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VOYR’s website is up, running, and growing. Let’s take a look at the first steps of Rhyheim Shabazz’s groundbreaking porn hub.

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Of course, your experience with VOYR’s website will start with the conventional disclaimer for adult content. You can skip it. However, read carefully the next three paragraphs. They contain Rhyheim’s vision, and it is very carefully crafted:

Voyr.com, the brainchild of the world-renowned and multi-award-winning adult film luminary Rhyheim Shabazz, is a pioneering enclave of sensual artistry and diverse sensibilities. With a panache for unparalleled creativity, Voyr.com defies convention as it ushers in a fresh era of adult entertainment. This avant-garde platform not only showcases an influx of new, untapped talent but is also a groundbreaking foray into the realm of adult content.

What sets Voyr.com apart is its resolute commitment to innovation. It is the first of its kind, meticulously crafted studio, emerging organically from the dynamic universe of social media and fan content creation. A marriage of visual storytelling, technology, and artistic expression, Voyr.com unfolds as a revelation, where beauty and intimacy converge in unprecedented ways.

However, Voyr.com’s distinctiveness doesn’t merely stop at its innovative approach to adult content. Welcoming content creators stands as our top priority. We’ve built an inclusive and supportive ecosystem that empowers individuals to explore their artistry, express their unique perspectives, and foster their talents in a judgment-free space. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an emerging artist, Voyr.com is the canvas on which your creativity is celebrated, your voice is heard, and your artistry is embraced.


Let’s unfold his vision, in part already a reality, in part still a promise. After all, Big Bro’s baby is just born and trying his first steps.

VoyR’s website marks the latest milestone in Rhyheim Shabazz’s journey through the realm of adult content. I recall with a smile a time less than five years ago when he embarked on this venture, harboring modest expectations for his foray into the industry. His subsequent success caught even him by surprise.

VoyR took shape as a substantial endeavor a little over a year ago. Establishing his own studio emerged as the natural progression following what we’ve dubbed Shabazz 2.0. However, we won’t rehash his ascent in this post, as our primary focus lies in the realm of VoyR’s website.

We aim to emphasize the inner conflict that exists between Rhyheim’s vision and the weight of his name. On one hand, he desires to nurture emerging talents and eventually step behind the camera. On the other hand, the substantial gravitas of his brand and charisma compels him to remain at the forefront, serving as the magnetic force propelling the success of those gravitating around his stardom.

Rhyheim’s name makes a single appearance on the landing page of VoyR’s website. After asserting that the new studio is his brainchild, the narrative pivots its attention solely to VoyR.com. In due course, the studio itself will evolve into a brand. In the interim, we might affectionately refer to it as “Rhyheim’s studio.”

The challenge is twofold. Firstly, there is the unparalleled magnitude of his popularity. Secondly, there is the intricacy of his persona. I will delve deeper into this topic when discussing the content featured on VoyR.com.

Voyr's website sample

It’s worth noting that the content discussed in this section is likely to become outdated soon. VoyR’s website initially launched with a library of ten videos and has since added one more. However, by considering the previews shared on VoyRMedia and the renowned productivity of Rhyheim & Team, it’s evident that the site’s library will rapidly expand. While surprises in the content may not be expected, they are certainly hoped for.

The vision articulated on the landing page is carefully worded, emphasizing unparalleled creativity, a departure from conventions, the nurturing of new talent, and an innovative approach to adult content creation to underline the pioneering nature of the new platform. After five years of Shabazzian evolution, it’s legitimate to question where precisely VoyR’s website is breaking new ground.

Critics of Rhyheim have indeed pointed out an alleged lack of originality in his productions. They highlight specific features taken out of context and arguing their familiarity. This criticism does hold some truth. However, when contemplating Rhyheim’s body of work as a whole, his originality becomes evident. While specific elements may be traced back to other brands, creators, and studios, Rhyheim’s brand uniquely brought them all together. We initially called it “Vanilla Renaissance,” and later moved to a more precise label: “Neo Vanilla Porn.”

In Rhyheim’s Pornography, you consistently find the following features:

  1. Premium indoor and outdoor settings.
  2. A multinational, multiethnic cast.
  3. A diverse range of physical appearances.
  4. Fluidity in roles.
  5. Reduced emphasis on genitalia in favor of framing the entire picture and close-up shots of faces.
  6. Elevated significance of kissing as a key sign of intimacy among men.
  7. An expansion of widely accepted sexual practices, moving activities like rimming, cum play, orgies, and barebacking from the margins to the mainstream.
  8. A strong focus on Performers of Color.
  9. Exceptional camera work and photography.

While it’s possible to identify studios and brands that have depicted some of these features individually, the challenge lies in naming one that incorporates all of them simultaneously. This uniqueness is what has propelled Rhyheim’s rise to groundbreaking status, and we’ve only discussed his products thus far. When we consider the features of the production and creation process, the novelty becomes even more pronounced.

Our succinct answer is no. When examining the movies co-produced with Naked Sword, the continuity of their aesthetics is readily apparent in the videos released on VoyR’s website to date.

However, there remains room for optimism regarding the potential for greater creative originality. A return to VoyR’s initial stages reveals alternative possibilities. A close examination of the vision shared on the landing page yields the following statement: “We’ve established an inclusive and supportive ecosystem that empowers individuals to explore their artistry, express their unique perspectives, and nurture their talents in a non-judgmental environment.”

We highlighted above the challenge facing VoyR in establishing itself as a hub for diverse creative expressions, and how this challenge largely revolves around Rhyheim himself. The hurdle posed by the weight of his personal brand becomes evident. What did we mean by the assertion that the complexity of his persona would also be an obstacle to overcome?

Rhyheim is celebrated for his generosity and collaborative mindset, yet he retains the final say as Creative Director. While he affords ample space for others’ creativity, he effectively controls editing and staging decisions. The outcome is an aesthetically monotonous form of pornography.

For obvious reasons, I am most inclined to notice the aspects of this monotony that I find least appealing. The omnipresent white backgrounds, the profusion of flowers, and the camera’s forward-facing lights all contribute to the gliding uniform atmosphere that has come to define VoyR’s brand.

alternativa's onlyfans with VoyR crew

We recognize the value of aligning a brand closely with a distinct identity, adhering to conventional wisdom. This approach allows VoyR to establish itself as easily recognizable. However, if you aspire to create a groundbreaking hub for diverse creators and creative expressions, it may be prudent to challenge conventional norms and expectations.

Within The Cooperative, individuals like JotaPê, EyeFilmz, Pedro, and Gael possess remarkable talents as videographers and/or photographers. Through numerous informal conversations, I’ve gathered snippets of information suggesting that Andy Rodrigues and Gael may also excel as creative directors. Newer additions to the collaborative, such as Swhirly and Sandrias, undeniably bring unique creative strengths to the table, which may lead us down unforeseen and exciting paths.

When we referenced an as-yet-undelivered promise, it was not meant as a snide remark. Instead, we view VoyR’s website as an evolving work in progress. Thus far, Rhyheim Shabazz has consistently delivered on his promises and remained true to his commitments. Our aim is merely to highlight some of the challenges and areas for consideration as we move forward.

sandrias in Voyr's website

Shifting our focus from content, let’s delve into the work model and ethics. To be candid, given his partnership with mainstream Aylo, we harbored concerns about Rhyheim having to compromise his longstanding support for independent creators. Fortunately, our apprehensions were unfounded.

We’ve coined the term “The Cooperative,” to describe Rhyheim’s collaborative approach and generous support for lesser-known porn creators. VoyR’s website is indeed pioneering in this aspect, as the first mainstream gay porn studio to include contact information in models’ profiles, enabling direct outreach from the audience to their favorite stars.

The closest precedent I can recall involves studios sharing models’ email addresses with the studio’s domain. Take a glance at the illustration above – VoyR’s website shares Sandrias’ Twitter (I prefer not to mention X), Instagram, and TikTok handles.

This might appear as a minor detail, but I cannot emphasize its significance enough. Traditionally, studios aimed to monopolize and control access to their models. By concealing contact information and requiring exclusivity contracts, mainstream studios obstructed direct connections between admirers and potential employers and the models themselves.

The tip of the iceberg

Andy Rodrigues in VoyR's website

The inclusion of social media tags for each model merely scratches the surface. VoyR’s website stands as a unique and pioneering entity in its very essence.

While it’s not the inaugural instance of a top-tier gay porn star venturing into the realm of studio ownership, there are precedents worth noting. For instance, there’s a widely recognized performer hailing from Eastern Europe who embarked on a similar journey. However, he cultivated his entire career within the confines of mainstream studios. Moreover, he opted to name his studio after himself and, rather than nurturing fellow artists, became notorious for exploiting, mistreating, and exerting control over them.

Other instances come to mind, involving a handful of popular Black performers who ventured into establishing their own studios and websites. Nonetheless, they too followed suit by christening their endeavors after themselves and shaping the content around their own personas.

Perhaps the closest antecedent one can draw is Guys In Sweatpants. However, Austin Wilde‘s studio began without the grandiose vision seen in Rhyheim’s undertaking and predates the independent surge that propels VoyR’s creative machinery.

In contrast, Rhyheim fashioned his brand and network with minimal assistance from mainstream studios. During his inaugural year in the industry, he performed on 11 scenes for TimTales and one for Cockyboys. The vision on VoyR’s website landing page captures it best: “It is the first of its kind, meticulously crafted studio, emerging organically from the dynamic universe of social media and fan content creation.”

Moreover, it stands as the first of its kind where the founding star underscores the value of teamwork, collaboration, and purposefully and generously extends support to content creators.

Gael @VoyR

VoyR’s website is constructed using Aylo’s platform, boasting an easily navigable web design with a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. While still in its initial stages of development, a few potential enhancements and some minor issues have come to our attention. Let’s begin with the simpler fixes.

Given that VoyR’s website is built on a broader platform, we’ve encountered a few related glitches that are gradually dissipating. Occasionally, when clicking on the “Models” menu, users may be directed to Aylo’s complete models library instead of VoyR’s exclusive selection. This issue was more prevalent in the earlier days and has significantly improved over time.

Furthermore, there’s a sense of incompleteness evident in the three shared screenshots, representative of all similar pages. Andy’s and Sandrias’ profiles include personal information and social media contact details, whereas Gael’s remains devoid of such information.

If models are unwilling to populate the fields for DOB, place of birth, and stats, it may be advisable to remove those sections altogether. Unanswered fields may give the impression of incomplete work.

Additionally, it would be a thoughtful touch to list social media tags as clickable links, possibly accompanied by small icons representing each respective outlet. This would enhance user engagement and convenience, and would make the interface more visually attractive.

tricky voyr sign up

There are more pressing concerns that extend beyond the web design itself, primarily tied to the partnership with Aylo. Many of Rhyheim’s devoted followers harbor apprehensions that his departure from independence might lead to compromises in ethical practices that have, thus far, remained untarnished.

Take a look at the screenshot provided above. When attempting to sign up for VoyR’s website, there’s an option that, by default, enrolls you in a trial membership with Icon Male. Regrettably, this feature isn’t overtly conspicuous, and it’s all too easy for users to overlook it. This oversight could result in unintended and recurring subscription charges for content users have no interest in.

While we acknowledge that this practice is currently prevalent in the industry, it doesn’t absolve it of ethical scrutiny. The concern surrounding such practices persists, irrespective of their prevalence.

There is more.

continue to members area VoyR

This blogger is paying for a full membership. If I pay almost 30 bucks monthly, I expect an experience free of unwanted advertisement. Nevertheless, once I enter my username and password I do not go directly to the content I want. Instead, I see the screenshot above, and have to click again in “Continue to members area” to finally enter VoyR’s website. At least, you are not signed up by default to some unwanted content, as with the previous example.

Aylo consistently promotes their other brands, pushing on you previews of content that may not align with your interests. Even when you click on “STORE,” anticipating access to VoyR’s merchandise, you are redirected to Aylo’s array of porn offerings.

join VoyR's website

Should you consider joining VoyR’s website? There’s no need for hesitation; the unequivocal answer is a resounding YES. If you’re not quite prepared to commit to a full membership just yet, I urge you to, at the very least, explore the two-day trial for just one dollar.

I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of opting for a full membership. The price aligns with the standard fee demanded by most mainstream studios. However, what sets VoyR apart is its exceptional current content and the tantalizing promise of what lies ahead. With full membership, you gain the privilege to download entire movies and revel in unrestricted access to the finest gay adult content available. With a full membership, furthermore, you would be supporting a groundbreaking project that will have repercussions all over the industry.

So, fasten your seatbelt and prepare for an exhilarating journey. As we speak, Rhyheim is in Rio. Go to VoyRMedia and catch enticing previews of the scintillating content slated for release on VoyR’s website in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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