Lee nov 18 window shopping frontal semi naked

A Nov 18 window shopping is due. The offer of gay escorts in DC is diverse and abundant, let me help you narrow your options.

Nov 18 Window Shopping is different

Lee sucking dick nov 18 window shopping

Lee during our lesson on Spanish Dirty Talk on Sucking Cock, soon to be available in our JusFor.Fans account

I know, I know, another one of these posts. If you are following the blog you may think you know what is going on. This slutty blogger ran out of money and can only write about the guys he would like to fuck. When you are poor, there is no option other than window shopping.

Although such an assumption would be most times correct, it is not this time. My motivation to write this Nov 18 widow shopping is different. 

Actually, I should be filming and editing the second edition of I LIKE PINGA en español. This weekend we met with Lee and shot a Spanish dirty talk lesson that is going to be part of the video-blog new issue. 

But focusing is impossible to me. I committed myself to turning off the TV and filming once at home after working, but I failed. My obsession with the Midterm Elections is unbeatable. The election is just too important and unplugging is impossible. 

That is when this Nov 18 windows shopping comes in. I cannot film and watch the news, but I can write. So let’s windows shop.

Gay escorts we can recommend

gay porn stars in DC

Trap, all pictures available in our JustFor.Fans account

There are plenty of new faces in DC, we will take a look at them later on. Let’s start this Nov 18 window shopping with the boys we have already taken to the sack.

Lee is always available, very affordable, and very focused on pleasing. We have been together many times, specially in the last year. At this point I know him very well, and I cannot recommend him as a bottom. My strong recommendation is rather for more exotic and unconventional practices. He is great to partner up and explore your imagination in the role playing realm. Lee loves kissing and does it skillfully, as well as body contact, oral sex, and general fore playing. The boy can really enjoy submission and humiliation, but also excels on vainilla stuff. 

Trap is coming for his second visit to DC. It looks like we treated him well. This man is amazing, his massive beauty is fulminant in person. He renders his escort service with the same talent he  performs in his porn movies. You should check his social media, Trap is quite active in IG and Twitter. 

James is also a recommendable provider. I have not seen him in almost 2 years, but I am confident he has not changed. I stopped hiring him because I started a season of being into topping hard, and he does not bottom. If he still has the same gig, the challenge would be his times. He has a regular job and works long hours until late. 

Chris is another former regular. My last time with him was about a year ago. He is not into kissing (at least not with me) but is a very talented bottom. I was told his massages are excellent. His pictures do not lie, he is that beautiful.

Gay escorts we can recommend with caveats 

versatile surprise nov18nwindow shopping

Jaquan and Lee in action. Full video available in our JustFor.Fans account

Mr. Cali, our biggest resident gay porn star, is always available. I did not fuck with him, just met for an interview when the blog was starting. He is impressive in person, very friendly and sweet. He offered himself several times during our interview (I paid for his time), I guess had a tough time believing I would not even suck him. But I was sick that day. 

This boy looks exactly like his picture. His legs and his butts are an inspiration for any sensitive dick. He is very sweet and well intentioned, but I am afraid has been trained by clients into “kiss and ride”. You know, the guys who used to hire specially in Craig’s list and backpage, and go just for a quicky. He is promising if you are willing to give him time, just as I did with Jaquan.

I cannot talk about window shopping without recommending Jaquan. I stopped hiring him because he called me to tell me to put down some of his pictures in my blog because he started a committed relationship. Therefore, I am not sure whether he lied to me or escorting is not an obstacle for his dating, because his ads is still up.

Nov 18 Window Shopping

Brando, gay escort at Mintboys DC

This gay escort is next in my Mintboys DC list. Sexy Brando.

So lets the real Nov 18 window shopping begin. I have not been with the following boys, but I would love to.

Brando is extremely tempting. We chatted a couple of weeks ago, but he was in Philadelphia. The communications were very friendly, I cannot wait to meeting him. Unfortunately, it is probably not going to happen before January. Who knows.

Cruising in Grindr, I found Malik the Twink. We chatted, his fee was very reasonable, but did not meet. A few weeks after our conversation, he published an ad in Rentmen. The boy looks very fuckable to me.

AJ Irons is visiting us again. This man is always a temptation. The major reason I have not yet hire him is that he has switched to only topping when escorting. As I said before, I am in a topping season.

Daprincetyga used to advertise in Adam. I remember I confronted him because he was using fake pics. Perhaps confronting is a too tough word, as I am not a pictures fundamentalist. Anyway, after our friendly conversation he dropped the fake pictures and posted his own ones. I think he is probably another case of well intentioned apprentice. The boy is in my To Do List.

My Nov 18 windows shopping

Jaden Galore ass nov 18 windows shopping

Jaden Galore‘s beautiful smile. Wait for the update to his Rentmen ad, he will be here by the end of November.

This remark may seem unnecessary, but it is always useful. Do not forget, these are just the boys I would hire. The offer is way wider, and there are plenty attractive men who are not in my list, but perhaps should be in yours. Do your own window shopping, is always fun.

Lastly, there is one more offer in November that you cannot yet window shop. Although he has not updated his ad, I can announce that Jaden Galore will be visiting DC the last week of the month. He is damn good.

The polls are closing now and cannot even focus on writing anymore. I will try to publish this post later, but it will probably be tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the next episode of I LIKE PINGA en español. 

I am leaving this for the closing. I have very good news this weekend.

One of my favorite retired escorts visited DC and we met. I do not share my experiences with non escort guys, and that is his current status. However, I can share that it looks like he will be back to business next year. He is very much missed right now, stay alert for my news.

And do not forget. We need you to support us, as we hopefully continue to be one of your best online resources.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!




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