Secrets/Zigfield’s is one of the historic landmarks in Washington DC’s gay night. They are in heir second location, displaced from their original site by the construction of the Nationals stadium. Wet, Velvet Nation, the Glory Hole, and other sex/night clubs used to flourish in that neighborhood.

The venue consists of two establishments. Ziegfield’s is a night club with drag queens shows opening on Friday and Saturday. Secrets is a stripers club occupying the upper floor, opening Thursday to Sunday. I have never been to Zieffield’s, so my comments will be exclusively about Secrets.SECRETS

Getting to the place last night was a challenge. The streets are under construction in the area and several ways were blocked, but we made it. The cover is $5, and includes a $1 off from a drink. Drinks are not cheap but they are strong.

I attended a regular Thursday, with only 6 strippers, and not a lot of patrons. Two of the strippers were very good looking, and three were average guys. The sixth should pay me if he wants to do anything with me.

Secrets amateur contest

I also attended last night, a special event that takes place every last Thursday of a month: an amateur strippers contest. Anyone can show up, sign up at 10 (the place opens at 9), and compete for a $300 first prize, a $150 second price, and a $50 third prize.

When I learned about it, I was expecting a lot of contestants, 300 bucks for a few minutes of shaking your goodies seems to be a tempting reward for any young guy. I was wrong. Only four guys were in the competition. The four of them were hotties, two Blacks, one White, and one Latino, all of them in their early 20s. One of the Black boys was Chocolate Boy, I reported about him in the last post about my Seeking Arrangements experiments. He won. By the way, he was serious when talking about trying escorting, he opened an account in this week.

Before and after the contest, professional strippers would entertain us. I counted 10, in two shifts of 5. Some of them are conventionally attractive, and some of them are representatives of types that would not be what you expect from a stripper, but I kind of like that diversity and discontinuity from the stereotypical male dancers. Oh, surprise, Gabriel from Rockard DC was dancing last night.

SECRETSSecrets is not my favorite place

I do not like that the dancers stay in their little stage area and we are the ones lining up to tip them and touch them in the few places we are allowed to. They do not mingle with the audience to tease you with mini lap dances, as the boys in Rockard DC do.

Soon they will have to move again to a new building, as the whole neighborhood seems to be under construction. Check this article in the Blade.

I congratulated Chocolate Boy for the win, and I went back home with Texas Boy. I am busy these days.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amigos!




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