My life before gay porn

Back in the 70s, during my teen years, I was completely ignorant of anything related to sex. I spent those years in a provincial capital in Argentina, with parents who would closely control all the information I would have access to. Therefore, my first homosexual experiences were accidental, I did not understand what was happening, and all of them were with a cousin. I could not even imagine the existence of gay porn.

gay pornI did start my education on sexual matters in the second half of my teens, but still all the info that would get to me was filtered by my parents and teachers. When I finally understood I was strongly attracted to other men, I experienced the implications of that fact as guilt and the awareness of suffering an unspeakable illness.

It was not until I moved to Buenos Aires that I started to be exposed to other outlooks about sexuality, and I finally began my personal sexual liberation. Throughout all my progress pornography has always played a positive and educative role.

My first gay porn exposure

I remember the first porn magazine I saw, in 1984, it was an issue of Honcho. I was an activist in a gay liberation group, we were visiting another group’s meeting to organize a coordinated action, and I saw the magazines piled on a side of the table. My attention was suddenly totally away from politics as I became hypnotized by those pictures of muscular, outstanding men. Mixed in the pile I also saw my first Tom of Finland booklet, the plot of the story was a guy hooking up in he docks with a black sailor who takes him to his boat cabin to get fucked. gay porn

Also my first porn movie is an unforgettable memory. I was dating a guy, again in 1984, and he took me to a friend’s home, a retired Colon Theater’s dancer. The plot of the movie was about a popular college athlete kidnapped by Middle Eastern looking terrorists, and who of course becomes a passionate case of Stockholm syndrome. I was so hard. The former Colon dancer took his removable teeth and give me one of the best heads of my life. I busted so hard that he got gag reflex.

I love gay porn

gay pornSince then I have had an intense and fruitful relationship with porn. It has been educational and a powerful tool in my quest for self knowledge and self discovering. Who knows how long would have taken discovering by myself my passion for eating ass, should I have not seen it in a porn scene. Just an example.



As many other things, pornography is not good or bad per se, but depending on countless circumstances. It can be an instrument for exploitation or for building up successful professional careers and moving up in the social pyramid. It can be a tool to perpetuate cultural and sexual oppression, or a weapon for sexual revolution and personal liberation.

A selection of my favorite gay porn

Needless to say the amount of porn available today in Internet is limitless. It is so vast and diverse that it has become extremely difficult to identify good outlets. It is my intention in this post to share some of my favorite ones. Probably later on some of them will deserve a post dedicated with exclusivity. Just click on the pictures and do some research.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amigos!

PORNHUB. Tones of porn for free. They also have a premium, very affordable membership that improves the experience.

BLACKBOYZADDICTION. I wrote a post already about this unique outlet. I recommend to pay for the membership and watch the clips in chronological order.


GAY HOT MOVIES. PPV. They have a reward system that allows you to purchase scenes with points, and save them in your account to watch out of the clock.

DAWGPOUNDUSA. Many of my favorite stars and escorts work for this porn production website. Smoking hot.

PAPITHUGZ. DAWGPOUNDUSA’s sister website, with a more BLATINO/LATINO touch.

CHOCOLATEDROP. Also related to DAWGPOUND, but with esthetics more hoodish and amateurish.

NEXT DOOR STUDIOS. It is a group of 17 different websites. One of them is NEXT DOOR EBONY, highly recommendable.

BREED IT RAW. I also find here some of my favorite stars and escorts.

KAMEO ENTERTAINMENT. Pstar Kameo’s own porn productions.

SEAN CODY. Young White hotties.

MAVERICK MEN. Another one of my favorite porn producers. They work with guys with no experience, and discovered, per instance, Mike Maverick

BELAMI. Young White hotties.

MACHOFUCKER. Raw sex. Excellent.










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