Carlos Aleman is back. Indeed, 2020 is starting strong and hot. The Antarctic is melting, damn it.

One of the best I’ve met

Carlos Aleman is backbest escorts alam wernik en Buenos Aires
Carlos Aleman, a Venezuelan sex god available in Buenos Aires

We met Carlos two years ago and fell for his charm. Perhaps you want to check the report of our first meeting, followed by our second date. We were so impressed that granted him the Best Taxi Boy 2018 Award for the first edition of the Best Pingas.

We were proud to add him to our Gay Escorts Reviews and to our exclusive list of Best Gay Escorts around the world.

However, this year we did not celebrate him. Not because he did not deserve recognition but because he decided to take a vacation from being publicly available. Otherwise, he would have share the Best Taxi Boy 2019 Award with the adorable Fran.

But now Carlos Aleman is back. Actually, he returned to public offer by the end of 2019. As he is advertising again, I can share with you that we did meet last July.

Therefore, I am not recalling old memories when recommending him and insisting on you calling and trying him. The meeting was smoking hot and the experience described in my previous reviews did not diminish.

Unfortunately, Carlos was not escorting full time back then. That one meeting was the only time when our schedules coincided.

Carlos Aleman is back

Carlos Aleman is back

But that was last July. Now Carlos Aleman is back to advertising and escorting full time. If I were in Buenos Aires, I would be calling him.

Not only Buenos Aires is blessed with his skills. He travels to Santiago de Chile once and then, be alert. You should get his WhatsApp number if you reside or planning on visiting the area. I am confident that if you make the right offer, he is willing to fly to any Mercosur country. If you are in Buenos Aires, Carlos Aleman is fully available and with his own place.

You may not trust my opinion. After all, I am just one guy. In that case, I suggest you to search for his references in the local forums. Every single poster praises his beauty and his versatile talents. He is broadly admired as a top and as a bottom. They only complain about his fees. However, his fees are competitive and aligned to the rest of the Latin American market.

I have to wait until July to meet him again. Because I will meet again. Call him if you are at reach.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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