Brazilians and rhyheim

The Brazilians and Rhyheim have found each other, and it indeed looks like the perfect match. Following, enjoy another bilingual interview, English and Portuguese.

A fruitful partnership

the Brazilians and Rhyheim

As you probably know, the encounter between the Brazilians and Rhyheim has produced many hours of smoking hot porn art. If you hold a membership for Rhyheim’s fans pages you know I am not lying.

During my recent visit to Rio, I had the pleasure to interview Italo Andrade, Yuri Oberon, and Victor Carvalho. In our conversation, they shared about their experiences meeting and working with our favorite American porn star.

On Saturday, December 21st, all the video material of this and the previous interview, will be available in our JustForFans page, with no editions. You will see there a lot of stuff left out in edition for the blog, starting by my sexy voice.

Please, enjoy the selected moments of our conversation.

Meeting Rhyheim

To start, we talked about how they met Rhyheim. Let’s start with Yuri.

Fortunately, Italo does not smoke weed and was able to recall better. The first contact was not through Grindr but through Twitter, using Leon’s account:

During the clip, you heard we are talking about Bernardo, and we try to share his contact info. In case you do not know what we are talking about, Bernardo is a Rio touristic guide and cameraman. If you want to contact him, try his Twitter. He filmed the Brazilians and Rhyheim’s collaboration back in June.

Finally, we have Victor’s story. He shares it was his first porn experience, and an unexpected surprise:

With Rhyheim vs For the studios

I apologize, for technical reasons I cannot post the video here, so I am sharing it above, throughout our Twitter account. This clip is fully available for free in our JustForFans page.

This is clearly the part of the conversation that interests me the most. Our friends compare their experience working for traditional porn studios, local and international, to working with Rhyheim.

With this article we close the reports on our last trip. Of course, we still have many pictures we will continue sharing in our JustForFans page in the next coming weeks. Now, it is time for the 2019 edition of the BEST PINGAS AWARDS. Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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