Lonso Leone’s OnlyFans shows a production quality unusual in independent porn. Additionally, you can use it for window shopping if you are planning on visiting Buenos Aires.

Another attraction in Buenos Aires

Indeed, Buenos Aires has always been a wonderful destination for fun and adventure. Then, the Venezuelan diaspora chose it as one of their favorite cities in the subcontinent, and it became even better. When the Venezuelan wave, Lonso arrived.

This blogger has been following this Caribbean beauty since 2019. When I was visiting the Argentine capital last June, I saw him walking around Palermo. If you think his face looks beautiful on your screens, you should see him in real life. I am not exaggerating when I say that he was shinning under the Porteño morning sun.

For a second, I considered talking to him. However, he had already ignored me in Grindr, and, back then, he was not advertising as an escort. Even if he were advertising escort services, I would have probably passed. Although there are a few testimonies of him performing as a bottom, Lonso seems to prefer topping and being in control.

I did not make a move, but perhaps you should. After I left the city, Lonso started to advertise in Soy Tuyo. Lucky you. However, this post is not about his escort services, but about Lonso Leone’s OnlyFans.

Lonso Leone’s OnlyFans

Lonso Leone's onlyfans revoleando la pija

Lonso Leone’s OnlyFans has been probably the first gay porn fan page from Buenos Aires to gain considerable popularity. His first post is dated April of 2019. We had actually noticed him earlier than that. In September 2018, Lonso had opened his Twitter account. That is where we first saw him.

Writing this report presented me with a few challenges. The first one was choosing a headline. Although I have always known him as Lonso Leone, his OnlyFans is named “Luis Alfonso”. I went with the traditional “Lonso”. Not only because I was used to it, but also because other locals seem to know him as such. When I met Tomy, who is one of his collaborators, he would refer to him as Lonso.

The second challenge was making a decision. Should I recommend joining Lonso Leone’s OnlyFans? Indeed, the boy is a match for my eyes. Nevertheless, appearance is often tricky.

When I am writing this report, the video blog counts 357 photographs and 210 videos. Indeed, it is a prolific production. Let’s take a closer look.

The Pros

Let’s start with Lonso Leone’s OnlyFans strong points. There are many.

Lonso’s face is extraordinarily attractive. If I had never seen him in the street, I would think he is exceptionally photogenic and would be wrong. The beauty of his face is striking, much more than what we see on the screen. He has a solid, naturally athletic body and a beautiful big dick. We are not going to stay long here, as we think it is obvious.

Not only he is beautiful. Besides, he is talented in the sack and a popular lover amongst independent porn creators in Buenos Aires. If you join his OnlyFans you will see why. Lonso is a good kisser and can keep a nice boner for a long fuck. Indeed, this blogger enjoys to witness his bottoming partners’ pleasure even more than watching Lonso.

To make it even better, his beauty and talent are documented with premium quality. Unlike most independent creations, Lonso Leone’s Onlyfans has a lot of videos professionally filmed and edited. Certainly, the boy is taking advantage of the local video-making know-how (Buenos Aires is a hub for artistic talent).

Additionally, you can use Lonso Leone’s OnlyFans as a sampler. If you like what you see, you can buy (or in this case, you can rent). He is now advertising his escorting services on the most popular local escorts website. Often, his collaborators also are available.

Finally, look at the price. There is a current promotion that gives you 30 days access for 5 bucks. If you want to renew, the price after that first month goes up to only 10 bucks.

The cons

There is only one con in Lonso Leone’s OnlyFans. Unfortunately, it would be a big one for many.

Although the number of videos and pictures is high, and the membership fee is low, if you want to gain access to the best materials you will have to pay more.

Lonso follows a business model that has become mainstream amongst independent creators. Your fee gives you unlimited access to pictures and video previews or very short clips. The overwhelming majority of the more than 200 videos fully available do not last more than one minute. There is one clip that lasts more than 7 minutes and another few above two minutes.

Now and then, through a private message, you receive a full movie. However, most of the messages are an extended preview for a movie that includes the price you have to pay (besides your membership) if you want access to the whole thing. Right now, in my inbox, I have several offers. The prices for individual movies seem to vary between 5 and 20 bucks.

Should you join Lonso Leone’s OnlyFans?

If you are planning to visit Buenos Aires and to try local sex workers, the answer is definitely YES. Lonso Leone’s OnlyFans would provide you with an entertaining travel prep activity, especially if you are obsessive. Look whether or not Lonso’s collaborators in his OnlyFans are also publishing in local escorting outlets like Soy Tuyo and Onyce. Window shopping at its best.

If you are not planning to visit, the answer is more complicated. I would say yes, as long as the price is only 5 bucks. But for 10 bucks, I have options like Rhyheim’s and EyeFilmz‘, both the best current independent porn creators, who publish full movies and do not ask for money beyond the basic membership.

However, you may find it worthy if you are already paying for extra movies in other accounts you follow. Bottom line, everyone should join now and take advantage of the 5 bucks offer. You can make your decision later, when it is time to renew.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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