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I am surrounded by the best kissers in the world. Actually, and considering how talented they are, they may be the best ones in the Milky Way.

Enjoying the best kissers of the world

If you are into kissing, Brazil is paradise. Too often I meet guys in other places who are not into kissing. Too many guys in other places think they are into kissing, but would do it without any talent.

Trap for best kissers
If you are in Los Angeles, you can have one of the best kissers in the market: porn star and gay escort Trap

Out of the few cultures I have personally experienced, the United States strike me as the most reticent one towards kissing. Please, do not misunderstand me, I am speaking in comparative terms. Indeed, there are excellent kissers in the States and in other places out of Brazil. Each one of the guys I recommend as Best Escorts are excellent kissers. They are exceptional. In contrast, good kissers are the standard in Brazil.

Beyond my direct personal experience, I wonder whether we can count pornography as a reliable document on how different cultures kiss. Often, I like many Asian porn performers. However, when I see how they kiss during sex, it is a huge turn off. The same happens to me with porn made in Africa and in Eastern Europe. Please notice this is not a commentary on ethnic but on cultural differences. Neither my personal experience or my porn education provide any support for ethnic differences on kissing.

Therefore, if we accept that the way we kiss is culturally conditioned, we must also accept that we can only talk about best kissers in relative terms. I consider best kissers those who kiss best according to how we do it in our Western culture.

Best kissers for me

So I apologize if you are coming from South East Asia or from subsaharan Africa. I do think you are the worse kissers of the world, but I am making very explicit and clear that the standard I am setting for such an assessment is the way we kiss in my culture. After all, we may be terrible kissers for you. Perhaps you should have your own blog to criticize our ways.

carioca Douglas for bes kissers
Douglas gave me a sample in June of what I would experience in December. He is also the guy dropping the towel in the black and white gif heading this post.

Also we must make clear that in the field of generalizations, individuals often depart for the norm. I am not saying that you do not know how to kiss well if you are from Thailandia, but asserting that in general, in your culture, people do not kiss well for me.

So, what makes you a good kisser? In the first place, you have to use your whole mouth, from the lips up to as deep as your tongue can reach. Secondly, you must enjoy saliva; your passion must thrive exchanging it, surfing and scuba diving on it. Besides, a variety of different levels of pressure and movements should be present. Of course, you should be interactive, feeling and responding properly to your partners stimuli, good kissers are like good dancers, they are connected. Finally, it should not feel like the transition towards something else. That is exactly why I do not like the word “fore play”.

Of course, you can alter the order of those indicators. Ultimately, the best kissers kiss as it is the only thing they want to do, as though that kiss is the last experience they will have in life. When two good kissers are interacting, there is no rush, there is only here and now and burning in passion.

An orgy of best kissers

Fortunately, there are outstanding kissers everywhere. For instance, all the guys in our reviews do it Brazilian style. To bring just two, Trap in the States and Carlos Aleman in Buenos Aires, both have nothing to envy to the best Brazilian kissers.

Carlos Aleman for best kissers
Carlos Aleman, a Venezuelan lost in Buenos Aires, and an exceptionally skilled lover and of course, kisser. Animation made out of the video available in his Soy Tuyo ad.

Despite my disbelief in generalizations based on nationalities, we are here recognizing an exception. Indeed, a Brazilian passport is almost like a guarantee of outstanding kissing talents.

Consistently, I found every Brazilian guy I met back in Argentina to be talented at kissing. Back then, I would hook up mostly with Gaúchos (guys from Rio Grande do Sul and other Southern states) and Cariocas. Recently, in last June, I met Douglas, a Carioca escort living in Buenos Aires, and he confirmed the rule.

Right now, I am vacationing in Salvador, capital of Bahia, in the Brazilian North East, in Afro Brazil. My vacation is just starting, but I have already enjoyed the benefits of being surrounded by the best kissers of the galaxy. Actually, this post is mostly an intro for future and more specific reports, as I add experiences and knowledge in the next days.

So far, I have been only once in each one of the two most popular gay saunas in the city, and do not want to report in detail until I have been at least twice at each.

A small sample of best kissers

Last Sunday, my first day in Salvador, I went to Sauna Fox, the one considered the fanciest in the city. As soon as I settled in the bar, a boy came and ate my mouth as though the world was ending. Later on, I would be with a second garoto slightly less talented, but still outstanding.

On the following day, which was Christmas Eve day, I tried the sauna formerly known as Planetario, nowadays Club 11. Again, I was left speechless by the skillful way a boy took control of my mouth with his tongue immediately after introducing himself.

Hopefully, I will be again at Club 11 tonight, and to Fox tomorrow or the day after, and you will have a detailed report about each.

merry christmas for gay escorts for christmas 2018 best kissers

However, you may be disappointed. This blogger is troubled about pictures. After my unintentional indiscretion in the Palm Springs pool party, we had a little bit of more drama. Lately, in the Boytoy forums, a controversy has taken place about pictures sharing.

As a consequence, I have decided to double my precautions to respect others’ privacy. Of course, the escorts deserve the same respect than the clients. Therefore, I will only share pictures when I have an explicit verbal or written consent. I will not even take pictures of pedestrians or beach goers to share anywhere. Definitely not here and not in any of the two forums I am a member of (M4M and Boytoy).

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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