I was not expecting MintBoys NYC to be so juicy. MintBoys is one of my favorite new kids in the block, but does not offer much interesting in DC.

Bored in DC

mintboys nycMy boy Kevin left the city last Friday. We had a wonderful meeting on Wednesday but we decided to keep it private, that is how good it was. He is fabulous, my last review of him stands. His new home base now is Las Vegas, and the Ebony Boy has invited me to visit and stay in his place.

I am on a budget. This month I have to pay my credit card with the tickets and hotel for my trip to Brazil in December. I do not know when I will be able to afford flying to Vegas, but it should happen as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, I am stuck in DC trying to hook up in Grindr, Scruff, and Adam4Adam, with no fucking luck so far. Bah, just a hot boy in Grindr who asked for 150 and I may meet next week end.

With nothing better to do, once exhausted my masturbatory capacities for the day, I started to check the friends of MintBoys and noticed some changes. Not in their DC page, unfortunately, I still do not find anyone really interesting that I do not know. My boys Jaquan and Lee are there, but not one else tempting enough to contact.

I noticed they are expanding. They cover now many cities in Canada, Australia, Asia, and Africa. And I am told that soon they will be also expanding to South America.

With nothing better to do, and with no surprises in their DC page (to me of course, perhaps you should check it), I decided to give it a try to MintBoys NYC.

MintBoys NYC

I am glad I did. They have a bunch of very interesting guys to consider the next time I visit the Big Apple. Let’s do a little bit of virtual window shopping for gay escorts in NYC.

Look at this boy. He looks so sad, all my maternal instincts are pushing me to reach out. This young gentleman describes himself as a “smart bottom”….

Yep, that was a first time for me too. I am dying to meet him to see what this smart bottom can do with my dumb dick.



mintboys nycLook at this other one. He reminds me of one of my favorite Porn Stars, Sherrod (I cannot find his Tweeter page, it has probably been deleted). Those lips are designed for pleasure. I wonder how tall he is. He must be tall, should he be a shorty I would be moving to Manhattan.

The boy does not say anything in his profile. That is something irritating in many of the ads in Mintboys. No information at all, no stats, no narrative, nada.


And talking about reasons to move, look at this sexy thing in MintBoys NYC. Mmmmhhh….. Handsome Jay…. his prices are inside market parameters and the demeanor of his narrative is definitely appealing to me. “I want you to enjoy me to your fullest.” What a nice way to serve himself.

I know more than one friend in NYC that should be calling this boy right now.



More MintBoys NYC

Now I need please someone to hold me or I am starting packing and going to NYC right now. I have to work tomorrow, have to resist. This boy is so fucking tempting…. hold on…. stop.

I just realized that his ad follows the same format than Handsome Jay’s, which is a Yellow Flag, but I would definitively hit these hotties if I were around.

They may not be real, but I would not be able to live without knowing whether or not they were. And if they are, fuck I like them.



mintboys nycWhat about a delicious Asian mix? This guy looks just gorgeous. Sexy and sophisticated: “Coming from a diverse background, I find that there are few things that I’m not willing to try my hand at (and a few I know I don’t need to).”

I would be calling him right now.




mintboys nycI have to restrain myself again. Damn, I want to be packing. This Ebony God drives me crazy. He looks familiar, perhaps has some background in porn. His ad seems to reflect some experience in escorting. Definitely tempting.




mintboys nycI choose to close with a pearl. This guy says in his ad: “Hello ladies im a single guy who loves only the finer things in life, always looking for a new adventure. Good things only comes to those who seek it. Life is a beautiful experience, that should be shared with that “special” some one, if its for ever or just for a little while. To help you reach that point of absolute tranquility…. life is totally how you make it and should be shared and enjoyed.”

“Hello ladies”??? Is he talking to us in our language? Is he in the wrong site? If I were around I would give him a call just to find out.

There are more professionals offering their services, many more. Those are just some samples that would inspire me to make contact. I am sure there are matches for all preferences.


Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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