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With Best Exotic Dancer 2018 we are almost closing this first season of the Best Pingas Awards. We wish we were able to travel around to judge the talent in other locations, but unfortunately we only know the guys in DC.

Not a good year for exotic dancers in DC

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Indeed, all the guys I am in contact with agree on that. They all miss Rockhard DC. According to them, the only venue currently fully devoted to strippers, Secrets, is not even close to provide them with the profit they used to get from the Sundays event hosted at The House. The New Year Eve 2018 was the last time of that party.

Furthermore, we would not even consider Secrets to be a strippers or exotic dancers venue. What you can do there is just slightly better than salivating for go-go boys in a regular dance club or bar. Therefore, we did not even think of them for this category of the Best Pingas Awards. We only include places where you can touch anything you want to, and where dancers are not penalized for being too effusive to clients. Secrets is out.

The venues hosting what we consider exotic dancing are Stadium DC (Meatloaf), The DC Eagle, and Green Lantern. These last two venues host several events that include strippers. Of course, we do not pretend to know everything going on in DC. It is possible there are more places and/or events we are not aware of.

We ended with three finalists.

Our nominees for Best Exotic Dancer DC 2018

JUSTFORFANS best exotic dancer
Not only you can hire Lee as a private dancer. He is indeed one of the most obedient boy toys I ever played with. If you check our JustFor.Fans account you will see some examples.

After considering many applicants, we ended with three candidates: Inferno, Legend, and Lee.

Despite being admirers and fans of Inferno, we found that he was becoming repetitive and predictable since the last weeks of 2017. Although I searched for videos and pictures in the web, was not able to find anything really worthy to link to. Certainly it is a shame that the hypnotic power of this exotic dancer on stage is not better documented. The last time I saw him was in Meatloaf Thanksgiving, and besides predictable, I found him slightly lazy. It seems he has a very high concept of himself that is becoming an obstacle to display his magic. Inferno is still very sexy, though, his ass and his mouth look very dick friendly indeed.

Legend is still dancing in Meatloaf, Green Lantern, and in Davon Hamilton events. He is also working on relaunching his escort career, where he is known as Kavalier. He is amazing on and out of stage. Actually, he has become something like a sugar baby to me. There is nothing wrong I can tell about him. The only reason we did not pick him is because Legend was outscored by our Cherokee God, Lee.

Best Exotic Dancer DC 2018

best exotic dancer
Mix of White, Black, and Cherokee, Lee is gifted with a privileged physic

Finally, I introduce you to the winner of this Best Pingas Awards category, Lee. You can find video in a previous post, plus samples of his participation in clips for our JustFor.Fans account, in several blog posts likes this one.

Our winner has not only a privilege physic, but also an extraordinary flexibility that allows him to pose very enticingly when performing. Even more, this talented exotic dancer goes out of himself to please and tease his audience. Actually, his will to please has given him trouble even in the most liberal and permissive settings, like our old Rockhard DC.

Lee stopped dancing in public venues during the second half of 2018. However, you can enjoy his exotic dancer skills privately. He is worthy, believe me. Besides, you will be surprised at his fees if you contact him.

Closing the Best Pingas Awards 2018

best exotic dancer

With the Best Exotic Dancer Award, we are almost closing this first season of the Best Pingas Awards. We may have a few recognitions left, but perhaps this will be the last award. After all, this Sunday is the Super Bowl and I do not want to steal them their audience.

Right now it is snowing in DC, and freezing. In case I feel in the mood to go out and face the cold tonight, I will have my first strippers experience of 2019. As it is the first Friday of February, Davon Hamilton is hosting their monthly party at Green Lantern. Legend is going to be there. Although we fucked last week, I am in the mood to see him again.

Do not forget, if you have any suggestions of creative categories for the Best Pingas Awards, submit them to

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Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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