I LIKE PINGA’s Best Flip of 2022 is Rhyheim Shabazz’s embracement of versatility. From now on, being only top is a porn demerit.

Do you remember?

Krave riding Rhyheim

Although it feels like yesterday, it was (porn) ages ago. In 2021, Divine Krave Melanin bottomed for Rhyheim Shabazz. Their performance was outstanding, and we chose them as Best Duo Scene 2021. However, I do not recall it because of its devastating masturbatory effects.

I’d instead bring it to Best Flip of 2022 because of its background story. Krave (I love him so much that I cannot write his name without my dick tickling) was, back then, one of the unquestionable heroes of Black Independent Porn. Initially performing as only top, he switched to a versatile profile not long before starting his collaborations with The Cooperative.

However, from the negotiation that took place publically on Twitter, we learned that Krave would not bottom without topping in front of the camera. Rhyheim and Krave teased us with their bargaining until the best man gave up and they delivered the Best Duo Scene of 2021. They even teased us with some fakes that many followers took for real.

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I cannot help but look at Big Bro and think: you’ve come a long way, baby.

Best Flip of 2022

interview with Sean Xavier, best flip of 2022

A little later than one year, we witnessed the Best Flip of 2022. It was unexpected and involved another big name from Black porn: Sean Xavier. All the participants in the situation, including Rhyheim, shared the same testimony: no one knew what happened was going to happen.

The unplanned and unexpected dimension of the event is one of the primary reasons we chose it as the Best Flip of 2022. It says a lot about Rhyheim’s sex-positive mindset. There was no big announcement; there was no manipulation. It just happened. Social media was in flames; the whole Pronosphera was shaking, and only Big Bro continued acting as though nothing unusual had taken place.

Another primary reason to choose it as the Best Flip of 2022 is how radical this switch was. We are not in front of an only-top performer who decided to give up his ass on a special occasion. This moment does not even marks the beginning of an evolution. Instead, it sets the boundaries for a before and an after.

Before, Rhyheim Shabazz’s motto seemed to be No Ass Left Behind. After, his motto switched to No Dick Left without a Ride. With the same methodically mass promiscuity characteristic of his tenure as only top, Big Bro started to ride every single dick at hand voraciously. You’ve come a long way, baby.

The best flip of 2023

VOYR in RIO best of 2022
best flip of 2022

So far, after the best flip of 2022, Rhyheim seemed to follow Krave’s former rules of engagement. He is performing as a versatile lover. We may be wrong because it is easy to miss something when his production is so prolific, but we think he has served as a bottom in only two scenes.

The interaction illustrating this section comes from one of those scenes. During one of VoyR’s expeditions to Rio de Janeiro, Rhyheim bottomed for Elijah as a goodbye gift. The following day, the Royal Prince was returning to the States. The other only bottom performance is Rhyheim smoking hot collabporation with PRK. I would also consider a special gift, as his partner had been recently outed in Social Media.

The other interactions this blogger has seen have always been with Big Bro flip-flopping. We cannot wait to see Rhyheim giving their fair rematch to adult artists like Khi Lavene or Reign. But above all, we cannot wait for the rematch with Krave Melanin. I bet they will deliver the Best Flip of 2023.

Stay tuned; after the Best Flip of 2022, we have more year-in-review articles for you.

Hasta la próxima pinga. amig@s!

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