The second time we meet someone is extremely important, indeed. However, it is crucial when the date is with a male escort.

The second time can be the last one

second time with gay escort Roy Mason
We started the photo session with Roy wearing underwear. When he took it off, he was already hard and horny out of the sole situation. A great beginning for the second meeting with this outstanding male escort. More pictures in our JustFor.Fans account.

Of course if we are talking about a relationship based in mutual attraction and not in a contract, we have more chances. In that situation, taking your time to build rapport and chemistry is fun, and actually strengthens the bond.

Unlike that situation, a second time with a male escort is assessed with much higher expectations. First of all, a second date means that the first one was at least satisfactory. Therefore, you have to match that initial standard.

However, matching a first meeting is only acceptable if it was extraordinarily good. The actual expectation for a second contract is not matching but outscoring the first date.

Often, the second time I hire a male escort is the last one when that expectation is not met. Therefore, it is always thrilling when I am about to meet a guy I liked the first time.

To add to that thrill, Roy Mason is a local gay escort. Our first time had been great, and I really wanted him to become a regular. Right now, we do not have any professional residing in DC to give us a guaranteed good fuck.

A good start

second time gay escort Roy Mason

Actually, our original plan for this weekend was not hiring Roy, but Kavalier Prince. Kavalier is a hot stripper and outstanding submissive lover. However, he comes with a big flaw: unreliability. We were discussing our meeting and suddenly went silent when we were trying to set a time.

After cancelling my original plans, I called Roy. In a few hours our meeting was set on stone. I cannot exaggerate how important is reliability for me.

Clearly, it is important for any client. However, in my case the meetings with professionals are also part of business. Keeping up with this blog and our JustFor.Fans account requires to plan accordingly. Roy takes his new job very seriously, and that is a huge positive for him.

On the day of our meeting, Roy kept me posted on his progress since getting his Uber. When he walked in, the first thing I noticed was that he was not wearing his glasses from the first time. We had already joked about it after our first review was published, and of course we laughed again. He accidentally broke the ugly glasses and was now wearing contact lents. Obviously, the jokes were about subconscious’ mysterious ways.

Fortunately, Roy passed the second time test

second time gay escort Roy Mason

What things were better this time? The list is coming!

  • We were meeting about a month after our first contract, and I was able to notice improvement in his body as soon as his shirt was off. Roy continues hitting the gym and gaining volume in pecs, shoulders, and biceps.
  • Even when he is shy, he was more relaxed and confident.
  • His erection was much better, and I reassessed his dick. In my first review I described it as not big, and I was wrong.
  • In general, he was hornier and more into it. We started with a short photo session, and the sole situation gave him a hard on.
  • Once in bed, he took the initiative several times, I was not the only one making decisions. Roy proved he can be much more than the purely submissive lover he was in our first appointment.
  • Roy made me feel wanted. This priceless skill is what in my world makes a premium male escort experience.

Waiting for the next meeting

second time gay escort Roy Mason

It is indeed thrilling having as a new regular male escort such a hot young man. Not only because what we have right now is quite good, but also because it is full of promise.

Roy still has gains to make on relaxing and feeling at ease. I think part of his tension has to do with him being an athlete working on muscular volume and not flexibility and agility. Roy even has a hard time smiling, prisoner of his masculine joke social character. Of course there are things that cannot be changed, but I do think he can get better at expressing his feelings with his facial expressions and body language.

I also have gains to make. My approach can be sometimes a little raw, and I think I did make that mistake with Roy. It looks like he does enjoy submission, but in a more vanilla tone. I need to be more perceptive and respectful of this need. I would love him to be a freak like Kemon, but he cannot be what he is not.

Both of us need to work on our physical coordination. I am big and clumsy, and usually fit better in bed with smaller guys. Roy is taller than I am, with wide shoulders and muscular arms, and we struggle finding comfortable positions for penetration.

It is great to know we will have plenty of time to work on those things. Anyway, Roy Mason from DC is already added to my list of best escorts, someday I need to update that catalogue. He awakes all my teaching instincts, and that is always a big turn on.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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