Mintboys DC is definitely getting better. Unfortunately, my finances are not.

Mintboys DC was dry to me

MINTBOYS DC - Gay escort only top

This boy only tops. You should call him if that is the kind of gay escort you are looking for.

Until recently, I had tried the only two advertisers I would find attractive in Mintboys DC, Lee and Jaquan. I wrote several posts about Jaquan, and even more about my Cherokee Warrior, I even got them together for the only clip with two performers (not counting this sexy blogger) you can find in our JustFor.Fans account.

Besides them, there were a couple of guys that tempted me, but not enough to call them. It does frustrate me that Mintboys is not willing to motivate the posters to share more information. I do like pictures, but also appreciate basic info like stats and sexual preferences. 

For instance, I think I like this guy. But I do not know his name, how tall he is, whether he bottoms and kisses, etc. His pictures are tempting but not tempting enough to contact him, given the lack of information.

Mintboys DC is getting better

However, the last month or so, I noticed a few new ads into my target profile. The ads still suffer from lack of information, but the pictures and some details in the narratives are enough to motivate me to try to reach out. I wish I had more money.

Brando, gay escort at Mintboys DC

This gay escort is next in my Mintboys DC list. Sexy Brando.

I already started with this one. Another young man without a name or any information. But look at that picture. Damn, the boy is smoking hot. So I contacted him last week. Unfortunately he is not into bottoming. If I were you, and liked top gay escorts, I would give a call to this beauty. At least we know he is honest and is not going to sell something he is not into.

The funds I was saving for him went to the budget for my last meeting with Allen, but as soon as I have money again, I am vey tempted to try a few new guys from Mintboys DC.

Look at Brando. At least we have a name here fortunately, because we do not have much more. Nevertheless, his pictures do the magic for me. His smile, his face and his torso are almost perfection to me. He is indeed on top of my Mintboys DC To Do List. If any of you, guys, has contacted him, please hit my email and share your experience. Or do it publicly by commenting below this post at the Disqus box.

More Mintboys DC temptations 

Bisexual escort available at Mintboys DC

That is not all folks. Look at this also no-name beauty. His exotic English reminds me of mine. If we add his look, he is probably from a South American country. Apparently he is bisexual, what makes him more appealing to me. Definitely added to my Mintboys DC To Do List.

I like another guy with no name. The shades of his packet in the main picture of his profile are inspiring. Once again, I wish he shared more information. I wonder who Sharon is. I do not know that, but I do know that if I see him in that very street in his secondary picture, I jump him into the bushes.

Finally we have Jonny, thanks for a name. His picture with a finger in his lips is what made it for me. He goes to the bottom of my Mintboys DC To Do List. Sluttish tempting boy. 

As a side note, let me add that Mintboys’ improvement are being noticed in the industry. The website has been nominated in the Cybersockets and the Real Hustlaball Awards. Please, click on the links and vote. This is an elections year in the USA, after all.

Mintboys DC boys will have to wait

Jonny gay escort Mintboys DC

This is Jonny. I would love replacing that finger with my uncut Latin dick

Having so many celebrities visiting DC is draining my escorts budget. The only DC guys I am fucking with right now are for free hook ups mostly from Adam4Adam, Lee was the last local provider I hired (he is a Mintboys advertiser).

Just look at this list. Arvion from NYC was here, followed by Kavalier Prince (Legend) from Baltimore and preceded by Trap from LA. In the next few weeks we will have Krave Melanin, Steel, and Hoody Lavaye, and that is to mention only the guys I have discussed a contract with. There are even more porn stars coming over, although I have no idea whether or not they escort.

This blogger already has his VIP tickets to attend the next Meatloaf event in Stadium DC on the 27th. As the purchase was early, the cost at Eventbrite was only 20 bucks. Not only I will not need to wait in the line, but will have preferential seating to see Mustang, Suki, Krave, Legend, and company. Because of Howard University Homecoming party, it is going to be an early night, closing up at 8PM. I hope it will be better than Secrets.

They all will be leaving Stadium DC to host sex parties I do not know where, but hopefully I will catch some leftovers before they all go back to Atlanta. I am not very optimistic, to be honest, but I will try to be in the right place and moment.  

My birthday is October 31st, and I am planning to celebrate privately. I am sorry, but there are too many foreign temptations to spend my few dollars in Mintboys DC beauties. I wonder how many guys I will be adding to the catalogue of best escorts before this year is gone.

Not only that. My trip to Brazil is getting closer.

Help me please! Support us! Join our JustFor.Fans account, por favor!

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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