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Interviewing Will Schokolade was one of the pleasures we enjoyed during our recent trip. If you do not know who he is, you are indeed about to add a new character to your masturbatory fantasies.

Will besides porn

interviewing will Schokolade

Before jumping to porn, we had to start talking about his life beyond the screens. Hopefully, you will survive to our accents, specially mine.

La República Oriental del Uruguay

We were interviewing Will Schokolade in Montevideo, the national capital, on a Tuesday around 3pm. However the feeling was as a Sunday in other capitals we have been to.

Very early, my ferry from Buenos Aires left at 6am. We docked in Montevideo’s port at 10am. Despite being well in mid morning, I walked around the Old City, and everyone seemed to be just waking up.

As a side note, if you are interested in traveling impressions, you can check my traveling blog in Boytoy. I share there many details you will not find here.

Indeed, Uruguay is an island of coolness and peace surrounded by South American craziness. If you are a traveler looking for party and rock’n roll, it may not be for you. But if you are not traveling alone and want to enjoy with your partner Montevideo’s rich urban culture, Punta del Este and other East beaches, and the picturesque peace of Colonia, you must pay a visit. Here we have Will speaking of how gay friendly the country is.

His beginnings in porn

Despite starting his porn career just a little bit longer than one year ago, Will has quickly gained popularity in the local markets. He shares much more details in the full, unedited interview in our JustFor.Fans page. Meanwhile you can see in this clip how he summarizes his beginnings in the industry.

Clearly, his experience is another example of how central social media has become in nowadays adult entertainment industry.

Let’s give an extra compliment to Latin Leche. In addition to discovering Will, they also gave us Randy, Fran, and Leandro. Truly, they are bringing some of the best talent in Southern Cone porn.

Will and Rhyheim Shabazz

will Schokolade and Rhyheim Shabazz for Interviewing Will Schokolade

Of course, I could not be interviewing Will Schokolade in Montevideo without asking about his experience collaborating in Rio with Rhyheim Shabazz. The famous Brazilian orgies are well documented in Rhyheim’s fans pages and have made a difference in the career of all participants, as well as Will’s.

Will gives us another testimony of Rhyheim’s exceptionality. Listen to him expressing his gratitude.

Will and discrimination

Interviewing Will Schokolade without asking about his experiences with discrimination would be a missed opportunity. Obviously, Will is a unique case of interconnectedness. He is Black, Gay, Bottom, and a Porn Star, all labels that carry considerable stigmatization.

Once again, remember these are just excerpts. The full interview is already available, without editing, in our JustFor.Fans page.

Will and activism

We recorded our conversation in 11:11, a small coffee shop in Montevideo. Observe carefully the background. Specially, look at the characters walking around while we are interviewing Will Schokolade. It was in the third floor of an old building, on top of a cannabis dispensary.

A regular apartment had been reconverted into a bohemian coffee shop. In the States the owners would have hired an architect to redesign and refurbish the whole environment. That is not what we do in our poorer countries. We just take away the doors and that is how we get an “open concept”.

The coffee was bad, but the music was great, the people super friendly, and the atmosphere adorable. The perfect frame to discuss what is, perhaps, what drives me the most towards Will. Besides his beauty and talents in the sack, his social commitment is always present.

He and his circle in Montevideo remind me of my own life back in the 80s, in the Buenos Aires exploding with the democratic raise. So many wonderful things came from little places like this one. Thank you very much for your hospitality, friends of 11:11.

A tip if you are lucky to have him

After talking about his aspirations for a better world, we addressed less altruistic topics. If you are lucky enough to hook up with our Uruguayan hero, you may found some useful tips in this excerpt. In few words, you must be assertive and go for his nipples.

Be Happy and Be Free

Interviewing Will Schokolade at 11:11
Will and one of the friends from 11:11, the wonderful coffee shop that hosted our interview in Montevideo.

Interviewing Will Schokolade, finally, closes with a conversation about his tattoos and Uruguayan writers. Eduardo Galeano is Will’s favorite, he even has a tattoo inspired by him.

In Will’s words, Galeano’s philosophy can be summarized in a simple pledge: Be Happy and Be Free.

Will embodies his meaningful tattoos. It is hard to find in the industry a better example of Carpe Diem. His positive attitude towards life, sex, and everyone is refreshing and inspiring. That is why I like and love him so much.

Not only he feeds my masturbatory fantasies with his unique beauty, but also inspires me to Love. Indeed, Love is nowadays underrated in a culture of consumption, immediate satisfaction, and selfish violence.

Of course, I am not talking about romantic love. We are all the time truly bombarded with heteronormative monogamist propaganda with that shit. No, I am talking about true generous empathy. Will models to all of us a hedonistic and at the same time humanistic mindset that many think cannot go together. They are wrong.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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