Fran is my best discovering this year (so far) in Buenos Aires’ taxi boys market. When I saw him the first time I thought he was too good to be true. Fortunately, I was wrong.

The “chonguito” from Latin Leche

Fran wearing I LIKE PINGA t-shirt
Do you notice the joy in Fran’s face in all these pictures? The same joy he shared during sex. Soon, the full set of pictures will be posted in our JustFor.Fans page.

“Chongos” are one of the most popular members of Buenos Aires’ gay fauna. They are very masculine, next door boy kind of guys, and of course “heterosexual”, or men who only have sex with other men as tops. Their language is far away from the standard, and full of slang and localisms. A “chongo” can be more or less educated, but always speaks without pretensions or snobbism. 

When I saw Fran for the first time, I though he was my dreamed “chongo”. He was performing in one of the G4P videos by LatinLeche. Of course, we all know that the models there are not G4P, just the porn narrative. However, Fran’s mannerisms and speaking would make you doubt. He would not trigger anyone’s gaydar.

Fran’s character in the first clip I saw (he then recorded more), reluctantly accepts an offer to jerk off in front of the camera. Following the classic structure of this porn sub gender, he keeps accepting going further and further in exchange of more money. From masturbating in front of the camera, he moves to sucking dick, and finally to bottoming, finding out he likes it.

Not only he is naturally manly, with no flaws or overacting, but also beautiful. Relatively short, well shaped with a soccer player physic, armed with a demolishing sexy smile in his thin, always wet lips, Fran is a smoking hot specimen of a species that abounds in Buenos Aires. Racially he could be Italian from the South, or Greek, any Mediterranean mix, light skinned and smooth.

Fran escorts in Buenos Aires

från smiling and showing his ass

Imagine my surprise when I found his ad in Internet. A few weeks before I started my trip to the Real South, while researching offerings in the Argentine capital, I step into his profile in Onyce. Later on I would learn he also is advertising in SoyTuyo. At the sight of his ad I started to bounce against the walls out of excitement.

Once in Buenos Aires, he was the first new guy I contacted. Of course, I had to meet beautiful Carlos Aleman first, but Fran was Number One in my list of new offerings to try.

I did not need to ask many questions, as my decision was made even before talking to him. When I contacted him, my message would just ask whether he was available the following day, after expressing my admiration for his porn work.

Fran responded immediately, saying that he was available and including a message he obviously keeps pre-written in his records for those who contact him. This message describes what he does (versatile, fore playing, kissing, cuddling, no inhibitions, only outcalls) and his hourly fee. Right now his fee is $AR 2,500, but do not forget that inflation in Argentina is rampant and prices extremely unstable. 

He is taking classes in a local college, so we needed some back and forth to agree on a suitable time. It was very quick, tough.

Fucking with Fran

Fran kissing against the mirror

On the day of our appointment, Fran kept me posted on his progress and was very punctual. When I opened my door, there was not disappointment. Indeed, he was exactly that “chonguito” I had been fantasizing with for months now. His demeanor was warm and friendly, he made me feel like he was happy to meet me and comfortable around me.

I offered him a joint and a drink, he only accepted a glass of water, saying that perhaps he would smoke afterwards. Soon we were kissing.

Fran is a talented kisser, and I felt his boner going up in a few seconds. Mine followed immediately, helped by his hands checking my bulge. Later on he shared his fondness for kissing, unnecessarily. Clearly, I was able to feel how much he was enjoying our fore playing.

Better than his porn performances

Fran showing his dick

After a passionate session of kissing and cuddling, we started stripping each other with no rush, making a pause to continue kissing, and licking, and sucking, every time a piece of clothing was off. He was delivering exactly what he promised, and the interaction was much more engaged and passionate than his performances for video.

His ass is perfectly hairless and smooth. Eating it was a pleasure, one he seemed to equally appreciate. Fran made me feel he wanted me, responding the right way to all my stimuli, and locking his eyes on mines with voracious lure. He turned to be a Power Bottom once in bed. I guess he is a Power Versatile, but I can only speak of my experience.

We did not need lube. Fran can produce abundant saliva, added to my leftovers after eating his ass, that was all we needed. He pushed me to lie down on bed, and climbed on my dick to ride it with voracity. His manly young face expression was the epitome of kinky pleasure. I cannot tell how hard I was the whole time, he is such a perfect inspiration.

After trying several positions, I exploded inside of him, and he busted a few seconds after. 

After fucking

la espalda de franco

Fran took a quick shower and I offered him a few more bills in exchange of some pictures. He loved the idea and went through the photo shot with excellent humor and disposition. You can tell, the pictures clearly captured his joy and friendly disposition.

It was late and we did not have much time to talk. I just can say that he is an adorable, educated, intelligent, and sweet young man. He delivered a premium sexual experience: not only he took care of me and was attentive to my needs, but he also demanded me to satisfy him and make the whole experience not transactional at all.

Indeed, he is being added to my list of best escorts, and inside that list. To the exclusive group of the top ones. If I was living in Buenos Aires, I would be spending a lot of time (and money) in this boy.

When I am writing this report I still have almost a full week left in Buenos Aires. I will see him again, probably in a threesome with another amazing finding I will write about later on.

Stay tuned, and do not forget to join our JustFor.Fans account. It is only 4.99 and you get access to exclusive pictures and video, as well as my goodwill to share information I am not posting here.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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