Our 2021 Best Fanspages is not going to deliver any surprises to you. Our preferences are well known. Welcome to another edition of 2021 PINGA’S JOYS.

Another year of independent blossoming

blossoming 2021 best fanspages

The independent porn boom started in 2020 and did not finish last year. Although we were expecting a reaction from conventional studios, we were wrong.

Indeed, studio productions came back. However, they have learned no lessons from a full year of racial and cultural turmoil. And especially, they have learned no lessons from independent creators’ success and popularity.

We can understand questionable business practices in a Capitalist, individualist market. However, we cannot ignore the lack of pornographic creative talent. In 2021, as in the year before, if you wanted good porn, you ended swimming in the independent pool.

Therefore, even if in this post we are talking about 2021 Best Fanspages, we are actually discussing the best outlets to inspire our masturbatory landscapes.

The best of the 2021 best fanspages

2021 best fanspahes Rhyheim Shabazz onlyfans

Of course, we think that the best of all 2021 Best Fanspages are Rhyheim Shabazz’ outlets. We reviewed them and have consistently reported on the excellent quality material coming from The Cooperative.

Not only will you find the highest quality independent porn, but also the most affordable. The subscription fee is only 9.99, a flat price that gives you full access to all content. We have never had to pay more to see an entire movie, unlike other fanspages.

Everything we wrote is still current. Rhyheim’s fanspages are the epicenter of the Neo Vanilla Trend. The only new development is related to the changes in the rules effected by Banks and Credit Cards demands.

All the scenes depicting the consumption of weed or poppers are now not available anymore in OnlyFans. To watch those, you should subscribe to Rhyheim’s JustForFans.

EyeFilmz, another best of the 2021 Best Fanspages

EyeFilmz onlyfans gif

If The Cooperative were a coin, EyeFilmz would be one of its two faces. Everything we wrote in our review is still current. Or perhaps, I should say current but augmented. That is why EyeFilmz’ is still one of the best 2021 Best Fanspages.

As EyeFilmz’ recognition rises, more and more porn performers collaborate with him in independent productions. If you are into the porn produced by traditional studios, you should check the casting working with Rhyheim and EyeFilmz. All the studio porn performers and even stars who collaborated with The Cooperative have delivered their best performances under EyeFilmz’ camera watch.

Until recently, EyeFilmz shared Rhyheim’s business model. A flat 9.99 fee would give you full access. Unfortunately, he has recently joined the overwhelming majority and sometimes asks for a few more bucks for some materials. Although it is not ideal from my porn consumer point of view, it is not enough to dethrone him from 2021 Best Fanspages.

More 2021 Best Fanspages

Iconic picture from rio 2020
In this iconic picture, Eyefimz’s talent captures the very essence of Neo Vanilla Porn. Inclusiveness and Joy.

Like any regular investor, porn consumers want to have a strong portfolio. In our 2021 Best Fanspages portfolio, I would invest my bucks in permanent subscriptions to Rhyheim’s and EyeFilmz’ pages.

Why? Because of a very few, but very worthy reasons:

  • the quality of the image, lights, and filming is consistently premium. Selfies and amateur looking materials are rare and marginal.
  • the quality of the perforrmances is consistently outstanding. Whether or not you like the performers, you will not find better sex on screen
  • there is a wide diversity of performers. They are of all colors, nationalities, physical frame, age, and size. They are in different points in their careers, from first timers to classic veterans. We not ony have performers from the independent circuit, but also from mainstream studios.
  • thanks to the very nature of Neo Vanilla porn, we have a syncretic melt of pornographies, no more gap between mainstrean and niche porn.
  • finally, both are prolific. They publish so often that I do not have time to explore all of it.

For those reasons, my memberships to Rhyheym’s and EyeFilmz’s fanspages are both a permanent part of my monthly budget.

However, our 2021 Best Fanspages portfolio is more diverse. Besides those two permanent memberships, we recommend joining a few more pages now and then.

Elijah Zayne

Indeed, Elijah’s mouthwatering romance with Rhyheim has rendered our review somehow obsolete. That is why we wrote Elijah Shines.

Right now, you should have Elijah’s page amongst your 2021 Best Fanspages investments. He is producing massive amounts of premium material.

I am not advising him as a permanent investment because of consistency, or I’d rather say lack of. We still do not know whether his current blossoming is characteristic or just circumstantial.

Krave Melanin

Krave fucks Trap

My admiration for Krave has no limits. I want to jump on the screen every time I see him. However, I do think the quality of his porn productions is a rollercoaster. Additionally, his pornography is less diverse and inclusive than others.

Indeed, Krave Melanin’s deserves to be one of our 2021 Best Fanspages. Nevertheless, we do not recommend paying every month for his membership. It is relatively expensive and not an all-inclusive fee.

2022 Best Fanspages

Those are our 2021 Best Fanspages. Looking ahead, we are thrilled. These two last years have brought a lot of new porn talent, and we have much to catch up on.

There are several fanspages we want to join and explore: Jimmy West, Eric Rey, Deon Williams, Luiz Sartori, and Hoss Kado are all on this blogger’s shopping list for 2022. I do not think anyone is threatening Rhyheim’sand EyeFilmz’ supremacy, but hopefully, more are enriching our portfolio of Best Fanspages for this new year.

Stay tuned. My vacations are over, but 2021 Pinga’s Joys are not.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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