies and sugar babies can get in contact. There is a straight service but I am not going to write about that.

I know that college students who want to sign up as sugar babies have a free premium membership, I do not know those who are not in college. We, potential sugar daddies, can sign up for free to have a profile and read others’. When you sign up they let you send a few messages, but after you reach that cap you are not able to send or read any mail.

They offer three premium membership plans. One month at U$S 79.95; 3 months at 69.95 (you make one payment of 209.85); and 6 months at 59.95 (359.70). As you can see, the fees are significantly higher than most hook up and dating sites. My guess is that they have to subsidize the free membership for the younger ones.

Once you have a premium membership you can take full advantage of the website. You can contact anyone and start private conversations. You can request access to locked pictures when you are interested in a profile.

The website is easy to navigate, with a very friendly interface, but it is sometimes extremely slow. If you are used to an Internet high speed connection, the interaction in the website can be frustrating and patience testing.

My experience with Seeking Arrangement so far

seeking arrangementI tried it for one month. I got into conversations/negotiations with a lot of guys, a few of them interesting, and met only one, an adorable young man from Texas, just graduated from college. He is planning to move to DC, and is looking for mentors here. He visited the city to have some job interviews and we met.

We chose to meet at a bar, to check chemistry and being in an environment where it was easy to walk away if the vibe was not good. Fortunately it was, the rapport was great, after a couple of drinks (Fireplace-DC drinks, so we were pretty tipsy) we went to my place and spent the night together. We had a great time.
After he flew back to Texas we continued communication. We are negotiating our arrangement, and it looks like I am going to be hosting him for a few weeks while he finds his place in the area.

He was the only fruitful contact, and I did not renew my premium membership. I still keep my free membership and receive emails almost every day from guys who are trying to reach out to me. Eventually, I will join again to try to meet some other interesting guys.

I think it is a great resource if you have a significant amount of money to devote to the mentoring relationship, and if you are not looking just for sex but for a companion. I am poor and even paying for their membership is a challenge for my budget. Plus, even when I am open to whatever happens, my natural inclination is for just sex.

Be careful

seeking arrangementMy concern would be about those guys who are not emotionally healthy, who are insecure and possessive, and tend to forget the nature of the relationship (shhhhhhh! it is a trade) and fall for the guys. If you are relating to what I am writing, stay away. It is just going to be drama.

The very nature of the relationships fostered by the website makes the emotional boundaries unclear. It is not like hiring a masseur or an escort for a few hours, an overnight, or a two weeks vacation trip. In these arrangements the boundaries are clear, and still there are many guys who get confused. If you are one of those, run away or be prepared for a sickening deal.

But if you have money and time to devote to this kind of relationship, and you are in good terms with yourself and your life, I definitely recommend this resource. I know friends who are very happy and enjoying their relationship with the young guys they are meeting.

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