Gael’s OnlyFans is the best gate for this multitalented Brazilian adult entertainer. Spoiler alert: you should join. (Alternativa took the photos above)


Gael's OnlyFans

And he is Brazilian, Carioca, to be more specific. If you follow Rhyheim Shabazz, you know him. Gael shone on our screens for the first time less than one year ago. Back then, he and Big Bro flabbergasted us with one of the best versatile duos of 2022. Since then, he and his associates have inundated our screens with an endless stream of premium-quality gay porn.

Although his social media presence is noticeable, he is still a mystery. Gael shows everything but does not say much. We know he has a dog, Luna. We know Gael is a talented photo and video artist. Earlier in his life, he experimented with drawing and painting with appealing results. Based on his Instagram, he loves pets: we saw fish, birds, cats, and dogs. As a side note, his social media documents how Luna was raised smelling Gael’s balls.

I always liked Gael, but when I saw he likes and cooks fried empanadas, the impulse to propose in marriage was irresistible.

Enough rambling. Let’s check Gael’s OnlyFans.

Gael’s OnlyFans

Of course, Gael’s OnlyFans starts with selfies. On April 19th, 2022, he posted seven photos and four short videos. Above, you can see a few samples of his first postings. Since then, Gael has never stopped sharing his prolific and titillating creations. When this blogger writes this report, you can find 388 photos and 145 videos.

Gael’s OnlyFans not only documents his adult entertainer talent and his privileged physic. Besides, it is a testimony of his rocketing ascension to the constellation of premium international porn stars. Before April 2022, all I could find were clean photos on Instagram. Perhaps he started his flirting with the adult industry on his Twitter? We cannot tell. The first available post on the platform under Musk’s demolition is dated August 2022, although his account was opened in February.

Whatever the case, his Twitter and OnlyFans document the dizzying speed of his success. He has 552K followers today, significantly more than many consecrated adult entertainers with numerous years in the trenches.

Until the last days of May, there were videos of two collaborators I did not recognize. One of those two guys shows up only once. The one with several clips shows the only fans tag @hungtoplay but disappears after May 2022. As soon as June, the number and diversity of his collaborators jump up.

My favorite fucks

We got to know him through his joining The Cooperative and VoyR. All those collaborations with Rhyheim Shabazz‘s troupe are for you to enjoy in Gael’s OnlyFans.

However, we will not focus on those creations. This blogger assumes that if you are reading this post, you are subscribed to Rhyheim’s OnlyFans. Just know that all those Viagras for the eyes are there.

Besides his work with the Neo-Vanilla King, Gael has collaborated with many Brazilian stars. Sometimes, these collaborations worked as casting trials before his partners joined The Cooperative Club. In this post, we will highlight some of these hotties, hoping to see more of them.

For instance, we can enjoy this video with Guto Abravanel and Gustavo Muller. They created it in August 2022, and I think Guto and Gustavo joined The Cooperative/Voyr last March. I say “I think” because too many adult entertainers are joining Rhyheim in Brazil, and I cannot catch up.

Has Javi worked with The Cooperative already? We are unsure. If he has not, we cannot wait to see him joining Shabazz and Alternativa‘s porn crew.

Can you believe that Rico Marlon has not yet filmed with The Cooperative? We saw a collaboration with Big Bro back in Shabazz Beta Times, but nothing else since then. Well, Gael’s OnlyFans brought him back to our attention.

I am confident Rhyheim and Alternativa have noticed Henry Ebano, a talented adult entertainer in Rio. We have seen his work for Brazilian studios and cannot wait to enjoy his beauty and talent in a Voyr production.

Besides Voyr’s orgies, there are not many in Gael’s OnlyFans. In this group, we recognize the Fallen Angel. We had also seen Victor Oliveira before in TimTales and celebrated him among our favorite newcomers in 2022. I would love a couple of hours alone with him.

Another face we recognized in Gael’s OnlyFans was Jerri Gomes‘. We had already jerked off at his many performances for Brazilian studios and independent creators before learning of his collaboration with Gael. Jerri was also included in my celebration of 2022 new talent.

What a pleasant surprise to find this collaboration in Gael’s OnlyFans. Mexican Diego Platano was also introduced to us by TimTales, and we also included him in our article about the best newbies of 2022.

Diego is not the only Mexican creator in Gael’s OnlyFans. If you do not know him, let me introduce you to Alexis Uriel, El Novio de México. Gael’s performance as a top is inspiring (you know what kind of inspiration we are here looking for).

Voyr @ Gael’s OnlyFans

As we said before, besides his independent creations, Gael’s OnlyFans is full of materials from his work with Voyr. The clip above is just one example.

Gael is not just another performer working with Rhyheim and Alterntiva. At this moment, these three adult artists are something like Voyr’s Holy Trinity. Big Bro is the Father, Gael is the Son, and Jotapê the Holy Spirit. Their brains, hearts, and other organs working together make possible the premium porn eruption exploding on our screens.

Join Gael’s OnlyFans

Do you miss my bullet points? Not anymore. Here you have a few reasons why you should join Gael’s OnlyFans:

  • It is only U$S 9.50 monthly, and you have bundle discounts: 22.80 for three months (20% discount) and 39.90 for six months (30% off)
  • Gael is a prolific and talented creator. You will gain access to some of the best independent porn available in the market.
  • Gael is part of the leadership team commanding Voyr (Rhyheim+Alternativa+Gael). If you are a Voyr fan, you must be a subscriber.
  • You would be supporting a multitalented artist on his way to becoming an international staple.

This article was about his OnlyFans. Soon, I hope to be able to share more information about him. Believe it or not, what I find the most interesting is not what Gael shows on the screens but what we do not see at simple sight. This blogger will soon be landing in Rio. Hopefully, we will be able to chat.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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