Suki male strippers shaking his butts meatloaf @stadium DC

Meatloaf Thanksgiving was another mix experience, just as Meatloaf Halloween. For better or worse, it is the best gay strippers experience in Washington DC.

Learning about Meatloaf

meatloaf flier for Friendsgiving and meatloaf thanksgiving

Meatloaf Thanksgiving was my second experience of an event that has been taking place for a couple of years.  Someone who has been attending the party for a longer period would be in far a better position to assess its identity. If you are one of those patrons, please contact me and share your input.

The information on line is confusing. Sometimes it is a biweekly event, sometimes it is monthly. Often it is inspired on the Zodiac sign of the month, but sometimes the theme is a Holliday.  Sometimes they bring porn stars to host the events, sometimes they don’t. Other than an event targeting an audience predominantly Black, with performers predominantly Black, it is hard to find other commonalities. 

I will continue attending, learning, and reporting, let’s talk about yesterday’s event.

Meatloaf Thanksgiving

Just as on Halloween weekend, Omega Entertainment offered three events this week end. Friday’s offer was a roof party in some bar, but I was just arrived from Louisville and exhausted. Then, they had a double offer on Saturday, without sex party this time.

At 5 PM Meatloaf would start at Stadium DC up to 10/11PM. No big porn star was invited this time, no particular stripper was mentioned in the advertising. After Stadium, the after party continued at The DC Eagle.

Instead of arriving early and taking advantage of the open bar and kitchen, this time I got there about 7PM. There was no line and the crowd was similar to my first time. The boys were playing the crowd, always focusing in the VIP area.

At this point I suspect the VIP tickets are just a bluff to get more money. I circulated throughout all the place and no once I was asked for any credentials. They gave me a wrist, but I was purposely keeping it not visible. 

There were less dancers than in Halloween and they were very attractive but not super porn star quality like many of the guys in October. I counted only 7: Inferno, Seduction, Gabriel, two boys from Rockhard I do not remember their names, and a Black shorty and a White guy I had never seen before. The place it too big for so few dancers.

The Action in Meatloaf Thanksgiving

This is from the new release coming from BreeditRaw, The House 2018 “Breaking the Rules”. Meatloaf brought Krave Melanin, I hope they invite someone else from that cast

This time I noticed a lot of action in the semi private booths, and without any monitoring. More evidence for my suspicions about the bluff nature of the VIP tickets.

Inferno and Gabriel were specially active taking care of a very hot couple. They were lap dancing them and taking turns with them in the booths. That couple took every single dancer, I observed. One of them was hotter than all the dancers together.

If you are a follower and remember my first report, I observed that many members of the audience were able to compete against the porn stars in stage. Last night, they would have won. 

This horny blogger was able to play with his favorite of the night. Unfortunately I could not get his name, not even when he was introduced to the later show. Let’s call him Sexy Shorty. He is a Black guy probably in his late 20s or early 30s, with a nicely shaped athletic body. His dick was huge and hard and I think he tried to make me suck it. He did a very good job teasing me, and only left me when I said thank you.

Gladly, I confirmed my first impression. There are no rules in Meatloaf, just as in the old and missed Rockhard DC. I was able to touch and grab everything I wanted, I was able to kiss and finger, and I could have even been able to suck a dick.

The show in Meatloaf Thanksgiving

Jim Graham for Meatloaf Thanksgiving

Very much missed Jim Graham, who founded Rockhard DC

I do not remember when he started, but the MC was present in the mic most of the time. Unfortunately I cannot understand one single word of his English, and no friend was there to help me up interpreting. The effect he produces with his high pitch and rhythmic talking is energizing, it works quite good with me even if the meaning is missed.

About 8:30 the show started with short performances by the second tier boys of the night, and then the Big Names were announced.

The first one was Seduction, the third male figure of the night. Bald, Black, beefy, probably in his late 30s or early 40s. I had seen him a lot in the booths. Regular stripper show: some acrobatics, getting naked, showing big hard dick, interacting with the audience. In his case, two women were chosen for the classic play with the volunteer from the audience. I understood he is not from DC, but could not get his home town.

The second figure of the night was my Sexy Shorty. He showed up dress as a slutty semi naked Viet Nam soldier, or perhaps a South American guerrillero. The boy incorporated a lot his tongue to the performance. I do not think the audience really appreciate him enough, as no one would take the part of volunteer of his show. When someone finally did it, we experienced a moment of danger. Sexy Shorty hands slide during his acrobatics and he fell from high over the audience. Fortunately he is short and light, it was crowded close to the stage, and the falling angel was caught and rescued.

Then came the first male figure of the night, Inferno. He showed up in his pimp-looking gay-cowboy outfit and delivered as he always does.

The surprise in Meatloaf Thanksgiving

Jacen Zhu for Meatloaf Thanksgiving

Perhaps Omega Entertainment should bring Jacen and support his initiative Takedown Tina

Earlier on, shortly after my arrival, a woman caught my attention. I was sitting checking up the scene when I saw this gorgeous, tall, big boobies and huge ass woman storming into the club with rolling luggage. The image was like she were arriving late to take her flight.

But she was arriving to a gay strippers club. It confused me for a second and very quickly I was back to checking the dicks in place.

Well, she turned to be Isis, the big star of the night. I did not know anything about it. Perhaps the MC announced it and I missed it, but I had not read about her in any of the communications I received from the organizers.

Her performance was fabulous. She worked that stage much harder, and with much more love, fun, enthusiasm, and talent than all the previous male dancers together. Isis has a beefy, full body with big tits and butt cheeks, and at the same time is extremely flexible and agile. Her acrobatics were the strippers equivalent to an Olympic athlete in the parallels. 

Isis got completely naked. I wonder how many members of the audience saw the first pussy of their lives after mami’s. Anyway, that audience was full of DL and bisexual brothers. They were having fun.

It was the first time I saw a female exotic dancer performing on stage. I was not close enough to see this well, but I noticed something weird. Her pussy lips were stapled together or something like that. I wonder if this is a standard for female performers. Pardon my ignorance.

Meatloaf Thanksgiving at The DC Eagle

dc eagle logo for Meatloaf ThanksgivingI left Stadium about 9:30 and went home to change and have a drink before the second act. I had only one drink at the club. Paying 16 bucks for a fancy little glass with lots of ice and a few sips of whatever you order feels like an assault to me.

This was my first time at the new location of The DC Eagle. It is a great installation, at walking distance from my place. The industrial decoration took me back to the 80s and the 90s. I will be back, specially considering the drinks at 7 bucks, like in any normal gay bar.

At the bar level the crowd was predominantly White and older. There were not many patrons here last knight.

Meatloaf Thanksgiving was taking place in the upper level, a huge dance floor with a large bar. I stayed up to 12:30 and the boys were starting to arrive. I still remember the days when I would do the same, but not anymore. Exhausted, I left and in my way out could recognize many if the faces I had seen in Stadium.

Pros and Cons of Meatloaf Thanksgiving

salvador for Meatloaf Thanksgiving

Salvador, I am coming!

Instead of the usual list of pros and cons, this time I would just share some general takes on this event, based in only two experiences.

Meatloaf is clearly deserving of a very mixed evaluation, with many things to work out. However, it is indeed the best gay male strippers event in Washington DC. The very fact that all the dancers are very attractive or above, and that you can touch with no rules other than mutual respect, put it several levels above Secrets. 

Not only it is better for the patrons, but also for the workers. My friends in the craft love Meatloaf and hate Secrets.

I definitely enjoyed Isis performance. I guess we all should get used to mixed up more the things. Mixed strippers lines ups could very well become a new and fun trend.

This is what I am planning to do the next time. Like yesterday, I will skip the open bar and kitchen and show up later. I will not pay for the VIP tickets, just the regular entrance. From a strategic location around the VIP area, I will play with two or three of my favorite ones, get phone numbers if they are hirable, and will leave before 10. I would show up earlier to reserve a chair in the VIP area only if they bring porn stars to host the event. Trap was here this week.

Last night I did not ask to Sexy Shorty because right now I am not hiring. Your slutty blogger is getting ready for his trip to Brazil and saving money.

Thanks to the god I do not believe in for Adam4Adam. 

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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