Noir Male is a new porn outlet focused to gay Black performers and interracial sex. It is bringing up to premium quality many of my favorite stars. Tempting.

Noir Male is good news for the market

We discussed before the raising of Black gay porn. Take this entry as a continuation of that first post. Noir Male arrives to join the new high quality black gay porn studios. 

Inside this sub-gender we can recognize two trends. The oldest one doubles down in themes and imagery more traditional (I am tented to say stereotypical) for the gay Black culture, like Dawgpoundusa and BreedItRaw. The newest one moves away from the more conventional scenarios to adopt an esthetic more typical of mainstream porn, like Next Door Ebony.

Noir Male is produced and directed by Chi Chi LaRue and, therefore, is obviously aligned with the latter.

Noir Male cast is boner making

This blogger has the highest respect for Chi Chi LaRue’s trajectory and contributions to our culture, but is not a big fan. I do prefer the more stereotypical scenarios presented by other creators, so I do not really have any expectations about the plots of the videos. What I have seen so far is unimaginative and formulaic. However when we are talking about porn, we know the stories are secondary.

Obviously, what matters the most are the looks of the stars and the quality of their performances. And in that point, Hope is my middle name here.

The cast Chi Chi has summoned for this new enterprise is taken out of my masturbatory fantasies. Look at this names: Jacen Zhu, Trey Donovan, Seth Knight, Beau Banks, Trent King, Marquee D’Angelo, DeAngelo Jackson, Mateo Hernandez, Pheonix Fellington, Jason Vario, Max Konnor, Timarrie Baker, and Armond Rizzo. 

 I have masturbated repeatedly for all of them, fucked with one of them, and connected and discussed meeting with another one. You may notice that one of them is a famous star that is using a new stage name. It could be to dodge some exclusivity clause, so I am not going to say more about it.

There are more big names in the cast. I just made a selection of those I would hire as soon as I can. Let’s be even more selective.

My Noir Male favorite guys

We are not only talking about gay male porn stars here, but also about gay male escorts. Out of that long list, I would like to highlight a few things about a few ones.

Jacen Zhu is available in the DC area. He is an outstanding porn performer. Unfortunately, I met him twice, and did not write a full review because the experience was underwhelming. Do not misunderstand me, he is a good submissive lover and chemistry could be better with you. He is a very nice and educated guy and an enjoyable company. Not a prima donna. 

Beau Banks is one of my favorite new raising stars. I almost got to meeting him when I found out he was residing in DC. But the decision to contact him came too late, he had just moved to NYC. However, his Twitter still says DC. Perhaps he lied to me? His power bottom skills seem out of the charts.

Seth King is a frequent visitor, he was here recently but I had no money. Hopefully, my pockets will be fatter when he is back.

I have to tell something about Mateo Hernandez. I do not know who he is, have never seen him before, but I want to marry him.

And the best for the last. The amazing Timarrie Baker. I wrote my first post on Timarrie about one year ago, when he was starting to be noticed. Since then, his personal charm and sluttish talents have raised him to the top. We have connected several times and in two occasions we discussed details for a meeting, but unfortunately never happened. He just moved to Seattle from Portland. If you can reach him, I do not know what the fuck you are waiting for. Timarrie is the Number One in my To Do List.

Welcome Noir Male

noir maleI am always happy when a new outlet targeting the men I like comes up. I am double happy when most of its stars are in my Rentmen Buddy List or in my Twitter contacts. It is like previewing my incoming hires.

Chi Chi LaRue takes us from niche category to mainstream status. It does not matter whether or not it fits better in my masturbatory landscape (it doesn’t). What matters is that it is more work and status for the men I like. 

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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