Racists, supremacists, and homophobes shamelessly parade their hatred through America’s streets. Jeff Sessions enforces GOP’s anti minorities and anti immigration agenda. They are going even for cutting legal immigration. Transgenders are now officially banned from enrolling in the military, and covered surgery is out for those already enrolled. Trump just pardoned Joe Arpaio. Welcome to the Land of the Free.

Back to work

Pink Floyd grinderMy vacations are over and so the abundance of free time and adventures. The last one was a week ago, a hook up from Adam. Very promising but I have not seen him again since then. I am back to my boring life. The relationship with my Texan Boy is stable, and I may see Cute Boy next week end, but fun is over and I do not expect any more coming from Seeking Arrangement anytime soon. I am not going to complain, though, I like my job.

The truth is I am drained by the end of the day and little stamina is left. Not only I am physically exhausted but also mentally flabbergasted. Holly shit, Trump does not give us a break. I have been expending more time on catching up with the news than on researching porn, which is highly unusual.

The Fringe is on the raise under Trump rule.

These last days should be a breaking point, although it would not be the first time that a breaking point turns into one more huge step back, and we normalize the abnormal. The President reaction to Charlottesville does not leave any doubts about his support for (and from) the fringiest groups of American politics. Besides, his finally official decision about banning transgenders from the military does not leave any doubts either about where he stands on sexual minorities head

Well, for those who still had any doubts. It is clear beyond any questioning Trump’s lack of concern for civil rights and the Law. Of course he still have a significant base, as a significant slice of American population is even less concerned about minorities rights protection. Rather the opposite. Indeed, he is their President.

We have a President that far away from being the moral leader who unifies the nation has seamlessly sided with one of the political factions that are tearing it apart. Nazis, neo nazis, supremacists, and all the craziness hiding behind the White Nationalist label now have a champion sitting in the White House. They are encouraged.

Their hordes parade hatred, and rally around the symbols of Supremacy and the Confederation. They are proud and they show it off. You know the news and I am not going to repeat them to you. What you may not know is that the hatred wave has affected a member of the adult entertainment industry.

Pstar Jessie Colter was assaulted in San Francisco by two clients who hired him for an outcall. According to the police, both men may have been involved in a White supremacist rally. Fortunately Jessie is a big and strong sexy motherfucker, was able to fight back, and ran away harmless.

Trump is coming for more

President Trump not only has encouraged intolerance with his words, but his actual decisions have also taken us backwards on anti discriminatory protections. After announcing it on a Tweet weeks ago, he finally instructed the military to stop accepting transgenders. His memorandum also bans sex-reassignment surgery, and leaves to the Pentagon the decision about the currently enrolled transgender troops.

trump speechWith this decision, the President is undoing the inclusive and anti discriminatory policy adopted by Obama. He is actively taking away and attacking our transgender brothers and sisters’ rights. As he keeps losing support from moderates and clinging more and more towards the fringe, we can expect new attacks against other minorities, specially sexual minorities, easy treat for his Christian supporters.

After Charlottesville the CEOs integrating the economic counsels summoned by Trump at the beginning of his Presidency resigned in mass. Soon followed the members of the Arts counsel. So far only one preacher has resigned the Faith Counsel and denounced Trump’s false moral equivalence. Intellectual and Economic leaders seem to be better Christians that our religious leadership. Expect more attacks to our rights, his Christian supporters, some of the last ones he has left with, would love to feed some fags to the lions.

Not even the rule of law

So far the system of weights and balances seems to be not completely crippled. Forget about the Congress, the GOP has completely lost its ways and it is just trying to react and survive to Trump’s special brand of populism, autocratic, personalist, erratic, and inoperative. The Generals took over the Executive branch, trying to protect the status quo and save from chaos the Presidency of the man who tried to surrender the country to Russia.

Fortunately we have the Judiciary brunch. Until the next elections, it is the last shelter, the last defense, the last trench minorities still have to fight against violations of the law and the Constitution. After all, we are a land ruled by the law.

Sorry, not anymore. President Trump just pardoned Joe Arpaio, who proudly violated the civil rights of face in the wallthousands, who openly disobeyed the law and the Judiciary. Arpaio never apologized or showed any regret for his actions. Trump never criticized his actions, rather the opposite. Arpaio was condemned for illegally targeting Latinos despite legal orders to stop that practice. According to Trump, the verdict was unfair because the sheriff was  just doing his job.

Minorities are receiving a crystal clear message. Not only this America does not want you, but you do not either have any protections. The law is over ruled by the President of White Christian America. Not only minorities are receiving a clear message. Trump supporters also are: “You can do anything you want as long as you support me. Abuse, assault, kill, I will pardon you if you do it in my name”.

Of course his friends in the Russian probes are tuning on.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amigos!


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