Rhyheim and Will

Rhyheim and Will are currently my two favorite Gay Porn Stars. If you have been following the blog, you should know why I like them so much. However, in this post I will try to make the case of why they are my top two performers.

Twitter Porn

Rhyheim and Will, gay porn stars
Big Bro opened his OnlyFans page just a couple of weeks ago, and has already over 1K fans.

First of all, I must confess that I am an ADHD porn consumer. Indeed, I do watch a lot of porn, but never a whole movie or scene. Pornhub and Rhyheim’s OnlyFans page are my only fixed expenses. Besides those, I have pay per view accounts in GayHotMovies and AEBN.

In the last couple of years (which is when this blog started), Twitter has become one of my major sources for porn findings. Not only to learn about new productions or discover old ones like with the rest of the fore mentioned outlets, but also to learn about gay porn stars lives and personalities, as well as to make contact with them. Eventually, we will have to write a full article about Twitter and porn.

As frequently happens with social media users, many gay porn stars are not fully aware of how transparent they are, of how much they are telling about them when they share online. Thanks to Twitter we have gained a few good friends in the industry. Unfortunately, we have also been disappointed at some performers we used to follow.

Rhyheim and Will are in the first group. Without Twitter I would have not learned about many of the things I love of them. These are the very things that moved them to the top of the crowded group of my favorite gay porn stars.

Rhyheim and Will

The Uruguayan god in one of his dick destroying performances for meninos on line.

However, I did not learn about Will through Twitter. The first time I saw him was in Pornhub. There, Latin Leche has a channel with promotional excerpts of the videos they publish in full at their own website. As many of you probably know, the studio was recognized with one of our Best Pingas Awards.

Unlike Will, who channels all his porn work through studios, Rhyheim is mostly independent. We did learned about him for the first time through Twitter, just a couple of months ago. Despite having a very short porn life, his success is extraordinary, and I know more about him than about anyone else in the industry.

Rhyheim and Will are part of a very crowded group of extremely talented and beautiful performers: my favorite gay porn stars. These two performers have to be really special to stand out amongst so much talent. Let me remind you some: XL, Timarrie, Krave, Diego, Osiris, Trap, Beaux Banks, Chino Blac, Ashton Summers. They all are amazing performers. However, Rhyheim and Will still stand out, even amongst all this extraordinary talent.

Will Schokolade

Rhyheim and Will gay porn stars

We already praised Will’s talent and beauty in a post we wrote selling him and Kendro Leandro to mainstream studios. In that article, published less than two months ago, we mentioned that he was conquering the Brazilian market.

Well, the Uruguayan has already conquered Brazil’s Porn Industry. You can enjoy his performances for Meninos On Line, Mundomais, and other less known outlets. You can easily go through his Twitter to access his work in different Brazilian studios.

His physical beauty and his bottoming talents speak for themselves. Besides, if you can make the effort to ignore all the hot fucks, the information that makes him to stand out to my eyes is visible in his Twitter and IG feeds.

Will is not only living and sharing a sex positive way of life, but also publicly advocating for it. It looks like we share our mindset and our fight for a culture where sex is not a tabu. We both are sluts, proud ones.

The Uruguayan god is an activist. His interest is not just LGBTQ activism, but also other causes. Will was specially outspoken when the Argentinian legislature was discussing legalizing abortions. Of course he was in the right side of History, supporting women’s rights to make decisions about their own bodies.

There is more. Will is a creative spirit. He is a DJ and a musician, a House Music artist. I used to be involved in the underground theater movement in Buenos Aires back in the 80s. Even when it was before he was born, I still feel close to him and the artistic subculture of the Rio de la Plata. In case you do not know about it, Buenos Aires and Montevideo have a thriving and diverse cultural life, with nothing to envy from European and American cities.

Rhyheim Shabazz

Rhyheim and Will gay porn stars

My admiration for Rhyheim is out and public. It is going to be hard to add anything new to what I have already shared. Despite being the newest of my favorite gay porn stars, he is the one I know more about. Rhyheim is also the Pstar I have written more about.

His growth is unprecedented. When I discovered Big Bro, his Twitter account had been up for less than one month. Astonishingly, it already had 45.4 K followers. Just 6 weeks later, when we are writing this post, the count is on 93K.

Obviously, one of the reasons why he is a Favorite amongst favorites is our interviews. Indeed, I am deeply thankful for such a privilege. Not only Big Bro offered me one but two interviews. Besides, we have a third one in the oven. Furthermore, the interviews are exclusive. Rhyheim is the last porn boom and I am sure he is demanded by outlets much more popular than our blog.

However, so far he has loyally stayed only with I LIKE PINGA. Of course, I love him for that. A lot.

Together with my gratitude, there is a deep feeling of empathy. Through his social media, our private interactions, and the interviews, I found out we have much in common. We are introverted and shy; progressive, humanist, and empathetic. Needless to say, Big Bro and I have a sex positive mindset and a sluttish nature.

The subheading of his Twitter account says: “I am REALLY not what you think”. This is probably what I like the most. Big Bro is not actually a porn star, or at least not a traditional one. He is a very hot guy, very talented in the sack, who always enjoyed filming himself fucking. And one day decided to share.

Rhyheim, Will, and I LIKE PINGA

Just watching these scenes worth the membership to Rhyheim’s OnlyFans.

Rhyheim and Will are and will continue to be frequent guests in our blog. A questionnaire for a third interview, this time about sexuality and sex practices, is already in Big Bro’s Inbox. In the next couple of weeks the new article should be published.

A little bit later, in July, we will be visiting Buenos Aires. Once there, our plan is interviewing not only Will, but also Kendro Leandro. Besides, our sources tell us that right now there is a conversation going on between Flavaworks and the Uruguayan. We all may enjoy his talents in an American production.

Additionally, let me fantasize a little bit. Perhaps the Uruguayan God will visit USA, or Barcelona. Perhaps Rhyheim and Will, in the near future, will coincide geographically. Imagine Will riding Big Bro’s dick. It is possible. In case such an event horizon takes place, I pledge to become a Black Supremacist.

While we wait, I LIKE PINGA is traveling to Mexico City. We are arriving to the Aztec capital on Saturday and staying for a full week. Hopefully, we will have adventures and misadventures to share.

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Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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