more than a garoto de programa

Marcelo from Salvador is more than a garoto de programa. Indeed, he deserves a break in our Best Pingas Awards. The boy is one of the hottest memories I will keep from my recent trip to Bahia’s capital, in Brazil.

Beyond a garoto de programa

more than a garoto de programa
In my hotel room. More pictures are available at out JustFor.Fans account

Perhaps one of the things that are contributing to the success of our blog is the simple fact that I am not a tier 1 client. This poor thing is just a middle class guy, working hard in a full day job to pay for his mortgage and bills and often struggling. The way I am able to enjoy gay escorts can be shared by many.

Because I am a folk with a very limited budget living in one of the most expensive cities in the States, my access to the boys cannot cross the threshold of one to two hours meetings. Furthermore, besides the budget constrain, I never felt the need to hire a companion. When I want company, I can hang out with friends and acquaintances.

However, my trip blew out those constrains. My few dollars made me reach as soon as I stepped in Brazilian land. In addition, I was alone in a city I did not know, unable to speak the local language. I needed a companion.

I needed more than a garoto de programa

best gay sauna in salvador best gay pstar 2018 international best pingas awards more than a garoto de programa
Marcelo in my hotel room. We had a photo session that included some very short clips. I will be sharing those images along this month at our JustFor.Fans account.

We had lots of fun in the three local gay saunas to hire gay escorts. Nevertheless, I was alone during the day. Although I do not mind exploring the city alone as I did, or exploring the museums as I did not do, going to the beach was a different situation.

Despite the fact that staying in a hotel right at Porto da Barra made unnecessary to carry many items for short stays, enjoying a full day at the beach was a completely different challenge.

Basically, you have two options. If you are alone, you can wear a water proof pouch under your swimming suite. I would do it during the mornings for short swims, in case I needed some cash. It was certainly safe, but just as certainly uncomfortable.

Otherwise, you go to the beach with friends and take turns jumping into the water and watching the valuables. Here is where I mostly felt the need for a companion, right when I was able to afford him. I needed someone to negotiate with the vendors, to help me keep my stuff save, and to just make me company when surrounded by families and groups of friends. And of course, nothing like a local companion to learn about the local culture.


I met Marcelo in Thermas Club 13. He was the resident masseur in the establishment. When he offered me massages and I told him I was not looking for that, he flashed a huge smile, and loudly laughed imitating my accent while whispering “sexo”.

The boy is 23 years old, Black, with a perfect athletic body. You can see a few samples of his pictures in this post, there are more available in our JustFor.Fans account.

Marcelo is an attentive kisser and a passionate lover, who serves as a masseur and a companion for both, male and female clients. He is much more than a garoto de programa. Because of that, and unlike my usual practice, I will not share much details of our meetings. Needless to say, they were satisfactory or otherwise I would not be writing this post.

We met three times. In our second meeting I hired him for a photo session. Marcelo was a very accommodating model, I was the one rushing through the session because I wanted to play.

In our third meeting we spent the whole afternoon together in the beach, then moved to my room to show and play, had dinner together, and finally said goodbye. We spent about 6 hours together and the bill was only 300 Rials.

Marcelo’s pros

more than a garoto de programa

The boy has many talents to perform as more than a garoto de program. Of course, he meet the basics, he is a great lover and will do his best to please you in any possible ways. Although he does prefer women, Marcelo also find men attractive. The boy is smoking hot, as you can see in the pictures.

But beyond his garoto de programa skills, he has much more to offer. Marcelo is a certified therapeutic masseur, not far away from getting his college degree. I deeply enjoyed him educating me on Brazilian history and politics. The young man is a reliable companion and an honest professional.

We walked a few blocks together through Porto da Barra, and two of his clients came to greet us, a man and a woman. He is clearly respected and recognized.

He was actually the second garoto de programa I hired to spend the afternoon at the beach. The first one, who I had met at Club 11, was also an amazing young man who charged me only 200 Rials. I offered Marcelo 300 because he is considerable hotter and better educated than my first companion. However, I have the feeling that it was a very generous offer, as he struggled to believe I was serious when I made it. None of the boys ever asked for more money or abused of my invitations.

Marcelo’s cons

more than a garoto de programa

His limited language is the most significant limitation I can point to. Although Marcelo is way more than a garoto de programa, he can only speak Portuguese.

We also struggled with communications. Marcelo’s access to Internet is unpredictable. If you expect an immediate response, you may be disappointed.

As you can see, we do not have many cons to share. This young man is full of positive energy and willingness to serve.

Go for Marcelo if you want more than a garoto de programa

more than a garoto de programa

My advice is, in case you are planning to visit São Salvador, contact him in advance and book his services. Marcelo is a demanded masseur and is often traveling to the Porto da Barra area, just 20′ away from his place of residence. If you are one of our female readers, do not hesitate to call him. The boy loves women.

Indeed, you can also check for him at Club 13. In case this establishment is not in business anymore when you visit, you may want to check Sauna Fox. Marcelo himself told me that Fox would be his choice in case to move to another sauna.

Meanwhile, you can have a preview in our JustFor.Fans page. We will be posting there throughout this month the few pictures and clips from our photo session. Indeed, I am not a good photographer but signing up for that page is the only way to support us.

Now, back to the Best Pingas Awards 2018. After Best Gay Escort and Best Gay Pstar International, I think the next one coming is Best Gay Porn Star USA.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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