Jonathan was other of the great sexual experiences I had in Rio. His home base is actually São Paulo, I was fortunate we coincided in our Carioca vacations. We can add our experience to the Reviews and to our Best Escorts catalogue.

At the sauna in Rio de Janeiro

Jonathan wearing one of I Like Pinga shirts
Jonathan after playing in my Rio Airbnb. Soon more pictures will be posted in our JustFor.Fans page.

The first time I met Jonathan was in Pointe 202, one of the gay saunas in Rio. The day I met him was actually the first time I had a sexually fulfilling experience in this scene. After trying 3 establishments in Salvador, and two in Rio, I was ready to rule this setting out of my hunting interests.

Most of the escorts working in saunas seem to be G4P. As what really arises me is the feeling of my partner freaking out in ecstasy, they were not delivering to my needs. I was disappointed and frustrated, but everything changed that day. Jonathan was actually my third programa that night.

First, I had tried a beautiful Black Baiano who kissed me until convincing me to take him to a room. But once in the room, he told me he was not actually into kissing. This blogger can enjoy sex without penetration, but deep passionate French kissing is a must. I cut the programa short, left the room in a few minutes, and made only a partial payment to the liar.

As soon as I got out of the room, I ordered a drink and sat at the bar to fume out the frustration. Everything was confirming my dislike for Brazilian saunas. But after just two sips I met Luiz. He is a Black, short, athletic Carioca. As soon as we locked eyes he came to me, introduced himself, and started kissing without much more talking. We went to a room and he gave me one of my best paid experiences ever. If he was publishing an ad I would be giving him a raving review.

When we finished, I went for another drink as he went for another programa. Most clients and garotos were leaving by then. That is when Jonathan and I locked eyes.

Jonathan in the sauna

Jonathan's dick.
This is not an optic illusion. Jonathan has a beautiful dick, always hard. He busted twice during our threesome with Luiz.

I had actually saw him before. A beautiful athletic shaped White Twink with boyish face, dark eyebrows, and bleached short hair. When I had seen him earlier I was busy with other boys or he would not look at me. Otherwise, I would have had him earlier on.

Now I was sitting in the bar area, having my drink and considering whether I should try to get another boy after Luiz’ outstanding fuck, while everyone else seemed to be packing and leaving. Jonathan showed up, fully dressed up and in his way to leave. That is when we locked eyes.

With a luminous smile he came to me, we introduced each other, and we started to kiss. His talent was evident. His shaking and moaning was inspirational. If he was acting, he deserved an Oscar. His young body felt warm and firm at my touch, he perfect stimulus to resuscitate my drained energies. I invited him with a drink, and we continued making out without talking until our drinks were dry.

We moved to the room and he did not disappoint. Jonathan delivered my second best sexual experience in a sauna after Luiz’. Perhaps it was destiny, we were given again Room 5, the same one where we fucked with Luiz.

After busting, we finally chat a little bit. Jonathan told me he was 19, even when his ad states 20. He is from São Paulo, visiting Rio for a couple of weeks in vacations. He was staying near my airbnb, in Copacabana. We exchanged numbers and committed to another meeting, this time in my place.

Best threesome ever

I had also traded numbers with Luiz. Meeting these two boys changed my attitude towards Brazilian gay saunas the very day I was ready to give up on them. I fucked with them in the same room, randomly assigned by the administration. I thought destiny was giving me clues, and so I decided I would meet these two beauties together.

The next day I called them and they loved the idea. Soon we arranged the meeting for the following day, two days after fucking in Pointe 202’s room 5.

Our White beauty arrived first, and less than 5 minutes later Luiz was buzzing at my door. Jonathan had asked me to take a shower, so Luiz and I started to warm up in the living room. The Paulista boy joined us back very quickly.

We began with a long session of passionate kissing. Both boys were excellent at it. After a while we moved to oral sex, trying every possible combination of three. In some moment I started fucking Luiz standing while we was sucking Jonathan, sitting in the couch. Here Jonathan could not control himself and busted.

However, he did not use the accident as an excuse to say his part was finished. Instead, asked for a break to smoke a cigarette and reset, before joining us back. With Luiz, we decided to move the action to the bedroom and keep playing while waiting for Jonathan, who stayed in the living room smoking his cigarette.

We move to the bedroom

Jonathan's butts
Jonathan has indeed a privileged physic.

Luiz and I did not have to wait long for Jonathan. Soon, he was bringing his White beautiful body to our bed and joining us. 

Again, we started with kissing, although this time it was not for long. Soon we were one more time trying all possible combinations for oral sex. Before I realized it, we were fucking, and I wish I was able to enjoy bottoming. That was the only combination that did not take place. Looking at the contrast of their perfect White and Black bodies was not only smoking hot, but beautiful . I should have written this report sooner, because after more than a week I have forgotten the details. 

I do remember that I decided to bust while kissing Luiz, and Jonathan fucked him when we were working that out. He busted twice, both boys performed admirably. 

It was one of the best threesomes I ever had, for sure the best one with sex workers. Usually in a for free threesome there is always someone who is left aside. Normally, in a for a fee threesome, the client is the center of the action. None of these issues took place in our meeting.

Not only no one was left aside, but also no one was the center of the action. We all were, and so no one was. I wish Luiz was publishing an ad to give him the praising review he deserves. Fortunately, Jonathan does publish, and we can share here how to contact him.

Jonathan lives in São Paulo

Jonathan's WhatsApp picture

Do not forget that, I was fortunate to meet him in Rio. However you have a better chance to meet him in Thermas Lagoa than in Pointe 202 or Club 117. Be alert, because he sometimes travels to other Brazilian cities. Jonathan is versatile and an excellent kisser and lover, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy him.

If you are in Pointe 202 when visiting Rio, ask for Luiz. He is also versatile and at least as talented and sexy as Jonathan is. If he ever publishes an ad, I will make him justice with his one praising review.

I may write some other report on my visit to Rio, but right now my location is Buenos Aires. Soon you will read some reports on a couple of local escorts that are blowing my mind.

On Tuesday I am sailing to Montevideo to interview the super sexy Will Schokolade, to have a break from escorts and a taste of the local porn stars. I am also talking to the amazing Kendro Leandro, we are planning an interview this coming week.

Stay tuned, I have 10 more days of Buenos Aires! Do not forget to join (it is inly 4.99) our JustFor.Fans page, exclusive pictures and video related to this trip is being posted weekly. The first delivery is the pics of the amazing Italo Andrade.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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