Sandriias is my last Adult Entertainment crush. I bet you we will see much more from this ambassador of Brazilian Carpe Diem.

Body & Soul

A mesmerizing figure emerges from the vibrant tapestry of the Brazilian tropical landscape—an alluring young man whose physique exudes athleticism and grace. A subtle air of sensuality surrounds him, an allure that captivates the senses and stirs the imagination. Sandriias’ slender frame is a testament to his dedication, every muscle toned and defined. As the sun embraces his skin, it glows with a radiant warmth akin to sun-kissed sands on a secluded beach. His abs ripple like the gentle waves lapping at the shore, while his muscular thighs and legs evoke the sinewy grace of the towering palm trees that sway in the breeze. With every step, his captivating presence commands attention. Dark, black eyes, deep as the mysterious depths of a hidden lagoon, possess an intensity that draws you into his soul.

In addition to his privileged physicality, Sandriias’ essence lies in his soul’s simplicity and sensual purity. It’s as if he carries the tranquility of a pristine rainforest within him. His genuine smile, radiating warmth, reflects the innocence of a crystal-clear waterfall, bringing joy to all who encounter it. The depth of his eyes mirrors the serene darkness of a moonlit night, revealing a wisdom beyond his years. His spirit dances freely, unburdened by the world’s complexities, like a tropical breeze rustling through the leaves. He effortlessly connects with others with a gentle touch, stirring a flame of passion within. In his presence, one finds a haven of desire, where the intensity of his soul resonates deeply, igniting a fire that burns with enthusiasm.

Today, we celebrate Sandriias, who shines as an example of Body and Soul in adult entertainment.

His Instagram

This blogger discovered Sandriias on Instagram before learning about his adult entertainer career. Indeed, his spotless slim athletic body caught our attention first. However, soon we were dragged to his other charms.

Whether or not you like his dancing talents (we do), the effort and dedication he displays on stage are undeniable. He strives to be at his best without speculating on his best angle. When Sandriias performs, he jumps to take the risk with no compromises.

His presence on social media is young. The first picture currently on his Instagram is dated July 2021. The picture above is among his first posts, dated August of the same year. We do not know Sandriias’ age.

However, we know he has worked intensely on his craft these last few years.

Compare the picture above (taken by Gael) to the previous one. He was already beautiful two years ago, but he has invested time in sculpting his looks to perfection. But Instagram gives you access to much more than his individual traits.

Part of Sandriias’ irresistible charm lies in his embodiment of the Brazilian people’s resilient and joyful spirit, rooted in their collective history of suffering and humble strength. Like the pulsating rhythm of samba and the smooth melodies of bossa nova, his presence exudes a sensual musicality that captivates hearts. He carries the echoes of ancestral struggles, channeling them into an infectious energy that brings people together. With each step, Sandriias dances to the beat of a nation, infusing his movements with the vibrant essence of Brazilian culture. In his humility and vitality, our boy becomes a living testament to the beauty born from pain, inspiring hope and celebration wherever he goes.

Sandriias’ OnlyFans

sangrias first pic in OF

Sandriias’ first post in OnlyFans (see picture above) is dated August 12, 2021. As of today, he shared 48 photos and 54 videos. His social media presence in clean Insta seems simultaneous with his starts in dirty OF.

The beginnings of Sandriias’ OnlyFans are disappointing. He posted a few pics and brief clips in August 2021, and then nothing until December. On December 11, Sandriias posted a two minutes jerking-off clip. Then, nothing until February 2022. This pattern indicates he was not focused on the Adult side of his entertainer career.

Sandriias sucking Marcelo mastro

Things start getting better in March 2022. Sandriias shared many clips documenting his interactions with legendary Marcelo Mastro. His collaborations with other performers also increased.

In August, Sandriias travels to São Paulo, and his first work for a local studio is released in October. His work for MeninosOnLine is the start of his professional adult entertainer career. Interestingly, he has performed as a top for the Brazilian studio. In contrast, Sandriias’ OnlyFans documents primarily his talents as a bottom. His entering the network of Brazilian porn performers, of course, benefited his OnlyFans.

meninos on line sandriias

However, the overall quality of the shared videos remained low. We are in 2023, spoiled by the rise of premium quality independent productions. Despite the beauty and charm consistently displayed by our hero, the content in his OnlyFans did not reach the heights of his talents until recently.

Sandiias & VOYR

Sandriias & Gabriel

In April 2023, Sandriias joined VoyR. His performance with Gabriel, directed by Alternativa and produced by Rhyheim Shabazz, is a landmark in his porn career.

Sandriias & Elijah

The Royal Prince and Sandriias before filming their collaboration. Thanks to Rhyheim Shabazz for the exclusive picture.

Shortly after his debut for VoyR, he filmed his second and last scene, this time with Elijah Zayne (and the wind). Both movies are now part of Sandriia’s OnlyFans library and a promise.

Hopefully, he is not just joining VoyR’s cast but The Cooperative. I chose Cooperative because it is an excellent descriptor of Big Bro’s work ethics mindset. If you read us, you know that is how I designate the adult entertainment creators orbiting around Rhyheim Shabazz.

Big Bro demands your hard work because he works hard to support your growth as an artist, a brand, a professional, and a businessman. Rhyheim is not looking for employees and obedient puppets. He is seeking partnerships with independent creators, with talented artists willing to work hard for their brands who are coming to take and bring something to the table. That is why I call it The Cooperative. Everyone contributes as partners, with participative leadership.

Sandriias fits the profile. This blogger wishes his joining our favorite Porn Collective would rocket him to the top screens of international porn.

Sandriias, a unique performer

voyr April 2023

Sandriias’ uniqueness comes from a constellation of personal traits. The most appealing one for us is how he represents Brazilian popular culture.

I celebrate the arrival of VoyR and other studios that go to South America to produce porn with local talent. But I am obsessed with finding a way to make this reality something different than just one-way globalization. Having Brazilian performers, photographers, and videographers is a great start, but it is not enough. I wonder about finding a language for Brazilian and South American porn other than reproducing patterns and expectations imported from US and European premium porn. But that is material for another post.

Sansdriias is more than just Brazilian. He is Brazil, its people, its music, and its willingness to celebrate life and joy despite all challenges. You can feel all of it when you lock on his candid eyes. When he is on stage, a director does not need to play bossa nova, bring costumes, or have the jungle in the background to tell Brazil. Sandriias’ presence brings it all.

Follow his Twitter and his Instagram. Join his OnlyFans. It is only six bucks per month right now, with the promise of an endless stream of premium porn in partnership with The Cooperative.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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