Rentmen DC 2022 does not look different than five years ago. If you share my preferences, take a read and check some of the hot men available in the District.

Time has not passed

After two years of not visiting the site, I expected to find some differences in Rentmen DC 2022. However, you notice none at first sight. Furthermore, it looks almost the same as five years ago.

You have to pay much closer attention to notice the changes. Nowadays, in Rentmen DC, there are more advertisers. The amount of travelers with no reviews is also higher. The Reviews policy has also changed: now, to submit one, you must be a subscriber. Of course, COVID and vaccination status are now visible.

The offer is massive and diverse. After all these years and a pandemic, competition like Friendboy and Mintboys seems to have no effects on Rentmen’s virtual monopoly.

The most noticeable change is Rentmen Beta. In this upgrade, pictures are bigger and more attractive. Overall, the design seems more visually appealing. You can see a screenshot illustrating this section. Be aware my web surfing is always from a laptop or a desktop.

If you go to each profile, not only do the pictures take a more prominent place than in the older version. Besides, most of the critical information appears on one single screen. You do not need to scroll down throughout a long list. You will see the screenshots below.

This blogger will not assess whether or not the improvements go beyond the design. As we are not planning to hire in the USA, we will not use the website.


Although I have not hired an escort in the USA in more than two years, people keep asking me for recommendations. Those sending me emails and PMs in Gayguides and the M4M Forums have inspired this post.

These are not reviews. I was glad to find a few guys I hired several years ago. However, I have no references for most of the professionals currently publishing. Therefore, do not take the following list as recommendations but only as highlights.

If I were hiring today, I would try some of the guys I am about to show you. If you have been reading us, you may find that these highlights will inspire you to make a call.


LongDKayden for Rentmen DC 2022

LongDKayden was the first professional I saw in Rentmen DC. You will not believe me, but it was his big smile that hooked me. He has five stars out of 13 reviews, which is not bad.


Dante_M Rentmen DC 2022

Danthe_M is one of many hot visitors in Rentmen DC. Unlike others, he has 15 five stars reviews. I would give him a call and ask for a videoconference to verify his hotness.

Shane Monroe

Shane Monroe

Shane Monroe looks very tempting. He is only top, but there are many things besides penetration that you can do with a beautiful man like him. If he is real, of course. Do not forget that I am just highlighting and not recommending. Shane opened his profile three months ago and already has nine reviews, but not a perfect score. If I were considering hiring him, I would investigate him a little bit more. He is shorter than I am, which makes him very tempting. Perhaps, he may be the most tempting escort currently in Rentmen DC.



With 61 reviews and a perfect score, Eliat is another tempting visitor. And look at his height! These are the kind of visitors you can go for with more confidence. Rentmen DC 2022 is full of travelers with no references at all.

The Majik Touch, someone I still know in Rentmen DC 2022

Majik Touch Rentmen DC 2022

There are still a few known faces in Rentmen DC 2022. Majik Touch was one of the last professionals this blogger hired. The reason why there is no review of our meeting is that it was not entirely satisfactory. However, it was very promising despite a few flaws. We had a conversation afterward, and I am confident he would have adjusted his performance given a second chance. Unfortunately, we stopped hiring. I would call him today without second thoughts, he is hot, and his price was very competitive.

Playboy Prince, a classic Rentmen DC

playboy prince

Although I have never met Playboy Prince, I only heard good things about him. (Un)Secretly, I wish he was shorter than he declares in his profile. I even remember considering him to hire before the pandemic. Indeed, he is a Rentmen DC classic at this point.

Latino Muse, another Rentmen DC classic

latino muse

Latino Muse is another Rentmen DC classic. His score is almost perfect but not spotless in his Rentmen reviews. However, I have only heard good things about him, and he has been in the DMV for a few years now. If I were hiring, I would give him a call.

Alejandro Paisita

Alejandro paisita Rentmen DC 2022

Alejandro is one of several Colombians in Rentmen DC. Being Paisita part of his fantasy name, he is probable from Medellin. His profile states that he has recently arrived, but it is not clear whether or not he is residing in the area. If you like him, hurry up to contact him. Alejandro may be leaving soon. He would be indeed a nice treat in preparation for my incoming Spring Break trip.

Antonio Esber

Antonio esber

Antonio Esber is another Latino in our Rentmen DC selection. This blogger loves fucking goofy mountains of muscle, and Antonio looks hot and goofy.

Dicky Von James, a known dick in Rentmen DC

dicky von James Rentmen DC 2022

James is adorable. We met a few times several years ago. He had a full-time job back then, and escorting was an extra income. Since then, he has entirely devoted himself to adult entertainment. Besides his never-stopping escorting career, James has become a celebrity in the independent porn circuit. Did I say before that these were not recommendations but only highlights? Well, I recommend James. I strongly recommend him if you like tireless tops who get hard at first contact and can bang you hard all night long.

More Rentmen DC classics: Jacesron


Jacesron is another Rentmen DC classic. If I were not poor, I would have hired him a long time ago. According to what I have heard, he would not be perfect. However, that ass deserves a try.

Kemon Jordan, a known ass in Rentmen DC

kemon Jordan Rentmen DC 2022

My field trip to Rentmen DC 2022 took me to another familiar face. I met Kemon Jordan a few times, a few years ago. Friends who have hired him have not always been satisfied. However, Kemon always left me happy, exhausted and feeling like Rhyheim Shabazz. I would call him with no hesitation.



Marcus will be in Rentmen DC, only for a couple of days. His profile is three months old and has six reviews with a perfect score. It looks promising. Additionally, although his profile presents him as a top, I have the feeling that he may be more flexible. If you are hiring, you should call him before he leaves.


Casey Rentmen DC 2022

Casey is another Rentmen DC classic. I remember him much younger and never making it to the top of my shopping list. However, these few years have set him very well. He looks considerably hotter now.



We are in trouble here. Alex looks too good to be true, and so good that you cannot just skip him. His profile is two years old but has only three reviews. Indeed, it is very tempting but requires further investigation.

King Paul

king Paul Rentmen DC

King Paul’s profile in Rentmen DC has only two months old and only one review. However, I do not care. I only want him to French-kissing and cuddling for a couple of hours.

RENTMEN DC 2022 is massive

how to eat ass Kemon Jordan tattoo
Pstar Kemon Jordan’s famous tattooed right cheek. Despite the message, the boy was very generous with his time.

You may think that this list is too long to be a selection. Think twice. There are 179 profiles in Rentmen DC today. Such a number we would not reach not even on special gay week ends. Therefore, this is a very short selection.

I always make this remark. Do not forget, this is MY selection. I forgot to point to one more difference I noticed between Rentmen a few years ago and now. Rentmen DC 2022 is noticeably more diverse. You will find all kinds of men to pick from. My choices are considerably narrower than the offer.

Almost closing, I want to remind you that these are highlights and not recommendations. Even in the few cases I do recommend, my experiences may be outdated. Always do your proper research. Always:

Writing this post has made me nostalgic, horny, and tempted to spend on a USA escort. I must resists and save! Medellin is waiting for me!

Stay tuned!

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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