Palm Springs, the gay friendly city settled in the Californian desert, hosts an annual event unique in our subculture. This blogger attended the events this year. You can expect several posts reporting on them.

The Palm Springs annual event

The tradition was started many years ago, when there was only one Internet forum discussion about escorts. Unfortunately, that original community was split in two because of differences between some of the members. Today we have two major discussion forums in the USA: M4M forums and

M4M forums, the most popular out of both websites, took over the gathering. However, the spirit is still open and participants of both virtual communities are invited to attend. I may be wrong, but there is no other event of such magnitud where escorts and clients have the opportunity to mingle and fraternize. And to fuck, of course.

The week end has changed throughout the years, and it is still changing. In 2018 it consisted of three major events: a dinner on Saturday night, a pool party on Sunday afternoon, and an after pool party dinner on Sunday night. This year participants were about 40, counting both clients and providers.

This blogger arrived to Palm Springs last Friday, and participated in two of the three events. Starting with the post you are reading right now, you can expect a series reporting the experience.

Arriving to Palm Springs

Palm SpringsI was excited. The dessert, the mountains, the architecture, the absolutely friendly and relaxed people charmed me from the airport to the Canyon Club reception.

The airport design, with the dried mountains as background, seems staged for the next Star Wars desert planet. The crowd around was very slow ad relaxed. A couple of Palm Springs police officers were friendly joking with a group of teenagers. The guy managing the taxi stop was flamboyant and funny. I usually do not like when the drivers try to give you conversation, but the taxi driver would ask me questions in such a natural non invasive way, that I enjoyed talking to him

Then I arrived to Canyon Club. The friends in the M4M forums had warned me that I should not expect the Hyatt. The reception did disappointed me, it looked pretty much like a grandma and grandpa shop. Still I loved the demeanor of the clerk who checked me in. When I asked him for a weed dispensary at walking distance, he went out of his way to recommend me one. I think he was stone.

He gave me the keys, noticed that I am memory challenged and wrote down the room number in a paper, and sent me in. And then, I waked into the pool area.

The Canyon Club

Palm SpringsThe place has a very simple design. A swimming pool and a jacuzzi surrounded by rooms some of them in a second floor. Of course the more expensive and better rooms are the ones with the best view of the pool, the stage where a lot of the action takes place. There is also a back garden with fountains and a maze where the guests can cruise and play.

I walked in and the first thing I saw is two guys French kissing in a pool surrounded by naked men of all sizes and ages. This was my first time in a clothing optional, totally gay hotel, and somewhat that first image far from stimulating me, triggered all my shyness and social phobia. I know, I do not need counseling, I need a multidisciplinary team of counselors.

I knew that some of the friends from the forums that were attending the events would probably be hanging out around the pool. Instead of going to the pool and looking after them, which is what any psychologically balanced person would do, I ran into my room. I had payed for the cheapest one, and it was lost in the back, one of the very few ones without a view of the pool. I took a shower and again just walked fast by the pool avoiding to make eye contact with anyone. What a sick bitch I am. I needed to do some shopping.

A painful walk

I loved Palm Springs. Very few buildings have a second floor, and beautiful mountains frame most views. The streets are all wide avenues and there are huge parking lots everywhere. My objective was to walk from the hotel to the weed dispensary. According to Google Maps, a 35 minutes walk.

It was noon, I forgot the hat I had purposely bought to avoid this very problem, and the sun was frying my sexy bold. Fortunately, the temperature was nice and only the top of my head seemed to be suffering. The problem was something else. I had made a mistake.

In order to pack light, instead of bringing sandals I brought flip flops. They are not made for long walks. Or I am not made for long walks on them, which is the same. After 15 minutes it became really uncomfortable and my feet’s skin was peeling in several places. The rest of the walk was painful despite the beautiful landscape, and arrived to the place sweating.

The dispensary

I had been longing for walking into a legal marihuana dispensary. I fantasized with talking with the sellers about the different qualities of each brand, trying some edibles, maybe a poof. Unfortunately I was in pain and wanted to go back to home base.

Palm SpringsThe shop is hidden in an alley in a side street. It is a big one story kind of wholesale store building, just red bricks and not many windows. The entrance is cheered up with colorful decorations, but ain’t pretty.

You walk in and you are directed to a desk where they check and record your ID. They assigned me a seller to advice me, I think only because it was my first time. He was very nice and kind of cute, but I was in pain with every single step. Instead of the long conversation I used to fantasize with, I just asked him for his best edibles with an out-lifting effect, specially for sex.

I did not even fully enjoy to look at the shelves of all kinds of edibles, and the jars with dozens of brands of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids. I just took his recommendations, paid with cash because they do not accept credit cards, and rushed for an Uber.

Back to the Canyon Club.

Palm SpringsBack to the hotel I rushed again by the pool side avoiding eye contact and locked into my room. I had bought some snacks and wanted to try the edibles. But my body was asking for a nap, after the walk and because of the jet lag. I decided to try the edibles and take a nap, to wake up already high.

The seller advised me to be careful. One of the edibles were gummies with 100mg of THC. The package had warnings about trying first just a little bit to check the effect and to not go for the whole chewable candy. I am a big pothead and consume artisanal edibles often in DC. However, I have no idea what is the amount of THC I am smoking and eating.  Despite my ignorance, I assumed the warning was not for me.

So I ate the whole thing with the 100mg of THC, and laid down for my nap.

First meeting with the Palm Springs crew

Palm SpringsI am not sure for how long I slept, but I woke up when Victor Powers texted me. Victor is one of the friends attending the events and we had a date the following day. He was hanging out by the pool. It was the perfect excuse to overcome my social phobia and join the rest of humanity.

After washing my face, I dared to walk out of my hide. Victor and the group of friends from the forums where mingling by the pool. I knew a couple of them from the DC gatherings, and seeing them there was comforting. I had the honor to meet the legendary Daddy and put some faces in other avatars, and sat with everyone around a table. And then it hit me.

I was high up to the extent of total stupidity. My shyness and too much THC made a not very good coctel. There was always more than one conversation going on and I did not know which one to follow and would get lost all the time. Victor was seating next to me, I had a date with him the next day, we had never met before, but we were in front of everyone and I did not know what the protocol was. I was acting like a high schooler who wants to keep his adventures secret.

Meanwhile, things were going on around. Back in the pool a guy was getting head, and then three guys started to play in the jacuzzi. A Black beauty would walk by completely naked, catching me by surprise every time, I had no idea where he was coming from. And I wanted to focus on the conversations. Good luck with that.

Finally our group started to disband for diner and night fun. I was too stone to go out, and stayed at the hotel. Back in my room, I find the Black beauty in Adam4adam, he was an escort. I contacted him but he was not into kissing. Disappointed, I felt asleep.

Just the beginning of  the Palm Springs week end

Do not be yourself disappointed. This is just the first day, which does not include any events. I am an extremely shy person when I do not know the people I am with. In retrospective, I know now that this first not so successful day was necessary for my overall enjoying of the week end.

Palm Springs is just starting, the real adventures begin tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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