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Isaac Powers

Isaac Powers is visiting DC. Of course I took advantage of the opportunity to meet him for the first time after his sabbatical.

Isaac Powers is single

Isaac powers musclesI guess enthusiasm intoxicated me when I learned that Isaac Powers was back to the field. I published in my previous related post information that is not accurate. Isaac is not in a relationship. Feel free to yell “Fake News!”. My apologies for the misinformation.

The good news is he came down to DC. Isaac has been here since Monday but I was not able to meet him until Saturday. During the week we kept in touch with quick friendly checks. I could not wait to see him again.

Last minute complications

Isaac powers in the showerI was expecting to start over again, but Isaac surprised me grandfathering me. More than one year after our last time! Such a generous gesture speaks loudly about how well he understands the nature of customer service, and the importance of keeping happy regulars.

Our plans were challenged by unexpected circumstances. We originally planned to meet on Saturday noon. On Friday afternoon we started to make changes to our meeting time. During 4 hours we rescheduled three times. I went to bed thinking that we would meet late in the night after a dinner I had with friends.

Saturday morning I got up, horny as usual. I would not see Isaac until late in the night, so I jerked off. When I am getting out of the shower, he texted me. Back to the beginning, he was able to meet me at noon.

The Reunion with Isaac Powers

Issac powersI was slightly concerned my stamina would suffer with my early morning wack. Any concern dissipated as soon as I saw Isaac Powers.

Memory is some times tricky, you forget the negative things and idealize the good stuff. However, my recollections of Isaac were perfectly accurate. The boy is amazing. I will try not to repeat myself.

What I like the most is that he is not only absolutely focused on you, but also on himself. He will please you, but he will find the way to enjoy whatever he is doing. He is not the guy that is going to give you the best blow job in your live without enjoying your dick as though it is the most delicious dick in the world. We had a great time.

In the sack with Isaac

Isaac powersWe smoked a pipe and started kissing. This time it was sweeter and more loving than I remembered. Of course we were just warming up and soon we were fully engaged in less romantic activities.

As something new, I had already enjoyed Isaac’s oral skills. However this time he got really devoted to it. I almost cum in his mouth a coupe of times. He did more than just sucking my dick, he worshipped it, play and joke with it. I love sense of humor and laughing during sex. We did it a lot.

Isaac Powers has not been bottoming a lot lately and his ass was extra tight. We had to try several positions after finally clicking in the missionary, and kept laughing, although no one was joking. We would just lock our eyes and laugh out of satisfaction, it felt amazingly good to be inside of him.

Isaac powersI found a new variation of the missionary. I would rest the left side of my face on his right foot like you would rest your face on the palm of your hand, while drilling him. It struck me with a mix of romantic and kinky emotions altogether. I liked it and forgot to ask him about it afterwards.

Isaac Powers is indeed not a clock watcher. I cummed kissing him and jerking off, and was surprised at how much I busted after masturbating just a few hours before. We stayed hugging in bed for quite a while, and then took a shower. I wanted to take pictures but we just relaxed, kissed, and chatted until he called for his Uber. We left the pictures for the next time.

Isaac is back and is here to stay

Isaac powers dickHis return is one of the best news to close 2017. I am glad I did not start yet to make a balance of the year, I would have missed one of the best events.

Isaac Power’s base continues to be Queens, NYC. After the first half of January he is planning to come to DC often, probably most week ends.

He prefers to top, but I cannot speak of his skills in that role. I do know he is an engaged and demanding lover, I am confident such a skill is the same in whatever role he is performing. I can speak of his nice cock. Big enough to trigger the gag reflex, but not too big to avoid me controlling it. It is a very nice size to maximize the pleasure and minimize the pain when he is topping you.

The Isaac Powers I remembered was a horny kinky lover, the perfect fuck buddy. He still is, but I am loving the addition of a more romantic, loving side, an upgrade from fuck buddy to Boyfriend Experience. I am hooked.

While I am writing this post I am still smelling his ass’ aroma in my mustache. I will be thinking of him during my dinner tonight.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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