Andy & Sandriias released a new collaboration that blew my mind. I liked both Creators, but this new scene has boosted my respect to a much higher level.

Andy & Sandriias

Andy & sandriias smiling

Andy & Sandriias may not need an introduction if you read our blog. However, we have to consider our new readers. Allow me a few words about these two Brazilian talents.

Andy has collaborated with Rhyheim Shabazz and The Cooperative for a few years. Out of the Brazilian wing of the creative collective, he is probably the artist who has worked with the group for the longest. His Twitter account started in 2018, shows a solid following of 790K. He is a popular OnlyFans creator with a career almost exclusively as a top. The only performances where he bottomed that I know are a collaboration with Big Bro a few months ago and one with Gael that is being released more or less when I write this report.

Sandriias has a considerably shorter career in Adult Entertainment. Before starting his work as a porn creator, he flashed his charm through Instagram, beginning in 2020 when he was 19 years old. His OnlyFans started in 2021, slightly before his porn career in Brazilian studios. Sandriias opened his Twitter in April 2022 and currently has 93K followers. He performed for local studios as a top and, in his OnlyFans, showed a few flashes of his bottoming talents until he debuted with VoyR. His bottoming performances for Rhyheim Shabazz’s new studio have left us speechless and craving something else to put in our mouths, as we did not have words. 

These two hotties collaborated independently and delivered the best porn performance of July 2023. 

Essentialistic Porn

Andy & sandriias

We like Andy & Sandriias for its brave concept and, of course, the impressive performing talent. According to my sources, most of the credit for the creative direction goes to Andy. The scene’s concept was his, and Pedro (Souvoraz) advised on the camera’s design.

I said the concept is brave because of its simplicity. The scene starts In Media Res, without any noticeable staging, without distracting lights, with still cameras and wide frames. There are no close-ups of genitalia, a concept that gives all protagonism to Sandriias’ facial expressions.

The concept speaks highly of Andy’s understanding of porn language and his trust in his and his partner performing skills. There are two still cameras, without zooming in and out, one filming from a side and the other from above. 

Although porn is artificial, we forget we are not witnessing a private moment. There is no narrative, but our imagination is led to believe that these are two friends or a passionate couple whose privacy is violated by the indiscrete cameras breaking into an intimate moment.

This trick is not perfect during the entire video, and we will address its flaws in a minute. However, any break in the magic is immediately healed by the power of the performances. 

Andy & Sandriias Power

Andy & Sandriias backstage
When you watch Andy & Sandriias, it is hard to imagine what is happening backstage, just centimeters away from the performers. Click on the gif to watch the entire clip.

While this blogger deeply enjoyed the 20 minutes of Andy & Sandriias, the magic was broken only a few times. By ” breaking the magic,” I refer to those moments when I was reminded that I was not spying on a private interaction but watching a staged scene.

This happened once, right after Andy attempted to penetrate his partner for the first time. At that moment, Sandriias gets distracted, disconnects from Andy, and connects with the backstage for just a second. 

Then, on a couple of occasions, we can see the shadow of someone not in the scene on the back wall. Besides these very few moments, the intimate connection between the two lovers is so intense that we forget we are watching porn.

This intimate connection is deep and an eloquent example of what we understand good sex is. Sandriias deserves a Porn Oscar for his performance. His facial expression and every chiseled muscle in his body speak of lust and an uninhibited thirst for his lover. It is this intensity and realness that drive our imagination away from artificiality. 

On the other corner, Andy deserves a Porn Oscar for his creative direction. Far from building a script to highlight his beauty and skills, his concept puts Sandriias and his expressiveness at the scene’s core. 

Great Porn & Great Sex

Andy & Sandriias

When we first click on Andy & Sandriias, we arrive when the action is started. If I had not known it was a planned collaboration, I would have thought these two porn star friends were hanging out and decided to improvise the scene. The performers are making out, dressed in casual shorts. They are not”dressed to perform.” If I had not known who they were, I might have thought the camera surprised a passionate couple in their living room, as the entire clip is strikingly romantic.

There is no visible stage. There is no bed. Perhaps some floral arrangements insinuate artificiality, but they are a tiny background detail. The connection between the two performers is intense enough to monopolize our attention. They kiss passionately and will continue kissing even when they drop their shorts. Andy & Sandriias do not move to oral sex until 3 minutes into the action. Three minutes in porn could be an eternity, but I longed for even more”foreplay.”

After taking turns giving each other head, Andy starts going in. There is no zooming in and out. There is no closing up on any body parts. The two lovers never become a dick or an ass. Their interaction is never reduced to a big cock digging a hole. The scene is always about two whole men wanting and pleasing each other with no inhibitions. Andy & Sandriias are never objectified by the camera and never become an object for each other.

There is no submission or domination but two equal men locking eyes and uninhibitedly releasing their mutual lust. There is no smacking. There is no handling or manipulation. Andy & Sandriias’ bodies expressively intertwine in a passionate, fully consensual dance.

There is no acrobatics or posing for the audience. As a matter of fact, in several moments, the audience will find their view obstructed. It truly feels like the two lovers are not performing for us but engaged in an intimate interaction.

Sandriias is a revelation.

Andy & Sandriias

Our fondness for Sandriias is not a secret. I am glad to learn that I am not the only one who notices his exceptionalism. Andy also did. His simple and courageous concept is successful because of his partner’s shining charism.

Andy’s confidence and humility are impressive. The way cameras are set gives Sandriias most of the protagonism. Without his facial expressiveness, without the eloquence of each of his chiseled muscles responding to Andy’s touch, and longing for and welcoming Andy inside, this would be just another good sample of porn.

However, it is an exceptional work of adult eroticism. Porn imagery is saturated with genitalia close-ups, fetishism, abusive sexual practices, special effects, over-staging, stereotypical plots, objectification, and acrobatics. Andy’s bet for simplicity, and his courageous and generous confidence in Sandriias, make this collaboration exceptional.

The quality of Sandriias’ talent for the screen is, at this point, unquestionable. He can ignore everything going around and focus on his partner. His lust is transparent to the camera lens and, therefore, contagious to the audience. His relationship with the camera is spotless.

Although Sandriias’ glowing takes over the screen, let’s not forget Andy’s performing talent. We complimented his concept and his creative talent. Let’s now remember that his skillful touch turns his lover on. It is his mastery as a top that drives Sandriias into ecstasy.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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