With more than 530K followers in Twitter, the rocketing rising of Rhyheim Shabazz’ popularity remains uncontested. I wonder why.

530K, 540K, ….

eyefuls drone view of Rhyheim pool
Out of Rhyheim’s many smart decisions that explain his 530K, his creative partnership with EyeFilmz is probably the most important one.

The fact that Rhyheim has become the most popular Black gay porn star is not only evident from Twitter’s following. Back in January, Out Magazine reported that Rhyheim was the third JustForFans most popular performer, following Griffin Barrows and Gabriel Cross. Additionally, mainstream studios had no option but to recognize his success.

Not only that. As soon as 530K was printed to headline this post, it surely became outdated. What makes Big Bro extraordinary is not just his massive following, but the exponential scale of its growing.

Do not miss perspective. It was only 18 months ago when no one had heard of Rhyheim Shabazz before. Plus, his Twitter account was under attack and out of line for about a month. The few gay porn stars who are still above his following, have built their popularity in a far longer period. 

This is not the first time we write about his success. We have devoted many posts to try to understand the Big Bro Boom because I think there are lessons for all of us to learn. After all, Rhyheim could be an exceptional porn artist with a unique talent, and trying to learn from him could be futile.

Needless to say, I do not think so. Even when Rhyheim clearly is an exceptional adult entertainer, part of his success is due not to his unquestionable sexual talents, but to his ethics and business intelligence and creativity.

How to reach 530K?

rhyheim strong cum
In one of my favorite solo clips, Rhyheim plays with his dripping cum, surprised himself at how strong it is.

If you have been reading us, I am not going to bore you repeating myself. If you are a new friend, I would suggest you some previous readings. You can start by this article to learn the political/cultural frame of my analysis. Indeed, the fact that the most popular Black Gay porn star is about to become the first Black man to be the most popular gay porn star, speaks loudly about the points I make. 

Then, you could take a look at some key posts where we discussed Big Bro’s success. Perhaps, the most important ones would be Keeps Rising, Is Rhyheim Shabazz a Genius?, Shabazz Porn TV, and Porn King Midas

In today’s article I want to highlight one of Rhyheim’s keys for success, the one that inspired me to recognize a new Porn trend and to coronate him King of Neo Vanilla Porn. Recently, we wrote an article discussing this trend in depth.

Despite my previous references, I still feel the need to highlight the geniality of this strategy. Against a business tradition of building “niches”, he has broken and continues to break porn industry stereotypes and conventional wisdom. Against a cultural/political environment that looks for dividing, canceling, and confronting, Rhyheim chooses uniting, expanding, and celebrating. Finally, going against the self centered and selfish mindset prevalent amongst many porn stars, Big Bro builds creative teams, supportive networks, and generous partnerships and mentorships. 

Instead of writing so many words, perhaps I should have quoted his Fans Pages’ motto: 

“I’m about creativity, respect, honesty, and unity”

Despite lock downs

rhyheim strong cum for 530K

Last time we devoted a full article to Rhyheim was about his scene with Sean Zevran for Cockyboys. Since then, a lot has happened. However, Rhyheim has figured it out how to keep us entertained. And how to keep his following growing, of course. 530K will soon be a distant memory. 

During the lock downs, Big Bro has been posting many solos, a genre he had not much explored before. Besides those original videos, he shared many archive material, and promoted other adult performers publishing their stuff. Aiden Ward, Max Konnor, Brock Banks, Caio Rodrigues, Josh Moore, Khi Lavene, Andy Rodrigues, Italo Andrade, Flashman Wade, West, Boomer Banks, Michael Boston, William Ricardo, Rico Marlon and Allen King are some, not all of the male adult artists featured in Rhyheim’s Fans Pages.

He also started to explore a new feature: streaming alive from his Only Fans account. I have not joined any of his broadcastings, but you have that option to enjoy his talents if you are interested.

He also had his second incursion into porn studio territory after ending his exclusivity with TimTales. MEN has developed a series called “Remote Control”, video sex inspired in the lock down situation, and featured Rhyheim in one of its episodes.

Original material

However, what really took him to 530K is the original material published after the lock downs. The wide diversity of the videos eloquently illustrates the expanding inclusiveness of Neo Vanilla Porn and Rhyheim’s work. Let’s check a few highlights.

rhyheim fucks west for 530K

I cannot believe this video has not been more discussed, or advertised. West is a very sexy performer based in Atlanta who has not yet made it to the top, unexplainably. He is beautiful and talented. As usual with Big Bro, West is inspired to render his best performance ever. I wish I could bring you his moaning and loud sex talking.

rhyheim get sucked by Alexander latin

Rhyheim continues introducing us to new talents. This is Alexander. Big Bro invited him to his nest, and left us wanting more after a few very hot scenes.

Eating cum in Neo Vanilla Porn

Another young performer who partnered in several scenes with Rhyheim was Michael Privius. Always remember, although we do not recognize him enough. EyeFilmz is most times behind the camera.

rhyheim drowns porfi

In an anthological scene, Rhyheim and Porfi take us to the very boundaries of Neo Vanilla. It is debatable. In my opinion, we are playing in the border but without crossing the line.

Rhyheim Shabazz fucks Jacen zhu 530K

The encounter of two super stars. Jacen Zhu, one of our favorite performers and a community leader, delivers one of his best performances. His boyfriend was waiting in the next room.

Gabriel, fame, león and Rhyheim for 530K

In the best Neo Vanilla inclusiveness tradition, Rhyheim brings together a Big Bro classic, Leon Reddz, plus super star Fame and super twink Gabriel Martin from Helix Studios. Do you still wander how he reached 530K followers?

rhyheim fucks kuper for 530K

Although we only see Küper in the gif illustrating this paragraph, Brock Banks is also there. Rhyheim brings together these two room mates to deliver a spotless rendition of Neo Vanilla Porn. or several of them, as we have individual scenes before a threesome. The next section is illustrated with Judas King.

rhyheim and Nicholson for 530K

In another ground breaking delivery, Rhyheim expands once again his audience. Big Bro introduces us to Cyrus Nicholson, and in the process makes us all bears to feel more beautiful and attractive.

Celebrating despite pandemics

rhyheim fucks Judas King

Of course, there is more. Rhyheim is teaming up for the first time with a straight man. Dallas Wade is a popular model and IG influencer (the boy used to have a huge following, but his page was disabled). He has been eye candy for gay men for years now, teasing us with his spectacular body, but specially with his perfect bubble butts.

We do not know yet what is coming from this partnership. Nevertheless, we are confident is going to be more sex and body affirmative material, more inclusiveness, and more celebration of life and diversity. 530K will soon be left behind.

Despite the pandemics of novo corona virus and racism, we all are still celebrating as much as we can. I was supposed to be in Rio, working on a special production to commemorate our third anniversary.

Yes. This month I LIKE PINGA is turning 3 years old. We will not be able to produce anything due to the current context, but we will do our best to thank you for reading and supporting us.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!

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