Perhaps the headline Puppy Play 101 is too pretentious. Welcome to Puppy Play 100.

I need a Puppy Play 101 lesson

ILP shirt for puppy play 101

Please, do not expect to learn much about Puppy Play in this post. I bet many of you would be able to give me a pup master class. This blogger has no expertise, but can anyway share his experiences. What is beyond any question, is his interest in continuing the exploration of this role play scenario.

If you do not live in a bubble, you have probably noticed the increasing popularity of this fetish. Nowadays, it has reach the point where we can call it a whole gay subculture.

I doubt there is any kinky anthropologist who may have researched the causes of Puppy Play’s rising popularity. I dare to guess that perhaps the Internet revolution has a lot to do with it. The possibility to connect and to divulge surely made a difference, compared to the previous situation.

However, the networking explosion would have not made any difference without an appealing product. Clearly, there is something in this scenario that is making puppy play spread beyond national boundaries, hidden margins, and sexual orientations.

Why is it trending?

Puppy Play 101

First of all, let me say once again that I am just guessing. Although I did a quick search, I did not find any scientific research, not even quasi scientific. There is, though, a plethora of websites and video material with abundant information, many of them labeled Puppy Play 101.

In case you are curious, you can check websites like Nerdy Doggo. Also, you can go to Youtube and type Puppy Play 101, or Pup Play 101. Probably, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of material devoted to this scenario.

So what is Puppy Play? The definition shared in Nerdy Doggo states:

Pup play (or Puppy Play) is when one person takes on the role of a pup or handler. The pup acts like their canine counterpart and the trainer, for the most part, handles the pup like he would a biological puppy. For many it serves as a release of the primal animal part of them. It is not bestiality: real animals are not involved.

Going back to the question, why is it trending? My guess is just common sense. For the puppy, there is something liberating in dropping all his inhibitions and diving into a pup’s psychology and behavior: playful, curious, and craving to please its handler. Pups have a quiet simple agenda: to please and to be pleased. Imaging the feeling of dropping any other concerns, fears, and inhibitions.

For both, pup and handler, but specially for the latter, there is also a liberating dimension in this unusual domination role play scenario. Unlike other scenes involving domination, the relationship between a pet and its owner is universally accepted. Being able to dig into submission/domination without the ethical issues brought by other situations may be the main reason to explain the scenario’s spreading.

A few recommendations

Although we have not had many experiences, perhaps you have had none. Continuing exploring this scene is in my plans, there will probably be a following up to this Puppy Play 101. Meanwhile, let me share two tips.

Choose the right partner

puppy play 101

I know. It sounds obvious but it is always the first mistake beginners make when stepping into new territory. They pick the wrong partner and then never recovered from the frustration from the failure.

It is not just about role compatibility, it is not just about enjoying this landscape in your imagination. Furthermore, role playing is impossible if not all participants buy into the characters and the situation, consistently and with no breaks. It is just like good acting.

Needless to say, it is easy to get caught by the scenario’s ridicule. It is extremely easy to step out and laugh at the situation, or even without laughing, just being overtaken by observation instead of participation.

I have not been wise. That is why I said before that labeling this article as Puppy Play 101 is an overstatement. Despite making the same mistake several times, I have kept picking the wrong partners. As a consequence, instead of experiencing the whole role play situation, I ended just fucking a hot guy wearing a dog mask.

Only once I met a guy that really bought into the character. Recalling his loud moaning imitating a puppy while I was fucking him still gives me a boner, even when it happened three decades ago and we had no gear. We did not even plan it. We were just playing and he just naturally devolved into a pup. It was one of my best fucks ever.

I will research my area to look for puppy play communities. You should do the same.

Avoid hard puppy play gear

pup play 101
Available in our JFF

Of course, this is very personal. If you are a leather fan, you will probably disagree with me.

The first dog mask I got was a leather one. The hardness of the material putted my dick in risk of harm several times. Plus, the pup was not comfortable. I do recognize it was a cheap one I bought in Amazon. Perhaps there are leather masks better designed, but I am not planning on using mine again.

Instead, I love the new neoprene masks. They are very comfortable, soft, and affordable. Less than 30 bucks in Amazon. The material is extremely flexible and friendly to human contact.

It is also recommendable to wear gloves and knee pads for the pup. Otherwise, he can harm himself playing in four legs. Once again, they should be made with any soft material.

Not only you want to protect yourself and your pup from bleeding scratches. Besides, imagine a situation with more than one pup playing. If your partners are doing it well, they could harm themselves wearing gear with hard or sharped edges.

Another failure

Last week I met with an old friend. He has often been my partner in other explorations, and we click quite well. Actually, he was the perfect match even for some of my weirdest fantasies.

However, he was not able to buy into becoming a puppy. Just as many other times, I just ended fucking a hot guy on a mask. Perhaps I should try something slightly different, like asking him to play a monkey or a kitty. Probably, it would work better.

By the way, we already published a short video and, throughout the next few weeks, will publish sets of the pictures produced during that meeting.

Despite my many failures, I am not giving up. As mentioned before, I will research the DC area looking for pup clubs.

Also, I have a new inspiration. I recently mentioned him in another article. Pup Eros is one of the new frequent inhabitants of my fantasies. Although he resides in Chicago, I am hopeful I will have the opportunity to train him some time in the near future.

Are you hot? Are you into puppy playing? Do you think you may be? Hit me up boy.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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