Rentmen is canceling their grandfathering policy, perhaps it is time to try some other alternatives.

Rentmen has been grandfathering providers

rentmenUntil now, Rentmen had a very simple and attractive policy for escorts: you keep your membership at the same price you started. Well, the gift is cancelled. Te rumor is that this policy is over and everyone will have to pay the current price for a gold membership, U$S79. Of course some providers who have been loyal clients for many years are pissed.

I have not information yet about the other categories, but we can assume that if grandfathering is over for Gold members, it is also over for everyone else. There is no much you can do as long as they are a monopoly.

Rentmen is a monopoly

rentmenSince Rentboy’s demise, Rentmen has became a monopoly. Its quality and array of features, and the number of providers and locations covered have not contest in the market. As long as Rentmen maintains this privileged position there is nothing we can do.

Clients and escorts do not have an alternative that provides the same service with the same quality. We have to use the website, but we can also think in the long term and start doing something about it.

Support the alternatives

rentmenIf you are a provider, diversify your outlets. If you are a client, diversify your sources. We still need Rentmen, but we can also support some smaller and newer alternatives. I recommend and

They have many disadvantages and few advantages compared to Rentmen. However, as I said before, we must think in the long term and patiently foster the grow of these options.

A major attraction if you are a provider is that these outlets are 100% free, unlike Rentmen raising their fees. Unfortunately, this major attraction is at the core of many disadvantages.

rentmenBecause the sites are free, some providers stop escorting and forget about the ads. As a client, it is frustrating to try to reach a prospect hire and get just silence. Sometimes you can tell the number does not exist anymore and you can report the ad, but sometimes you may think your are just ignored.

Because the sites are free, there is no income generated that would allow to further develop the services, increasing the number of features.

If you are a client, the major attraction is the diversity of fees. In Rentmen you can hardly find anything below 200 and 300 is becoming mainstream. In Mintboys and Friendboy you can find fees starting below 100.

Mintboys has an additional advantage. Their core concept makes them the safest outlet to advertise in the SESTA/FOSTA era. If you are a provider you should have an ad posted there as soon as possible.

Hurry up

rentmenDo not wait. Mintboys and Friendboy are newer, but soon they will reach their first anniversary. They are right now growing, that is why they are offering a 100% free service, but eventually they will need to generate an income and will start charging a fee.

I am pretty sure that those already subscribed will have a financial advantage compared to those joining after the fee is established.

Hurry up. Not only you may save some bucks, but you will also have a safer back up in case law enforcement decides to put an eye on Rentmen.


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