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I looooove eating ass, but not tasting shit. I loooove pounding a hot cake, but not digging out the Brown. It is one of the few turn offs I have. I am a smells being, once I smell shit I am out. I am sorry if you are into it, but scat is one of the things out of my limits.

Unfortunately it happens often, not only with regular hook ups, but also with professionals who should know better. That is the one good thing I find in condoms: when you dig shit it is fast and easy to discard the dirty rubber and your dick is clean, I usually can continue after my partner washes, given I did not smell the goods. But when I am barebacking it is disgusting, I have to get my fingers into the shit in order to clear my pinga. I cannot go on after that.

Thanks to a friend from the forums, who found this pearl, I can share with all the bottom friends the best instructive I have ever seen. It is also added to the Resources page. It is a bilingual guide, in English and Spanish, teaching in detail how to be ready to be topped without accidents.

Yes, bottoming involves a long preparation, that is why some very serious professionals prefer not to do it, even when they like it. The whole process takes hours of prepping. Those who are to top someone should be very understanding, and if it is not a spontaneous hook up, there should be clear communication between the lovers to get prepared for the action. I know that talking about sex is not as appealing as having sex, but we do need some previous talk if we want to maximize the experience.

Take advantage of the instructive. Try it. And then call me.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amigos!


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This ass has always been clean for me. Click on it to access the instructive.




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