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January 2023 Porn Drops announces the return of our monthly newsletter. After clearing away the malware infection, our Pinga News Department is back to normal.

The annual fiasco

January 2023 gayvn awards

Above, you can see the celebratory headline published by The Sword in the first week of January 2023. The Sword is Falcon/Naked Sword/Ragin Stalloine’s puppet blog. Of course, they and their friends are celebrating. Look at the winners. They are their best collection of dried, tiered, plastic-engineered porn stars. I do like Roman Todd, though. Kudos to him.

The rest of us tolerated with tedious this parade of unsurprising mediocrity. As usual, the winners are overwhelmingly White except for Max Konnor and friends, who played their expected role in giving diversity credentials to a predominantly White Boys’ party. Like every other year, independent creators remained invisible, only recognized in a few cases because of their work for mainstream studios.

Unfortunately, the GAYVN Awards are not the only faked event in the industry. The season is just starting. In February and January 2023, we should keep the anti-nauseous medication at hand.

I like Cumming

Talking about questionable awards, January 2023 brought us a great example from across the Atlantic. As reported in Edge Media Network, Alan Cumming rejected an honor conceded by the British Crown. In his own words:

“The Queen’s death and the ensuing conversations about the role of monarchy and especially the way the British Empire profited at the expense (and death) of indigenous peoples across the world really opened my eyes,” wrote Cumming in an Instagram post. “Also, thankfully, times and laws in the US have changed, and the great good the award brought to the LGBTQ+ cause back in 2009 is now less potent than the misgivings I have being associated with the toxicity of empire (OBE stands for Officer of the British Empire).”

Alan Cummings, as reported by EdgeMediaNetwork

What an excellent example and model to follow. Decent adult entertainers should send back the GAYVN Awards.

One Million Followers in January 2023

shabazzian Rhyheim Shabazz with pillow he is risen

In July 2021, we published this article celebrating Rhyheim reaching the One Million benchmark in his Twitter following. As you probably remember, his Twitter account was suspended a few months later, in November. His new profile was created that same month.

From November 2021 to January 2023, Rhyheim surpassed the One Million mark in one year. It is a remarkable achievement. If you do not think so, check the Twitter following of the gay porn stars who just received awards. While I am writing this post, Rhyheim’s following is +1.026.000. Elijah’s is 934K.

They received a nomination in the GAYVN circus because of one scene for TimTales, not for the consistently outstanding porn they are creating together independently. Keep those numbers in mind, and remember that Big Bro only needed one year to reach the million mark.

Max Konnor has a Twitter account opened in 2017. His following is 685K. Roman Todd opened his Twitter account in 2015. In January 2023, he had 346K followers. Manuel Skye started his Twitter in November 2016. Right now, he has 379K followers. We could keep going.

Compare and Contrast.


Stay January 2023 porn drops

Our favorite porn comeback in 2022 is, by far, Staxx’s. In January 2023, we can find him performing in two new scenes. The first one is the continuation of the Holidays orgy’s first part, published in December. Staxx surprises us with a return where he shows himself as versatile but enjoying much more being at the bottom. In the second scene, he shares his well-known skills as a dominant, top lover. The illustration above is taken from that video.

Bad News

Johnson & Johnson announced that the Mosaico HIV vaccine is discontinued in Phase 3. This was the only vaccine going this far in Clinical Trials, which makes it terrible news.

January 2023 at Rhyheim’s OnlyFans

January 2023 was relatively calm in Rhyheim’s realm. Yet, we find appealing material. Our favorite star probably took a very much-needed break.

Rhyheim’s OnlyFans continues to be the delivery window for VoyR, as the new studio website is not yet functional. In January 2023, he published the scene filmed in partnership with our less favorite studio; check the tweet above.

Besides, there are several collaborations without the VoyR watermark. Our favorite one is a small orgy where Rex Lima shines. We had seen him before in Timtales, but this performance in the White House is the one that made me fall for him.

January 2023 in Elijah’s OnlyFans

The Royal Prince also published the orgy with Rex Lima in January 2023. Besides, there are multiple collaborations, all with the White Castle as the stage. Our favorite one (it was a hard decision) is Shamu Azizam‘s.

One for Sharok

This is one of the shiny spots in January 2023. Sharok, during Paris Fashion Week, took advantage of the opportunity to broadcast a progressive message. According to The Sword‘s reporting:

If you follow Sharok on any of his social platforms, then you know how outspoken this porn star is about social issues and there’s also a good chance that you’ve already seen the “unsanctioned protest” this performer made on the LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi runway during Paris Fashion Week last week.

During the show, Sharok, who was a model for the January 18 event, took to the catwalk while holding up a sign that read “STOP EXECUTIONS IN IRAN.” According to the star, this move was entirely his own idea and designer Louis-Gabriel Nouchi wasn’t made aware of the message beforehand.

The Sword

January 2023 at EyeFilmz’s OnlyFans

As you know, one of the significant developments of 2022 is the separation of the creative partnership between EyeFilmz and Rhyheim Shabazz. We have a clear idea about the direction Big Bro is taking but have no idea about his former cameraman. This blogger will be following with curiosity EyeFilmz’s new productions.

His partnership with Sean Xavier continued in January 2023. EyeFilmz shared in his OnlyFans a collaboration between Sean and Logan Stevens. Check the tweet above.

January 2023 at Sean Xavier’s OnlyFans

Sean Xavier took no breaks in January 2023. In his OnlyFans, you can find several collaborations besides the one with Logan. Our favorite one is Sean’s meeting with Matt. See a small sample above. You should check the whole video.

Additionally, you should be alert to the studios’ new releases. Sean is currently free of exclusivity contracts, so he is popping up in many places.

Thank you, Pope?

The King of Catholics declared in January 2023 that homosexuality is not a crime, and everyone celebrated his holy progressiveness. Of course, he made clear that it may not be a crime, but it is still a sin. Grazie Santo Padre!

One for Taylor Swift

In January 2023, the famous singer released a new song, Lavender Haze. The breaking news is that she casts an FTM model as her lover. After a terrible 2022 for our trans brothers and sisters, this may signify better times ahead. We hope so.

Take a look at Laith Ashley, trans activist and hottie. I also want him.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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