just seeking

Just Seeking. What happened to the arrangement?

Just Seeking

When we thought the waters were calmed and the waves form SESTA/FOSTA tsunami were over, we have more news.

Seeking Arrangement is switching to just Seeking. If you do not know what we are talking about, you can use the search box in this blog to find several posts, most of them more than one year older.

In July, 2017, I devoted intensive and extensive time to research the website and reported my failures and successes here. In a few words, it is a site that connects sugar daddies to sugar babies. They have also a heterosexual version I know noting about.

You can also take a look at this post from the M4M forums where sugar daddies share their misadventures. There are plenty of successes there, including the ones I am sharing about. I am latbear4blk over there.

Well, apparently they just started to show signs of the SESTA/FOSTA panic fever.

Still not just Seeking

They are right now in the transition. Their emails have been already cleaned from the old denomination, and many of their webpages. However, if you go the home page you will still observe the old title is visible, even when the new URL is just seeking.com. Who knows, may be when you click in the link this post is old news and they already finished the update. As 4PM ET on September 8th, the home page title has not yet been changed.

It is puzzling that such a consideration may affect the legal status of a service. Common sense dictates that you break the law with your actions, not with how you call your actions, but who follows common sense nowadays.

Another pearl for the SESTA/FOSTA panic party. What is next? Perhaps Rentmen will switch to Meetingmeninaromanticwaywithnosexormoneyinvolvedatall.com? At least MintBoys started with a clean name from the very beginning.


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