best escort 2019 third time ALLEN IN DC thinking of escorting Allen taking a shower

Allen in DC! Breaking News! Well, actually he arrived Friday but I am just trying to catch your attention.



ALLEN IN DC. Picture taken during our first meeting.

This blogger has been waiting for this event since last April, when I first met this exceptional gay escort. Allen is in my short list of best escorts and his current visit was recently announced in this post.

Our first meeting was mind blowing.There is always an extra thrill when you fantasize about your second time. How the hell could he top that performance? Most times the boys find out a way to flabbergast you again, I was just wondering which one would be Allen’s way to do it.

This time we set a two hours appointment. Our first date felt like we did not have enough from each other, I wanted to see how the interaction would be without the rush of having only one hour.  


Setting the appointment was easy and the communications to the point. I started the contact on Tuesday to set a Saturday appointment. The initial communications were slow, the boy is busy and his mailbox and voicemail are full.

However, once arrived, Allen in DC kept the contacts fluid and timely. We set the last details of our meeting on Friday afternoon. 

I texted him on Saturday at 9AM to make sure he would not oversleep. In our first date we did have that problem and had to reschedule our meeting to a little bit later than originally agreed. I was quite anxious about it, and we agreed on Friday on this “wake up” call. Allen graciously agreed, to put me at ease.

The boy was already up when I texted him, getting ready to hit the gym before coming to my place. When he was getting in his Uber to come over he texted me, and again when the ETA was 5 minutes. The last text was just “Here”.



Beautiful, insatiable Allen calling for my dick

Our treat arrived on time, just as beautiful as I remembered and his pictures show. As soon as he walked in we kissed and fondly hugged. Booking him for two hours was a great idea.

The first time we rushed through everything, and there was no way to extend the time because he had to catch a flight that had already rescheduled to meet me. Now we had more time, but we did not use it to chat.

First, we smoked some weed. We both are very fond of it, he is a connoisseur much, much more knowledgeable than myself. His vape pen was a model I had never tried before. After one hit I was ready. It was a 15 minutes intro and we started to kiss.

No rush, no jumping to 100 level from the very beginning, now we had more time. We started kissing very softly, just welcoming back each other after so many months. Slowly we were remembering, relearning how to read and how to feel each other. We tenderly kissed and cuddle for quite a while, warming up, exploring, and activating our buttons. .

It was a making out longer than usual that ended with some oral sex in the living room before moving to he bedroom. Without being rushed I had committed myself to find out what is it that the boy enjoys the most, and I think I did. 



Allen in our first meeting.

You are going to be probably disappointed. It is not something kinky. The young man thrives and gets highly aroused by deep, intense body contact. 

Since our making out session I was having clues. Every time our hugs were deeper his passion would jump up. There was a direct correlation between the skin squared inches in contact and the level of his freaking. 

We fucked long and hard, with me intentionally making my best effort to keep as much body contact as possible. He edged so, so many times.

Allen is insatiable, a very demanding lover. A very communicative one, also. I would learn immediately whether I was going too hard or too soft. He is an instrument easy to play, he lets you very clearly know when you are hitting the right keys.


This slutty old man was exhausted. I got to the point that I was breathless and my boner started to fade, and slide out of his ass. After a few failed attempts, the boy gave me a break. 

We laid in bed making out while I was recovering my energy. When I felt ready again and checked the time, we had only 20 minutes left. I asked what he wanted to do in such a short time. The boy was loving my cock, and happy my hard on was back. He wanted me to fuck him doggy style until he busted, and then would help me to cum myself. This was one of those frequent times when busting was being challenging for me.

allen in dc

Allen in DC drained me exhausted.

We fucked doggy style, while watching ourselves in the mirror, wildly and passionately until he busted. A lot. Then we laid down and the sexy beast French kissed me while I jerked off until I busted. After all the edging both of our orgasms were volcanic and very, very wet. 

We had 5 minutes left and the boy had to rush for his next appointment. Of course, we did not have time to take pictures or film anything for the blog as I would have liked. I would set the camera to film the fucks should I not have to wear a mask or some other uncomfortable disguise. Perhaps I would do it with a regular, but this was just my second time with this wonder boy and I just wanted to fuck. 

Allen in DC is a very busy worker. He left kissing me and running and kissing me again when his Uber arrived. 



Allen’s killer smile

This is where we usually address pros and cons of the experience. Well, this is going to be one of those rare occasions where I have no real cons to report.

His communications, although slow when we were several days before the meeting, became fluid when the date became closer.

He is beautiful and an expert lover. I experience his submissive side, but I have no doubts he is also an outstanding top. He is engaged, focused on pleasing you, and what I like the most, demanding from you to please him.

This mouth watering human being is a freak. Like myself, like Carlos Aleman, like all my favorite lovers, he is able to get lost himself in the sexual experience. 

All his social tics and cracks in his social mask I could perceived when conversing, disappeared once the sex started. His facial expression changed, all masks erased by ecstasy. 

He looked less boyish and more like a man, locking his eyes in mines with thirst, looking for deep and total body contact, and hitting Nirvana with raw deep penetration. What else can you ask for?



Allen’s delicious cock

I really think that my role as a reviewer is to provide a picture as balanced as possible of the experience. You do not need to tell me that I have a tendency to be hyperbolic. However, there is no exaggeration when I commented on the lack of cons to report.

Making an effort to find a weak side of this provider, I would say there is none for few hours appointments. You will be very busy to find any flaws.

But if you prefer longer contracts, I am not sure I can recommend him. We did talk about this and he shared that meetings longer than 5 hours may be a challenge for him. Allen is introverted and shy, and needs his time and his space often. Just like me.

Everything else is perfection. Allen has earned an unquestionable place in my short list of best escorts. The only reason I do no give him the pole position is because we click very well in bed but so far have not connected personally beyond the professional relationship. My boy Kevin still keeps the first place. The sex with him is outstanding but a pitch lower than with Allen, however we connect very well as friends and spend many hours together out of the clock.


Allen in DC was a sweet reminder of my visit to Gaucho Brazil, São Paulo and Porto Alegre. He is not Brazilian but does have some Brazilian blood, and the same talent for sex. The boy could be any of the hot garotos hanging out in Praça Republica.

But not only was he a reminder of the old times, when I was younger and hooking up in the streets. He also was an appetizer for my coming trip to Salvador. It is going to be my first experience in Afro Brazil, and I expect to hook up with garotos with a darker skin but similar talents. We are two months away, but I am anxious and cannot wait.

Anyway, if you happen to be in the same city than Allen, you must try him. He will leave you exhausted, happy, feeling sexy and powerful, and speechless.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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