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This week end we had our third time with Allen, who was blessing Washington DC with his gay escort talent. Isn’t the third as important as the second time?

Allen in DC

allen third time

If you read our previous article, you were properly warned about having the opportunity to meet Allen. He stopped by DC only for two days, and he was quiet demanded, I hope you were lucky and my warning reached you on time.

Luck was with me, indeed. In a surprising turn of events, Allen ended in my bedroom last Sunday. This was our third time together.

Before going on, let’s remind you of some context, as we are having many new readers these days. This blogger is into one or two hours appointments, never longer than that. If you hire for longer periods of time the dynamics in place may play differently.

Back to my meeting with Allen. A few months ago we pointed to the importance of a second appointment. Well, a third date may be more relaxed, but it is not less important.

Of course, it is more relaxed. You already know each other and the fear for unpleasant surprises is behind. If both, client and escort, agree on a third appointment there is a good chance the rapport is good.

However, the third time is of the upmost importance. As you are more comfortable with each other, somehow there is more time for conversation. Probably it is here when we decide whether or not becoming regulars.

My third time with Allen

best escorts third time Allen

Certainly, we had to work out our schedules to meet. Allen was great, extremely flexible and communicative throughout the process. We finally found some time for meeting last Sunday night, I would be his last appointment.

Needless to say, I do not like being the last client. Every time that is possible, my meetings are around noon or in the early afternoon. Specially if we are talking about a visiting gay escort. Unfortunately, there was no other option and I had to take the risk of meeting a drained and exhausted Allen.

I was wrong. Despite coming to my place immediately after his last client and a long day, Allen was as shining as always. We smoked some weed and, as I have a room mate now, moved to my bedroom after a quick make out. Allen seemed to be horny as hell, and as willing as always despite his long day.

There is no much I can add to what I wrote before about our first and second meetings. We did not do anything new, but everything just better. To finish, he masterfully squeezed my dick with his hole and rock hard muscular butts until I busted. And then, we talked and hugged until he was ready to bust.

Allen was already in my Best Escorts list. If you are wandering, yes, Allen passed the third time test. From now on I consider him one of my regulars, and a favorite one.

Allen’s uniqueness

ALLEN third time

One of the missions of this blog is the quest to find those hot young men who are actually attracted to daddies. Allen is indeed in the podium of our top findings.

Not only his attraction for older men is real, but also intense. You can feel it in the way he lures for body contact, in how voraciously he takes you inside of him. I only know him as a bottom, but I have heard that his talents as a top are also outstanding.

I should have said that I know him as a power bottom. Allen is a willing to please lover, but far away from submissive. He is a demanding sex partner and that is one of the things I like the most of him.

Besides his skills in the sack, proved beyond any doubts after a third time, Allen has one more characteristic that makes him unique.

Because of circumstances that perhaps he will share with you some day, Allen can easily travel across the Unites States, and even around the world. Even more, he loves traveling.

If you are a multiple hours clients, Allen may be willing to go to you without charging for the flight tickets. Perhaps. Call him.

Cinco de Mayo

April closing/May opening is coming hot. Last Saturday we had our first threesome with two professionals. We produced some content of the hot encounter and I will report on it in the near future.

Right now, we are saving. This Saturday we will have an early celebration of Cinco de Mayo. The super sexy Jay Alexander will be visiting our nest. The plan is doing some fucking and then some interviewing for the blog.

And then, DC Black Pride will almost be there, inundating the city with hot visitors. Hopefully, we will meet again with Kevin Ryder.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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