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By joining Pupcore’s JustForFans you would be making an excellent lock down investment. Not only you would find immediate inspiration for joyful masturbation. Besides, you may be watching the first steps of a future porn mega star. Welcome to another issue of our Porn Fans-pages series.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (MAY 25TH 2020): Pupcore is not able to post more new material in his JustForFans. Everything written in this post is still relevant about his work, but you should join his OnlyFans instead.


pupcore's justforfans

Before getting into Pupcore’s JustForFans, he may need some introduction even when we wrote about him earlier on. His porn career is very short, and you may not know him. Actually, I think the global pandemic interrupted it right in the moment when his rising was about to start.

His first porn scene was released last year. All of his production has been under Flavaworks umbrella, Pupore is right now their exclusive model. He filmed for Cocodorm, RawRods, and Mix It Up Boy. According to the profile posted in the porn studio webpage, Pupcore is bisexual and versatile.

If you know me, you know I am not really interested in his skills as a top lover. Unfortunately for me and those like me, most of Pupcore scenes have been as a top. I have only seen him bottoming in two scenes, both of them riding KashDaddyDre’s beautiful cock. I wonder whether this is just an anecdotal coincidence or something else is going on here.

Of course, when we are talking about a porn star, there is not really much to talk. Just research his work and you may see the same that my eyes see, and your dick feel the same mine does. However, allow me a little more of talking, as I really like this boy and want to share why.

His looks

pupcore's justforfans

If you join Pupcore’s JustForFans, the first thing that will strike you is his looks, obviously. Forget about gym rats pumping up their bodies, or porn queens fixing their make ups and hair cuts. I love them, but that is not what you are going to find here.

Pupcore’s beauty is raw and natural, and he does not mind showing himself with his ugliest appearance. After all, even in his ugliest days he will inspire compulsive masturbatory attacks on this blogger.

He is is spotlessly smooth, and his body has the athletic proportions of a swimmer or a runner. It looks like he has no one gram of extra fat. His skin shows every single curve and line form his muscular mass. My mouth is watering. I am not going to say a word about his dick and his bubble butts for two reasons. One, there are no words that could fairly make honor to them. Two, I want to finish writing this post without jerking off. Again.

However, believe it or not, it is not his body what drives me crazy the most. It is his face. I love his facial expressions and features, and am specially infatuated at his mouth. His meaty, lustful lips are just a provocation to endless passionate French kissing. 

Finally, there is one last detail that captivated my interest. Many people consider this a flaw. Many Black men and women get into braces to fix it, but I disagree. Pupcore has a gap in his upper incisive tooth. Framed by his sexy lips, this is one of the sexiest features inhabiting my current sexual fantasies. I want to make mine that mouth.

His talent

pupcore's justforfans

We are almost getting to Pupcore’s JustForFans, my friends. Before that, I just wanted to address the other condition to become a Porn Super Star. We know he has the looks, let’s talk a little bit about his talents.

Pupcore’s talents in the sack are evident. In his Twitter profile, he labeled himself as a “lustful sage”. Damn, he is. The boy is a talented freak, one of those who can live sex as an existential experience, lost in lust.

Not only he can dive into sex, but he can keep swimming and playing around. Look at his performances and observe how creative he is, improvising and having fun. Most performers when “acting” sex have the tendency to over act passion and solemnity, forget about laughing or doing anything unexpected during intercourse. Pupcore joyful performances are refreshing.

Perhaps our sexy hero is not the only one to compliment, and the rest of the team behind the cameras also deserves recognition. I really do not know the names behind Flavaworks, but whoever directed the Cocodorm’s scene in the laundry should be praised.

Beyond the sack

KashDaddyDre fucks Pupcore for Cocodorm

Additionally to his lustful skills, the boy can act and sing. He is also into cartoons (I think he does manga, but I am not sure) and smoking weed. Fuck, I want to marry him.

In the landscape of my masturbatory universe, Pupcore is like a porn Avatar. Instead of bending the Elements, he is a Sex Bender, mastering all the required skills to become a Mega Geisha.

Finally, his heart is in the right place. Unlike others looking desperately for money, fame, and recognition, our Sex Bender is after happiness and joy. We are not saying that he does not care about money, hell we all do living in the USA. But money is not where his north is.

You will never heard him trashing others or making negative comments about his or others’ lives and careers. In my times we used to talk about Carpe Diem. Instead, younger generations talk about YOLO. Pupcore knows he is a lustful sage, but he is still too young to understand up to what point he has grabbed the purpose of life.

Pupcore’s JustForFans Overview

pupcore's justforfans

Although this review is devoted to Pupcore’s JustForFans, he also has an account in OnlyFans. However, we learned that he posts less often there. This is my first tip. If you like this boy, forget about his OnyFans and go straight to his JustForFans.

He started his account in June of 2019 but posted very sporadically until last December. Since then, there is a remarkable change in the pattern. Pupcore now posts quite often, sometimes several times in one day. When there is a pause, it never lasts beyond 2 weeks. However the usual pattern is a daily post or a post every other day.

The offered materials are diverse. Our favorite Sex Bender shares in his JustForFans all of his scenes for Flavaworks. Besides those, there are very few videos with other performers. Most of the material is solos, in all kind of different situations, in both formats, video and pictures.

I am specially fond of his videos in public places. When he pulls out his dick in the groceries I feel aroused and entertained at the same time. However, it is hard to choose my favorite post. The video blog is full of short clips sharing intimate moments in different corners of his home, doing simple quotidian chores, like taking a bath.

In spite of just showing him working out, or bathing, or just chilling, the magic of his screen presence arouses me. But let me line up specific strengths and weaknesses.

Pupcore’s JustForFans Cons

Pupcore sucks KashDaddyDre for Cocodorm
Notice how our puppy waves his tale.
  • Pupcore’s JustForFans is relatively new and does not have as much material as other older video blogs.
  • Pupcore is very young and, although he deserves a honorary degree on Fuckology, still has much to grow as an adult entertainer and artist.
  • There are very few guest performers, beyond his partners in Flavaworks’ productions.
  • You cannot jump inside the scene and eat this sexy motherfucker.
  • You are going to run out of lube, paper towels, and tissue.

Pupcore’s JustForFans Pros

pupcore's justforfans
  • You will find plenty of exclusive videos and pictures generous shared in Pupcore’s JustForFans.
  • It is impossible not getting a hard on at his view. His middle name should be Viagra.
  • Although he is very young, he is an intuitive artists and is willing and enthusiastic about growing and learning.
  • Besides arousing you, he will lift your spirit with his positive and hedonistic message, and his lack of pretension.
  • Pupcore got an exclusive contract after just a few porn performances. I am not the only one recognizing his promising prospect, and we all would have the chance to witness his personal exploration and professional growth.
  • Our favorite Sex Bender is open minded, curious, and creative. Be ready for arousing surprises.
  • The price is very affordable. Hurry up to join before he becomes a big porn name and his price tag rockets up.

Right now, Pupcore’s JustForFans is highly recommendable only for his followers. The quality of the videos has much to improve, but our adorable model’s sexiness is perfect and generously documented. However, his audience may easily become broader if he makes just a few adjustments, like bringing more friends to our screen.

The price is right. This blogger chose the bundle for three months, for only 21 bucks. You should join now, but before you should get extra lube.

I have to stop here

You will read more about Pupcore and my fantasies about this Sex Bender. He has become one of my top guys, and is still growing on me. However, I have to stop writing now because as usual when I am thinking about him for longer than 2 seconds, I need to jerk off. Desperately.

Stay tuned though. I have been publishing less often because somehow the quarantine blocked me. Remarkably, 2 weeks ago, and after 2 months of abstinence, I fell to the temptation and hooked up.  Although I am not proud of my weakness, the fact is that now I am back to being able to write. That fuck unblocked me, and gave me strength to keep working hard on being socially responsible and maintaining physical distancing.

Please, do the same. If you fail and fell into temptation as I did, do not use it as an excuse to free your slutyness. I know it is hard, but we must try. I am sorry I sucked a dick, but now I am back to jerking off and washing my hands.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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