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Peruvian sex is not a regular topic of conversation in our subculture. We discuss sex in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Thailandia, but never Perú. That has to change.

Peruvian sex is not often in my way

Peruvian Sex

Pablo Bravo

Unfortunately it is not, but every time we crossed paths the experience was good.

The first time was many, many years ago, back in Buenos Aires. I was in my mid 20s, he was in his mid 30s. If you are following this blog and my adventures, yes you are correct, he is the eldest guy I have ever been with.

We hooked up in Avenida Santa Fe and came to my place, the very same apartment where I stayed for 8 days just a few weeks ago. He was smooth, dark skinned, short, and muscular, a beautiful Incan descendant. I remember I was giving my first steps and was not very experienced in bed, his performance blew my mind. 

He was flying back to Lima the next day and I never heard of him again, this is before Internet and smart phones. I never was exposed again to Peruvian sex until recently.

I met Randisan in Buenos Aires, in this case a taxi boy. Before and after engaging in passionate sex he seduced me with his love for Peru and his culture of origin. He told me many fascinating stories, but my favorite one is about a tropical fruit.

Is the aguaje the secret of Peruvian sex?


Randisan’s perfect ass and skin, thanks to aguaje

Perhaps I should be talking about Amazonian instead of Peruvian sex. The “aguaje” is a tropical super fruit very popular in Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, and Perú. It is considered a super fruit because of its high content of phytoestrogens. 

Randisan told me how in his culture (Iquitos) it is believed that children should not eat aguaje because it makes you homosexual and makes your butts bigger. Isn’t it fascinating that all the stories about prevalent homosexuality in the original peoples of the area may have an explanation in the diet?  If we can use Radisan’s butts as an evidence, I think we have scientific prove.

Although I had never heard the story before, the voice has spread. You can find pills made by “aguaje”, the popular fruit denomination (amongst others like ita, buriti, muriti, canangucho) in many areas, or by Mauritia Flexuosa, the scientific name of the palm that produces the fruit. In some places they are advertised as butt enhancer pills.

Of course the real story is that the aguaje is a fruit with a high content of estrogens, fat, vitamins and proteins, an enhancer for growing any meat in the bones and any healthy skin. You can understand its effects were related to body enhancement. 

Science is often boring. Instead, I choose to believe in the tale.

Another case of Peruvian sex: Pablo Bravo

Peruvian sex

Pablo’s ass? Another case of aguaje diet?

I choose to believe that Peruvians coming from Iquitos and other Amazonian provinces of Perú have beautiful rounded butt-cheeks and are horny homosexuals because they ate abundant amounts of aguaje while growing up. Randisan’s perfectly shaped butts are my first, but I have one more evidence.

My evidence number two is Pablo Bravo’s ass. You may have not noticed him yet, I actually did it pretty recently. I got captivated by his Twitter stream’s hot home made videos.

I started to research and noticed that he has so far worked for porn studios like RawStrokes, FuckerMate, and MachoFucker. He is a raising star, with his own website, BravoFucker.

I am not sure what exactly is his relationship with the website. Of course Pablo is the star in many clips, but not in all of them. One of the models performing in some clips is featured as “Ramses”, but he is actually another raising star, Danny Azcona from Mexico. You can also see Danny’s boyfriend, Guillaume Wayne.

I am Intrigued by PabloFucker

Peruvian sex

One of my favorite clips from PabloFucker. That bottom boy is dynamite.

The website is in French. Pablo is probably traveling between Paris and Lima. His Twitter says he is residing in Paris, but his Rentmen ad reports him in Lima. You can also read in his Twitter that he is not just a performer but a porn producer.

If you go the the top menu, and check the other associated websites, a long list of other French porn outlets is unfold. Some of them are well established studios, others seem to be a French branch from a reputed one, others are unknown to me.

There are enough clues to suggest that Pablo is being sponsored by an European network and has at least some independence in PabloFucker’s productions. The quality of the clips is artisanal, home made. The models are mostly Latinos and unknown, with a few exceptions.

Danny is casted with a pseudonym, probably because some exclusivity contract with FuckerMate does not allow him to use his regular stage name. And he is probably there because he and Pablo became friends while shooting for that European studio.

I am glad Pablo has independence (I assume) not only because of adding another outlet with performers of a diverse background, but also because of his camera and his themes.

I am not paying a membership to PabloFucker, so my impression is superficial but it is also strong. My guts tell me that Pablo could be a very talented producer and director. Pablo is sharing in his Twitter many teasers, and I definitely like the editing decisions he is making. I hope to see more of his work soon.

I want more Peruvian sex

Aguaje, the secret for perfect round smooth butt-ckeeks

So what is it that we talk about trips to Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Thailandia, East Europe, Barcelona, but we do not talk about Perú?

A country with a fascinating syncretic culture, a mix of Spanish and Incan, as a contrast to the Mexican Aztec/Spanish melange. A prestigious cuisine, who has not heard about the restaurants in Lima? A gigantic, diverse country, with an array of cultures and landscapes to explore.

And ten of thousands, perhaps millions of smoking hot men. Men like Randisan and Pablo Bravo, who grew up eating aguaje and growing their gay asses.

I am going to Brazil this December, but Perú is feeling stronger in my gaydar.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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