Rentmen v7.0 is now live and operational, following an extended beta-testing period that had their users doing the legwork.

Rentmen: A Dominant Force

In the wake of Rentboy‘s demise and the SESTA/FOSTA legislation-induced panic, Rentmen has solidified its position as the primary platform for hiring gay escorts in the United States. When it comes to service quality, website traffic, and the sheer number of advertisers, they’ve left their competitors in the dust.

This virtual monopoly can be attributed to various factors, one of which is their reinvestment of revenue into continuous service upgrades and improvements.

Rentmen v7.0: The Evolution

sonny in Rentmen v7.0

The rollout of Rentmen v7.0 was repeatedly delayed due to a plethora of glitches reported by users who had willingly transitioned from the traditional platform. Nonetheless, some users remain dissatisfied with the upgrade, voicing their grievances on online discussion forums.

As examples, check this thread in Company of Men (heir of Daddy’s Forums), and this one in Data Lounge. In this article, I aim to provide my perspective on the new Rentmen.

Before we dive in, let me preface this by stating that I accessed the website via a Mac, using Safari 17.0. I also possess a basic account that I established many years ago, back when I engaged the services of sex workers in the United States. My insights here are based on recent exploration of the site and its features, though I am currently not utilizing its services.

It’s worth noting that more intensive use of Rentmen v7.0 may present challenges not encountered in our research. However, as of our investigation, we found no glitches to report.

Rentmen v7.0: The Upsides

rentmen v7.0 fees

During my initial exploration without logging into my account, I accessed their homepage and navigated the website seamlessly without encountering any technical hiccups.

What stands out most is the interface, which is considerably more appealing, interactive, and contemporary compared to the previous version. Text has taken a backseat, allowing generously sized images to dominate the design. Even without an account, you can access all public photos, read all information in profiles, and obtain the escort’s personal contact details.

With a free account like mine, you gain the ability to create a client profile, utilize the website’s messenger (although it’s not the fan favorite, it’s necessary for contacting escorts when posting reviews), establish buddy lists, and access a log that tracks their availability.

For a monthly fee of $19.95, a paid membership provides the privilege of posting reviews and unlimited access to photos and videos.

For the Clients

My buddies in Rentmen v7.0

From a client’s perspective, the website offers a plethora of advantages. At no cost, you can access the largest pool of gay escorts in the USA, reach out to them, and enjoy the perks of the “My Buddies” feature. Rentmen v7.0 doesn’t introduce new features, but its redesigned interface makes navigation more intuitive and visually appealing.

While we acknowledge the myriad of complaints, we believe that most are related to a learning curve. We’ll eventually overcome the frustration of not finding things where they used to be.

Is it a drawback that we now have to pay for certain features? Perhaps. However, for many users, the existing features are sufficient. We don’t necessarily need to post reviews, and if we need more photos and videos we can contact the escorts before making a decision.

We cannot speak for the advertisers’ technical experience, but we haven’t come across any complaints from escorts regarding this upgrade.

The Real Issue: Rentmen

To borrow a phrase from a prominent former U.S. president, “It’s Rentmen, stupid!” Most of the complaints we’ve encountered regarding technical issues are minor glitches or simply the adjustment period to the new layout. Criticisms unrelated to technical aspects revolve around:

  1. Clients now having to pay for a Premium membership to post reviews, unlike the previous version where it was free for basic accounts.
  2. The requirement to pay for access to nude photos that were previously available with a basic, free membership.
  3. The website profiting from photo and video streaming without sharing the profits with the models.

While these points may or may not be valid, they are tied to a shift in the business model rather than the upgrade itself. Unfortunately, operating within the constraints of capitalism and with Rentmen’s virtual monopoly, such changes are unsurprising.

Part of the issue stems from the nostalgic attachment of American clients and escorts to Rentboy, a company with a social commitment. In contrast, Rentmen is profit-driven, leveraging its near-monopoly status to maximize earnings. Needless to say, they won’t be slowing down.

What Can Be Done

Venting is always an option, but it’s essential to recognize that it’s just a release of frustration and doesn’t effect change. Instead, organizing and advocating for the decriminalization of sex work is a more substantial endeavor, although that discussion is not our focus today. I give you a break from my Politics.

The simplest step clients and escorts can take is to support Rentmen’s competition. Without competition, Rentmen v7.0 will likely be followed by further upgrades with potentially less favorable conditions for clients and advertisers.

In the United States, there are two alternatives with the potential to challenge Rentmen’s monopoly: Mintboys and Friendboys. Clients and gay escorts should consider backing these services. Friendboy even has an edge over Rentmen by transparently displaying gay escort fees.

So, while we’re not suggesting an immediate departure from Rentmen v7.0, we do encourage active support for alternatives in the market.

If you are a new client or a new escort, read our entire School Series before making any decisions.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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