February 2023 is already gone! We wish we were in Rio’s streets, enjoying the local carnaval! Welcome to a new installment of our monthly newsletter.

Marcelo Caiazzo invaded California

In February 2023, our international porn traveling flow briefly changed its direction. Big Bro hosted Marcelo Caiazzo in Los Angeles. Marcelo is one of the latest additions to Voyr’s cast. We enjoyed his company last November and can tell from experience that not only Marcelo is hot, but he is also hilarious.

Fortunately for his growing following, he did not waste his time. You can watch the fruits of his collaborations in his OnlyFans. Do you not know who I am talking about? Shame on you. Check his Twitter and his Instagram.

Creative or Stupid?

This blogger keeps this bookmarked as a strong candidate for the worst of the year. Did you hear about John Kilo? Neither did we. In February 2023, he experimented fucking five different kinds of pasta in fleshlights. In your opinion, is this creative or stupid?

John seems to be a very fuckable boy. We wish him a successful career in adult entertainment, hopefully with no food around.

February 2023 at Rhyheim’s

On February 2023, Rhyheim was quite active in his OnlyFans. I mean, he published several collaborations without the Voyr brand. Above, you can see Sammy and Romeo.

Rhyheim also introduced us to Rio Grande. He is from New York and visited California. We had never heard of him before but hopefully will see more.

Those are Big Bro’s collaborations we liked the most in February 2023 out of the ones published in his OF. However, he also shared tweet previews from videos not yet available on his fans’ page. Perhaps we will have to wait until March to celebrate the talents of Tjmarxe and Danny.

February 2023 in Voyr

The last month delivered the first products of the groundbreaking partnership between Naked Sword and Voyr. Several of the movies are already out in a successful experiment that may have long-lasting consequences in the industry.

Meanwhile, Alternativa continues working in Rio in the last deliveries and more coming products for Voyr. When Rhyhem assembled the next embassy, his expedition would find much pre-work already done. I do not think we will have to wait much longer.

Cade Maddox sucked dick

Probably to deny the rumors, Cade Maddox finally sucked a dick on screen. However, he was right to be reluctant. As you can see in the picture above, it just does not look well. I guess the mix of botox and wretched plastic surgery has diminished the control of his facial muscles. Or perhaps he is just a bad actor and cannot hide his disgust at having a cock in his mouth.

There is only one way this blogger can make sense of Maddox’s popularity in the US. On the one hand, White supremacy. On the other, people do not know how to fuck well and, therefore, how to recognize natural talent in the sheets.

We loved the Grammys

No, we didn’t. We dislike all these big awards and find them irrelevant. However, some of the performances during the event offended American Troglodit’s sensibilities, and we enjoy very few things more than watching Conservative snowflakes melt.

Unholy was probably my highest joy out of the bedroom in February 2023. I love you, Kim Petras.

The best return of 2023…so far

Liam Cyber February 2023

One of the best news in February 2023 was Liam Cyber’s return. Guys in Sweat Pants brought him back with a surprise: he tops. We cannot wait to see him bottoming again.

Freshmen in February 2023

Freshmen is not one of my favorite studios. However, in February 2023, they introduced me to a boy I had never noticed and will never forget. He has performed in at least 16 scenes for the studio since 2020. Although Ashton Montana is one of the studio’s flagships, this blogger was not paying attention.

February 2023 at Elijah’s

The Royal Prince’s protagonism on the screen is rising, as Big Bro’s stardom is transitioning backstage. In February 2023, Elijah’s OnlyFans shone with beauty and talent.

In the tweet above, we can enjoy his collaboration with Mikey. They delivered a hot versatile performance, and both are talented in both roles. However, the minutes Elijah spent eating his lover’s ass are my favorite section. That is precisely how I like eating ass.

Surprise! After some misadventures in Rio, look at who returns to the White Castle. Felix Fox joins the host and Romeo, another frequent fucker in the White House lately.

Danny is another new face in my pornuniverse. Please ignore the tag in the tweet above; his correct Twitter address is this one. With Romeo and Roxas, they deliver an inspirational fourgy. Of course, we know who the man behind the camera is, even if he is not getting any credits.

Toward the end of the month, Elijah braided his hair. Or instead, CherBrown did. We will probably highlight this adult artist in March, as they released a collaboration while I was writing these lines.

February 2023 at EyeFilmz

Sean Xavier and Genius Tony by EyeFilmz for February 2023

EyeFilmz’s OnlyFans used to be the place to find backstage videos and exclusive photos from The Cooperative. You will still find plenty of new videos recycled from those times, like extended cuts of scenes we already know.

However, he has switched to collaborating with other porn talents like Sean Xavier. In February 2023, we can find great exclusive photographs and videos from the collaboration between Sean and Tony Genius.

February 2023 at Sean Xavier’s

Sean Xavier’s OnlyFans was quite active during February 2023. The superstar shared numerous videos and photos, solo and in several collaborations. Not always, but often EyeFilmz was the man behind the camera. Above, enjoy a sample from the encounter we mentioned before.

This blogger also loved Sean’s collaboration with Shadow. It comes with a simple narrative: a wrestling lesson that turns into a hot fuck.

Although we are highlighting these two scenes, there is more. As additional good news, this material is available with the membership fee, without paying any extras.

Good news from Science

After January brought us bad news with the failure of the HIV vaccine trials, February 2023 gave us more optimistic developments. The “Düsseldorf patient,” whose name has not been made public, has been declared virus-free after receiving a bone marrow transplant.

February 2023 at BiLatinMen

February 2023 started strong in BLM with this encounter between Strike and Madrid. The boys deliver a spotless versatile performance, following the relatively new trend in the studio.

My last highlight is also a masturbatory missile. Enjoy another dose of versatile interaction between Wage and Kain.

February 2023 at BlackBoyAddictionz

In February 2023, Michael Galletta delivered three videos. We choose to highlight two of them. Above, you have a still from the scene with Denzel and Manny Killa. Do I need to say I want to adopt Manny?

My second highlight comes with a lot of controversies. Michael brought back a performer who transitioned and identifies now as a trans woman. Formerly known as Shameeks, Sky Bigga shines in this threesome with veteran Bandit and newbie JuJu.

The controversy is unsurprising and dull at this point. We want to congratulate Michael for taking a risk. A decision for more diversity and inclusiveness is never a wrong decision.

February 2023 at TimTales’

As usual, TimTales posted premium materials all of February 2023 long. We do have a clear favorite, though. We highlight this inspiring threesome between Gio Pilos, Lucio Davoli, and Ethan Metz. As a special feature, the scene includes a DP beautifully filmed.

And we close this newsletter here.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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