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Yesterday was a challenging day. I had been planning for several months my first threesome with two providers, my number one Ron and one of my favorites, Eli. The day started bad, with Eli having an emergency trip out of DC. Then Ron misses his plane that would have landed him here at 5PM, and for about two hours I was not sure whether or not I would have a date at all.

Last July 4th was Ron’s birthday. I had set up my place for a birthday celebration with a birthday cake, serpentines, and birthday hats to welcome him at his arrival. A reservation at 8 in one of my favorite restaurants, Montmartre in the Eastern Market of Washington DC, was set. I usually do not do all of this stuff, you can imagine the level of my expectations and how important this event was to me. Yesterday morning was hell.

Fortunately Ron got a ticket in a flight arriving at 9PM. Eli was discarded, I was pretty sure he would not return from his trip on time to join us. Diner in the restaurant was out. I still could have a celebration with Ron at my place, I got some pizza (I am cheap, but it is his favorite food) and got into playing video games to cope with anxiety while waiting for his arrival.

Seeing him erased any morning bitterness. Not only the happiness of feeling his warm in between my arms, but also the surprise to see an improved (yeah, can you believe that? I would have never imagined he could get even better) Ron. He changed the design of his goatee in a way that makes him look more mature and manly. He has been hitting hard the gym and you can tell. His shoulders are wider, his neck is thicker, his biceps are bigger and his pecs, ay ay ay his pecs! What a party for my tongue.

Our performance in the sack also continues to improve. This is the 5th time we are together and he experience has become existential. I am not exaggerating, there is a depth in our chemistry that transcend the physical connexion between us. I am not talking about love, god or any spiritual bull shit, but about Sex, capital S Sex. Our bodies seem to fit like clock mechanisms, our rapport drives us to that place where time and space get blurred, our individualities get blurred, and we become something else. If you are not a sex freak as we are, I do not know whether or not you can understand how literally I am describing the experience when I say it is existential.

I did not have my first three some but I had a wonderful first overnight experience. We talked so much. I am going to promote him any time from fantasy boyfriend to fantasy love of my life. We talked about our personal lives and projects, and about his evolution as a provider.

Ron has been escorting for 2 years and a half, and it was time for an assessment. We shared the good and the bad experiences (do not worry, we do not discuss personal information of any clients), his strengths and weaknesses as a professional, and he got to a conclusion that I agree with: he is going to focus the experience he offers in the niche he excels at: the boy friend experience.

He is going to stay a week in DC and then moves to NYC, Boston, and Chicago. This is his first time in Chicago, I hope the locals take advantage of this opportunity. Horny men in need of love, I give you my fantasy husband for you to enjoy.

Ssshhhh, he is still sleeping in my bed. I may be able to have some pictures to share if he gets up in the mood.

Hasta la pinga, amigos!


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