Interview with Max Ávila

This interview with Max Ávila was a surprise. This blogger was expecting a 20 minutes conversation, mostly self-promotion. Instead, we got more than 70 minutes of generous love and passion for life.

Meeting Max Ávila

interview with Max Avila
Photography from Max Ávila’s Instagram

If you are a reader, our fondness for Max Ávila is not news. We adore his Andean beauty and distinctive personality. We love how he curses on his top while getting fucked. However, what we like the most is not noticeable at first sight.

If you follow his social media, our interview with Max Ávila may not be so revealing. Everyone else, you are about to be exposed to his passion and love for life. Although you cannot see them at first sight, you cannot ignore them once Max starts speaking.

Max was approachable and friendly from the very beginning. We contacted him a few weeks before our trip to Medellín, Colombia. Unlike many of his colleagues, who do not entertain fans and expect payment when they do, Max granted me the interview immediately. Once in Medayork, we quickly arranged a meeting in my place at noon.

He arrived punctually. We smoked an apanado and chatted like two old friends before starting the recording. I thought that my interview with Max Ávila was going to be a 20′ conversation. Instead, we ended with more than 70 minutes of eloquent passion and love for life and motherland.

Our conversation was in Spanish. If you do not speak our language, I advise you to learn. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of Youtube Artificial Intelligence and set up subtitles in your language of preference. The translation will not be perfect, but you will get the main ideas.

His first steps in the Gay Porn Industry

Our interview with Max Ávila was one of the easiest I ever had. Of course, we start at the beginning of his porn career. Also, from the beginning, you will notice a constant. Even my most simple questions will trigger passionate speeches. Max was very generous with his thoughts and experiences.

This section shows that he filmed his first porn video when he was only 18. However, his entire professional gay career was as a Lucas Entertainment exclusive. Max shares that he sees his work for the studio primarily as advertisement, while his pleasure and passion run through his independent projects.

His views on pornography

This section of our Interview with Max Avila shows his views on Porn. However, he cannot contain his passion. Soon, his love for independent porn turns into one more celebration of his love for life and for living in Medellin, Colombia.

We learn about Max’s sex and body-positive mindset. More importantly, this blogger learned that Max is into older, chubby, bald guys like himself. If you see the camera shaking, you can imagine why.

Max Ávila’s new favorite platform:

In one of the few moments where our Interview with Max Ávila turns negative, the artist shares his frustration with OnlyFans’ new regulations. Instead of the most popular video blog platform for adult material, he promotes an alternative developed by Austin Wolf: Max Ávila has moved on from OnlyFans, and now his creations are available at

Max and his current projects

As we were in the middle of our interview, Max Avila’s Entertainment was releasing La Luz Roja. We learn that this movie was born with a twin: La Máxima.

La Máxima was an event where the audience would watch the footage of La Luz Roja from backstage. But instead of a conventional party, the event evolved into a massive orgy. It was so successful that it turned from a unique occasion to a serial bacchanalia. The second La Máxima will take place by the end of May or the beginning of June. If you are around Medellín, you should not miss it.

By the end of this section of our interview with Max Ávila, the star unfolds his vision of Medellín becoming a hub for gay tourism. “Things are happening in Medellín,” Max tells us. This blogger can give testimony that it is true.

Max Ávila and the trans cause

This section starts with Max stating his lack of political activism and ignorance of the trans cause. Nevertheless, almost immediately, he delivers one of the most passionate and empathetic pledges I have heard from an allied. After saying he is not an activist, he declares that the fight never ends and criticizes conformism.

I cannot help but wonder what Max Ávila would be doing should he see himself as an activist.

More about La Máxima

Once again, we chatted about La Máxima. If there is something evident in this interview with Max Ávila, it is how happy and enthusiastic he is about these parties.

We had learned above that they are open sex parties. Unlike most of these events, where you must send a picture, La Máxima welcomes all kinds of men. There is a retro spirit embedded in Max’s vision. Throughout the conversation, he keeps talking almost nostalgically about pre-internet and social media times. Those old times when the places for gay men to meet were the movie theaters.

Still following that retro spirit, the theme for the next La Máxima will be Freak Show. Max shares his vision in collaboration with a new partner. Following the success of the First La Máxima, Max gained one of the local Party Kings’ interest. He is referring to Club Oráculo and Bar Chiquita‘s owner.

A call for Unity

To close our interview with Max Ávila, we have one more passionate pledge. Not only does Max calls for unity to fight against homo and transphobia. Besides, he also calls for cooperation to create in Medellín a new Mecca for gay entertainment.

Until November, Medellín

Max Ávila does not see himself as an activist and a leader. However, every time he opens his mouth, he passionately fights for or against something. To his well-known activism for body and sex positiveness, he is now adding his love for Medellín.

Indeed, Medellín is a rising star in South America. Community leaders like Max himself have turned the city into a bright promise of joy and happiness for everyone. However, as Max points out repeatedly throughout the interview, Colombia is a conservative society. There is the promise of immense pleasure but also of challenging fights.

That is where Max’s call for unity reaches the most significance. There is a thriving local culture in Medellin, enriched by new influxes of immigrants. Hopefully, we will join in a few years.

Meanwhile, we plan to be frequent visitors to the City of the Eternal Spring. Our next trip will be in November.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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